Allen Martin Scam

Allen Martin Scam


Ref: Allen Martin Scam or Allan Martin Scam.

Its common at the top of a blog to include a photograph of the author.  However in this instance it is better that you acquaint yourself with the scammer image below.

I have set up this website to help people avoid the £200 Per Day DFY Affiliate Business Scam and other scams perpetrated by Christian Gasper (see image above) under various aliases including Allen Martin.

More recently the scammer has shaved his beard and hence looks quite different on some of his websites.

We now know that the perpetrator of the £200 Per Day DFY Affiliate Business scam, “Allen Martin with an address in Greenwich, London, England” and more recently addresses in Australia and the US, is really Christian Gasper (with addresses in Germany).  Christian Gasper is the name his domains are registered to and is also the name that payments go to.   The fact that Christian Gasper’s LinkedIn image is the same as Allen Martins website images is further proof that Christian Gasper and Allen Martin are one and the same.

Other aliases that Christian Gasper has been known to use are Marcus Ross, Allan Martin, John Malcolm, Johnny West and Mark Newman.

Christian also uses the alias “SimplyTheNiceGuy” in Warrior Forum posts so please beware, he is… anything but nice.

So this website could just as easily be named:
Marcus Ross Scam
Allan Martin Scam
John Malcolm Scam
Johnny West Scam
Mark Newman Scam
SimplyTheNiceGuy Scam

Before I go any further, even if you do not read the rest of this post or read the comments from the many other people who have been scammed by Allen Martin and you just want to know what to do to get your money back and to bring Allen Martin to justice, I have uploaded a “Plan of Action” at

Even if you have already taken some steps I would appreciate it if you could read through the plan and carry out as many of the steps presented as you can, including making a comment on this site. I have omitted to state in the plan that you should contact the Weisbaden police in Germany.  We believe now that this is an important step since the perp lives in that area of Germany.

If you have been scammed be aware that it is possible to get your money back through the payment method you used to pay for it whether it is your bank, Mastercard/Visa or PayPal.  Getting refunded through PayPal has been very hit and miss (more miss than hit) and the following information received from PayPal by Smith may shed some light on why this has been problematic despite nothing being received.

“PayPal requested the seller to provide confirmation that the item had been successfully delivered to you upon checkout. The seller provided us with valid information concerning your purchase.

Because this information confirmed that your item was successfully delivered to your specified shipping address, your claim was closed in the seller’s favor and no refund was provided.”

Which means as Smith put it “that Allen Martin actually scammed Paypal by providing fake evidence of physical goods sent to our address! It is no wonder that most of us lost our dispute and claim!”

However don’t give up and don’t take “no” for an answer as slowly PayPal is beginning to see the light.  This is your money and it should not have been stolen from you.

Websites I am aware of that are connected with the Allen Martin/Christian Gasper scam are listed below.  However because he is a scammer, there are new websites being created all the time.

Some of the other websites I have discovered that are operated by Christian Gasper which may not be directly related to the scam are:
2014-01-05 ascio technologies, inc. – demark (r117-lrms)
2014-06-29 ascio technologies, inc. danmark – filial af ascio technologies, inc. usa (r117-lrms)

Christian Gasper is also associated with the website

The websites and are now offline and most of the other sites above are also offline probably because he is now trying to hide his tracks.

It is up to you to determine whether it is a scam, but at least if you have the information you can make an informed decision. I personally have no doubt and more and more people are coming forward stating that they have also been scammed. Please read to the end to see what I actually received in return for the payment made and read the comments for further updates.

If you have been scammed, then please read to the end to see the list of actions that you can take against this fraudster and how you should try to get your money back. Also you may want to try to leave comments on any of the Allen Martin sites above that are still active warning people about this thief.

If you have managed to get your money back, please let everyone know by posting on this site, letting us know how you had paid and how you went about getting refunded.

I wish this site had been up when I placed my recent order with him. It was one of those “too good to be true” offers and the first thing I did was to trawl the internet with the words “Allen Martin Scam” but nothing came up apart from one person complaining that he had not received a refund of $7 when requested. To be fair, although only $7 was involved, that person declared that Allen Martin Consulting was the biggest ripoff ever. Should have heeded him…

The Offer (Scam?)

It was July 25th 2016. An email from Allen Martin hit my inbox from with the following offer (excerpts listed below):

“We build you this $200/Day Affiliate Business
in just 3 weeks from the day you enrolled.”

“The regular price for this Affiliate $200/Day
DFY Business is usually $9997.

But for a small group of people, we’ve
blocked out 40 early bird spots for this
very special offer.

The early bird price for this very unique
DFY offer is $997 for those happy
40 people.

BUT…21 spots are already taken”

“You can either pay via one time
payment or via split pay of 3 payments
of each $397 every 30 days.”

