Allen Martin Scam

Allen Martin Scam


Ref: Allen Martin Scam or Allan Martin Scam.

Its common at the top of a blog to include a photograph of the author.  However in this instance it is better that you acquaint yourself with the scammer image below.

I have set up this website to help people avoid the £200 Per Day DFY Affiliate Business Scam and other scams perpetrated by Christian Gasper (see image above) under various aliases including Allen Martin.

More recently the scammer has shaved his beard and hence looks quite different on some of his websites.

We now know that the perpetrator of the £200 Per Day DFY Affiliate Business scam, “Allen Martin with an address in Greenwich, London, England” and more recently addresses in Australia and the US, is really Christian Gasper (with addresses in Germany).  Christian Gasper is the name his domains are registered to and is also the name that payments go to.   The fact that Christian Gasper’s LinkedIn image is the same as Allen Martins website images is further proof that Christian Gasper and Allen Martin are one and the same.

Other aliases that Christian Gasper has been known to use are Marcus Ross, Allan Martin, John Malcolm, Johnny West and Mark Newman.

Christian also uses the alias “SimplyTheNiceGuy” in Warrior Forum posts so please beware, he is… anything but nice.

So this website could just as easily be named:
Marcus Ross Scam
Allan Martin Scam
John Malcolm Scam
Johnny West Scam
Mark Newman Scam
SimplyTheNiceGuy Scam

Before I go any further, even if you do not read the rest of this post or read the comments from the many other people who have been scammed by Allen Martin and you just want to know what to do to get your money back and to bring Allen Martin to justice, I have uploaded a “Plan of Action” at

Even if you have already taken some steps I would appreciate it if you could read through the plan and carry out as many of the steps presented as you can, including making a comment on this site. I have omitted to state in the plan that you should contact the Weisbaden police in Germany.  We believe now that this is an important step since the perp lives in that area of Germany.

If you have been scammed be aware that it is possible to get your money back through the payment method you used to pay for it whether it is your bank, Mastercard/Visa or PayPal.  Getting refunded through PayPal has been very hit and miss (more miss than hit) and the following information received from PayPal by Smith may shed some light on why this has been problematic despite nothing being received.

“PayPal requested the seller to provide confirmation that the item had been successfully delivered to you upon checkout. The seller provided us with valid information concerning your purchase.

Because this information confirmed that your item was successfully delivered to your specified shipping address, your claim was closed in the seller’s favor and no refund was provided.”

Which means as Smith put it “that Allen Martin actually scammed Paypal by providing fake evidence of physical goods sent to our address! It is no wonder that most of us lost our dispute and claim!”

However don’t give up and don’t take “no” for an answer as slowly PayPal is beginning to see the light.  This is your money and it should not have been stolen from you.

Websites I am aware of that are connected with the Allen Martin/Christian Gasper scam are listed below.  However because he is a scammer, there are new websites being created all the time.

Some of the other websites I have discovered that are operated by Christian Gasper which may not be directly related to the scam are:
2014-01-05 ascio technologies, inc. – demark (r117-lrms)
2014-06-29 ascio technologies, inc. danmark – filial af ascio technologies, inc. usa (r117-lrms)

Christian Gasper is also associated with the website

The websites and are now offline and most of the other sites above are also offline probably because he is now trying to hide his tracks.

It is up to you to determine whether it is a scam, but at least if you have the information you can make an informed decision. I personally have no doubt and more and more people are coming forward stating that they have also been scammed. Please read to the end to see what I actually received in return for the payment made and read the comments for further updates.

If you have been scammed, then please read to the end to see the list of actions that you can take against this fraudster and how you should try to get your money back. Also you may want to try to leave comments on any of the Allen Martin sites above that are still active warning people about this thief.

If you have managed to get your money back, please let everyone know by posting on this site, letting us know how you had paid and how you went about getting refunded.

I wish this site had been up when I placed my recent order with him. It was one of those “too good to be true” offers and the first thing I did was to trawl the internet with the words “Allen Martin Scam” but nothing came up apart from one person complaining that he had not received a refund of $7 when requested. To be fair, although only $7 was involved, that person declared that Allen Martin Consulting was the biggest ripoff ever. Should have heeded him…

The Offer (Scam?)

It was July 25th 2016. An email from Allen Martin hit my inbox from with the following offer (excerpts listed below):

“We build you this $200/Day Affiliate Business
in just 3 weeks from the day you enrolled.”

“The regular price for this Affiliate $200/Day
DFY Business is usually $9997.

But for a small group of people, we’ve
blocked out 40 early bird spots for this
very special offer.

The early bird price for this very unique
DFY offer is $997 for those happy
40 people.

BUT…21 spots are already taken”

“You can either pay via one time
payment or via split pay of 3 payments
of each $397 every 30 days.”

“- We need around 2-3 weeks for
testing and tweaking the campaign.
Then you will see at least $100/Day.
And after 6-7 weeks you will make
$200/Day easily.”

“- If you are not happy with the results during the first 3 months,
we refund your money back. No shenanigans”

There were many other emails with similar or conflicting claims. A number of these have been published in a PDF at

Alarm Bells

According to Allen, this was a completely done for you solution and no input was required on your part. He even provided very reassuring guarantees including stating on a number of occasions that he would triple the money back if he did not deliver.

– Can you confirm the guarantee is money back if I am not making
$200/day after 3 weeks or 3 months?