“- We need around 2-3 weeks for
testing and tweaking the campaign.
Then you will see at least $100/Day.
And after 6-7 weeks you will make
$200/Day easily.”

“- If you are not happy with the results during the first 3 months,
we refund your money back. No shenanigans”

There were many other emails with similar or conflicting claims. A number of these have been published in a PDF at

Alarm Bells

According to Allen, this was a completely done for you solution and no input was required on your part. He even provided very reassuring guarantees including stating on a number of occasions that he would triple the money back if he did not deliver.

– Can you confirm the guarantee is money back if I am not making
$200/day after 3 weeks or 3 months?

– If you are not happy with the results during the first 3 months,
we refund your money back. No shenanigans”

“- Both offers are backed by our triple your money back guarantee”

– What if I am not satisfied for some reason?

– No worries! Feel free to drop me a line with your
receipt and we’ll refund every penny back and you
keep the campaign, funnel etc. though! The risk
is all on my side.”

There were many other emails with similar or conflicting claims. I have uploaded a PDF document containing some of the emails (many more still to add) received from this scammer at:

However my guard was up. This did appear to be too good to be true and there was no way I was going to pay the full amount upfront.

The calculations …

I did the calculations.

If I paid a first installment of $397 then I would have a minimum income of $100 per day after 21 days. By the end of the month, nine days later, I would have accumulated a minimum of $900. This would easily cover the next month’s installment and leave me with a profit of $503.

The following month I would have earned a minimum of $3,100 (31 days at $100 per day) leaving me a surplus of at least $2,703 after paying the next months installment.

My first thoughts were, “Why doesn’t Allen set up these income streams for himself as they make substantially more than he is taking in subscriptions?”

I contacted Allen about this and was informed that the reason he was doing this was so that he could get feedback in order to be able to sell the program at a much higher price in the future ($9997). That sort of made sense but I was still concerned since he seemed to want to get as many people on the program as he could and deadlines came and went and the quantity of openings available increased occasionally instead of decreasing to zero. I am sure there were many more than 40 orders taken, even though he said it was being limited.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

I had purchased low cost digital products from Allen once or twice before without any major problem. However I still was concerned that the offer seemed too good to be true and rather than make the full payment signed up on an installment basis ($395 per month for 3 months) to cut my losses should the worst come to the worst.

I signed up on 26th July but all I received from him were excuses to put me off. During the pre-sales period Allen Martin replied very promptly. I even joked with him once about him not having a bed to go to. However after the order I found it increasingly difficult to get replies.

What was a red flag for me was an email I received soon after I had made my first subscription informing people whose first month was up that they would not receive any service until they had made their second payment. Yet they were supposed to have been in possession of a profitable business two to three weeks after signing up.

Progress (or lack thereof)

When I heard nothing about the business Allen Martin was setting up for me I contacted him. Firstly he said he would set my site up immediately after the sales campaign was finished at the start of August. Later he said his people would have it done in 10 days for me. 10 days came and went. Then he said he would do it himself and I would have a profitable business within 3 days. Again nothing happened.

He had always said he would refund any payment (in fact triple it) if people were not satisfied at any time up to three months. I asked for a refund but my refund request was totally ignored. I threatened to expose him as a Scammer on forums and other public places but he just replied that slander was a criminal offence, in an effort to silence me. I replied that English was my native language and that the truth is not slander.

Contact Details for Allen Martin/Christian Gasper

As mentioned above, although the email address from which the fraud originated was, he also uses the domain and marketingwithallen features in his gmail address used to further his scam (

The name and addresses listed for his domain names are as follows:
Registrant Name: christian gasper
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: bgm-heinrich-dreibus-str 2
Registrant City: mainz
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 55129
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.17630681991
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

The details for have become private in the last few days in order to protect himself or more likely because that is the address at which he resides. However I had already obtained the details:
Registrant Name: christian gasper
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Gerichtsstrasse 1
Registrant City: Wiesbaden
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 65185
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.17630681991

The telephone is the same for both.

Update on address

I suspected that the details for the registration for had been privatised in order to protect his Wiesbaden address above.  Now I am sure that the Wiesbaden address is his real address.  A check of Christiam Gasper’s Linkin profile indicates that he is from Wiesbaden.

Actions Taken or Being Taken against Allen Martin

I have completed a report to “Action Fraud” run by the UK police at CRN: NFRC160901566595

I have also contacted the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Reference Number: 76884825

I have contacted his web host using the email address “” asking them to suspend his web hosting. This was the unhelpful reply I received:

“We have no possibility or intention of being a judge in these cases, and therefore we advise you to direct your enquiry to the owner of the website which can be seen via the ordinary who-is lookup or to go via the system of justice (enforcement court) and get a court order against the website owner from a EU or US court stating that the owner should remove the content.

In the case of customer information, we ask that you provide a court order stating what customer information is to be handed over.