– If you are not happy with the results during the first 3 months,
we refund your money back. No shenanigans”

“- Both offers are backed by our triple your money back guarantee”

– What if I am not satisfied for some reason?

– No worries! Feel free to drop me a line with your
receipt and we’ll refund every penny back and you
keep the campaign, funnel etc. though! The risk
is all on my side.”

There were many other emails with similar or conflicting claims. I have uploaded a PDF document containing some of the emails (many more still to add) received from this scammer at:

However my guard was up. This did appear to be too good to be true and there was no way I was going to pay the full amount upfront.

The calculations …

I did the calculations.

If I paid a first installment of $397 then I would have a minimum income of $100 per day after 21 days. By the end of the month, nine days later, I would have accumulated a minimum of $900. This would easily cover the next month’s installment and leave me with a profit of $503.

The following month I would have earned a minimum of $3,100 (31 days at $100 per day) leaving me a surplus of at least $2,703 after paying the next months installment.

My first thoughts were, “Why doesn’t Allen set up these income streams for himself as they make substantially more than he is taking in subscriptions?”

I contacted Allen about this and was informed that the reason he was doing this was so that he could get feedback in order to be able to sell the program at a much higher price in the future ($9997). That sort of made sense but I was still concerned since he seemed to want to get as many people on the program as he could and deadlines came and went and the quantity of openings available increased occasionally instead of decreasing to zero. I am sure there were many more than 40 orders taken, even though he said it was being limited.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

I had purchased low cost digital products from Allen once or twice before without any major problem. However I still was concerned that the offer seemed too good to be true and rather than make the full payment signed up on an installment basis ($395 per month for 3 months) to cut my losses should the worst come to the worst.

I signed up on 26th July but all I received from him were excuses to put me off. During the pre-sales period Allen Martin replied very promptly. I even joked with him once about him not having a bed to go to. However after the order I found it increasingly difficult to get replies.

What was a red flag for me was an email I received soon after I had made my first subscription informing people whose first month was up that they would not receive any service until they had made their second payment. Yet they were supposed to have been in possession of a profitable business two to three weeks after signing up.

Progress (or lack thereof)

When I heard nothing about the business Allen Martin was setting up for me I contacted him. Firstly he said he would set my site up immediately after the sales campaign was finished at the start of August. Later he said his people would have it done in 10 days for me. 10 days came and went. Then he said he would do it himself and I would have a profitable business within 3 days. Again nothing happened.

He had always said he would refund any payment (in fact triple it) if people were not satisfied at any time up to three months. I asked for a refund but my refund request was totally ignored. I threatened to expose him as a Scammer on forums and other public places but he just replied that slander was a criminal offence, in an effort to silence me. I replied that English was my native language and that the truth is not slander.

Contact Details for Allen Martin/Christian Gasper

As mentioned above, although the email address from which the fraud originated was, he also uses the domain and marketingwithallen features in his gmail address used to further his scam (

The name and addresses listed for his domain names are as follows:
Registrant Name: christian gasper
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: bgm-heinrich-dreibus-str 2
Registrant City: mainz
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 55129
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.17630681991
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

The details for have become private in the last few days in order to protect himself or more likely because that is the address at which he resides. However I had already obtained the details:
Registrant Name: christian gasper
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Gerichtsstrasse 1
Registrant City: Wiesbaden
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 65185
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.17630681991

The telephone is the same for both.

Update on address

I suspected that the details for the registration for had been privatised in order to protect his Wiesbaden address above.  Now I am sure that the Wiesbaden address is his real address.  A check of Christiam Gasper’s Linkin profile indicates that he is from Wiesbaden.

Actions Taken or Being Taken against Allen Martin

I have completed a report to “Action Fraud” run by the UK police at CRN: NFRC160901566595

I have also contacted the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Reference Number: 76884825

I have contacted his web host using the email address “” asking them to suspend his web hosting. This was the unhelpful reply I received:

“We have no possibility or intention of being a judge in these cases, and therefore we advise you to direct your enquiry to the owner of the website which can be seen via the ordinary who-is lookup or to go via the system of justice (enforcement court) and get a court order against the website owner from a EU or US court stating that the owner should remove the content.

In the case of customer information, we ask that you provide a court order stating what customer information is to be handed over.

Upon receipt of a court order we will act responsibly and follow the directions of that court order.

We also refer to our privacy policy which can be found on our website We also want to draw your attention to the fact, that a website with its contents can be moved to another webhost/registrar within a few days and that a court order against the website owner in this situation is a more useful tool for you to pursue your rights.

If you wish, we can forward a message to the domain owner. If you want us to do this, we ask that you write out the message to be forwarded in full as we do not word or make changes to the forwarded message in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.”

It would be useful for everyone to bombard his web host with complaints about Allen Martin.  Maybe then they would listen.  Of course he will then change hosts but we will keep after him.

I have contacted his domain registrar for his two websites by emailing “”. Nothing has been heard from the registrar.

I have contacted JVZoo and the Warrior Forum has already been contacted by Neil.  I will also contact Warrior Plus.

The more people that can contact all of these bodies, the more likely that we will be to see some action taken by them.

Refer people to to see the details for themselves.

You can also refer them to the reports at

See the comments below or to the right hand side for updated information from myself and others.

Good Luck

Joe Bradley