Upon receipt of a court order we will act responsibly and follow the directions of that court order.

We also refer to our privacy policy which can be found on our website We also want to draw your attention to the fact, that a website with its contents can be moved to another webhost/registrar within a few days and that a court order against the website owner in this situation is a more useful tool for you to pursue your rights.

If you wish, we can forward a message to the domain owner. If you want us to do this, we ask that you write out the message to be forwarded in full as we do not word or make changes to the forwarded message in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.”

It would be useful for everyone to bombard his web host with complaints about Allen Martin.  Maybe then they would listen.  Of course he will then change hosts but we will keep after him.

I have contacted his domain registrar for his two websites by emailing “”. Nothing has been heard from the registrar.

I have contacted JVZoo and the Warrior Forum has already been contacted by Neil.  I will also contact Warrior Plus.

The more people that can contact all of these bodies, the more likely that we will be to see some action taken by them.

Refer people to to see the details for themselves.

You can also refer them to the reports at

See the comments below or to the right hand side for updated information from myself and others.

Good Luck

Joe Bradley

551 thoughts on “Allen Martin Scam”

  1. Hi Fred

    Sorry to hear that Fred.

    I think he has probably taken a lot of people for a ride. He has been on the scene for a long time and has sold low price entry level products which he did supply, giving him some credibility. However this time he appears to have been going all out to bring in as much money as possible with a high price offering that was basically too good to be true before people would catch on.


    1. There are three reports at now. Unfortunately there was only one when I signed up and that was for someone claiming that they had not been refunded $7, so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
      Yes, I agree with you with regard to his name. The payment went to Christian Gasper and his two websites are registered to two different German addresses in the name of Christian Gasper.

      It is sad that people think that it is ok to make a livelihood by taking advantage of and abusing others. The thing that threw me was that Allen had published bonefide products before, so it didn’t readily occur that he would commit fraud.

      1. I saw the same $7 complaint but nothing else. Not a huge red flag, I thought. I had been on a mailing list for a while, had bought a $5.95 product, and had spoken on Skype (without charge) with this man, so my guard was way down.

        It was after this I saw his email offer and I specifically conversed with him about my hesitation and the risk. I was given bounteous assurance of his good intent and experience, and an iron-clad money-back guarantee. (Actually 3X money back!) To me the daily income claim was for a target of $200 per day of affiliate commissions which seemed believable (but others have apparently had offers for much higher – up to $600/day which would have sounded a whole lot less believable).

        There are some well-known Warrior Forum participants who have done Joint Venture product launches with ‘Allen Martin’ so I am surprised that this guy has turned rogue. I’d suggest there’s probably at least one avenue to access him – either through these JV people specifically, or via Warrior Forum, Warrior Plus, or JV Zoo where it is easily possible to see the products. (“Products” they call them – LOL!)

        BTW Allen Martin and Christian Gasper share a few of the same photos on the net for both names, so I’d suspect that Gasper might be his real name. Do an image search and it comes up on Linkedin too I think.

        1. All sounds very familiar. Your experience and mine were almost identical. I had some concerns about even the $200 per day since it would be much more advantageous for Allen to keep the $200 per day rather than accept an installment of $395 per month. I communicated with Allen about that and he said that he was intending to roll out the program at a much higher price ($9997). While I wasn’t totally happy this did make some sense.

          I had wondered about JVZoo, etc. also since as you say a lot of well known marketers did support his offers. However I think that this was the big one and that Allen Martin will disappear from the internet marketing scene. That’s not to say that he won’t reappear later under a different name when he as spent much of his ill-gotten gains.

          But I agree that we should all be contacting JVZoo and others just in case he hasn’t gone into hiding and just in case others can help take action against him.

          Anyone who signed up with a credit card should contact the card company about getting their money back. Those with a debit card may not be on as firm ground but it is worth contacting their bank anyway.

  2. I too fell for this crap. At the time I couldn’t see anything negative on this wanker and I searched up and down. Been in the IM game for years so this is a tad embarrassing to have been taken like this.

    Anyone here have any luck disputing though PayPal? I spoke with a member on WF and he said PayPal sided with Allen because Allen simply sent him some fluff/bogus information, to which PayPal accepted as the “product” or whatnot. I always thought PayPal typically favored the buyer (at least in my experience) so I was a little surprised. A “done for you” solution is far from some arbitrary marketing/mailing information.

    Having paid via PayPal myself, I’m unsure how to proceed.

    Good job setting this site up. Hopefully it will help others avoid this rubbish.

    1. Hi Jay

      It was easily done. Like you I have been in the IM game for a lot of years and my scam radar was in action when I signed up. However having purchased form Allen successfully before and finding no serious scam alerts online, and having learned from Allen that he intended to roll out this offer later at about 10 times the price, I made the plunge. It was a really good offer if it was valid. Fear of loss is a wonderful thing.

      PayPal was not available as a purchase method when I signed up, only debit or credit card. Perhaps he had already had issues with PayPal by that stage. I would push it with PayPal as per their terms you are supposed to be protected. Did you receive anything at all from Allen? I didn’t receive a thing and if it was the same with you then he definitely shouldn’t be able to get round it. Regardless, the more people who complain about him, the more likely they are to listen. It would be good if you can also make a complaint to the FTC as again the more people that complain, the more likely the FTC are to take action.

      Good Luck


      1. Unbelievable… isn’t there any way to stop this scumbag??

        There’s new email addresses, new physical address, etc…

        1. Until the police and other authorities permanently stop him, the only way forward is to minimise his activies by continually hounding him, as Smith and others on and off are currently doing. These actions in tracing and reporting his activies have reduced his ability to scam people and his resultant scam income to a trickle of what they were previously.
          Also anyone who has been scammed should continue hounding their payment processor until they get their money back, ensuring that the payment processors blacklist him. Where new scams appear on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Warrior Forum or elsewhere, you need to contact these companies requesting them to shut down his operations, referring them to this blog and to rip-off-reports for information on his illicit activies.

    2. I also did dispute through paypal. But paypal sided with Allen. And gave a reply that this purchase is not protected through their purchase protection, so they couldn’t do anything. So I have now filed a chargeback request in my bank. They say officially it takes at the most 120 days for the process.

      1. Hi Kuunal, it’s increasingly looking like filing a chargeback request in your bank is the only way of dealing with PayPal. PayPal must know it is an obvious scam by now, considering the number of people who have reported it. You would think they would save us and themselves a lot of time by dealing with the situation from the start, rather than trying to wash their hands of it.

    3. I tied to get a refund off Pay pal but they told me the he had supplied exactly what i paid for .. he sent me a bunch of keywords which he sent to paypal as well and they sided with him .. that was early days .. not sure if they now realise their mistake .. you would think after many complaints they would .. any one successful with a refund through Paypal ?

  3. I too nfell victim to this thieving scammer with the exact same offer of the $200 A Day DFY Affiliate business. Luckily (or not) I only paid him $500 as part of a triple payment plan. Having been fobbed off by him I raised a claim with Paypal. His waht the tosser did in my case. He sent me some shitty CPA stuff and then provided that as delivery info to Paypal. Unfortunately, Paypal being Paypal, didn’t contact me to confimr and took it as final and so closed my claim down leaving this cock with $500 of my hard earned.

    I’m glad that you have filed with the Fraud people and am more than happy to provide any evidence you need as I have kept ALL correspondence from him with all false guarantees and claims. I am going to contact the Warrior Forum mods as well and see if we can get this prat taken out of action over there at least.

    One thing I had to laugh at. Having not heard from him for ages, I posted a link to one of the Rip Off Reports on some of his YouTube videos and he actually the bare faced cheek to contact me and tell me to stop slandering him!!?? WTF! He hasn’t heard the last of me yet that’s for sure.

    1. Great idea posting the link to the Rip Off Reports on some of his YouTube videos, Neil. I will have to have a look and see if I can do the same.

      I will also contact PayPal about the scam even though I have not personally paid through PayPal and refer them to the growing number of people that Allen Martin has taken for a ride in his scam/fraud.

      I would suggest that you also contact the FTC and any other bodies also since the more people contact them the more they will be inclined to act. The easiest thing to do is to phone them (see website link now added to the post) and quote my case number from the post and stated that the same think happened to you. This might save you having to go into a lot of detail.


      1. Cheers Joe

        I contacted Warrior Forum admin yesterday and they replied they will investigate further. All the videos I commented on have now had comments restricted but I will find more ways of getting the message out there about this scammer. He has also disabled the email address he initially used with this scam

        1. Hi Neill

          One way to hit him may be to create a video concerning this particular scam and to create copies of it to place on YouTube. Each copy could be given a name similar to the name of Allen Martin’s videos with the word scam at the end.

          Alternatively I have added about 7 more sites run by Christian Gasper to the post. If there are comments for these it may be possible to do something there. Unfortunately it is likely that the comments will have to be approved before they become live so that may not work.

          Thanks for getting in touch with Warrior Forum. I don’t know if you referenced this site and/or Rip Off Reports in your submission to Warrior Forum but doing so would add weight to the issue proving that numerous people have had the same experience with Allen Martin’s scam.


          1. Hi Guys,

            Yes, I too fell as a victim to this thieving scammer Allen Martin with the exact same offer of the $600 A Day DFY program.

            Unfortunately, I didn’t this coming as I know that he have release a lot JvZoo & Warrior plus products in the past months. I originally signed, and paid in full, for a $200 per day “Done For You” affiliate marketing campaign. Now he’s upped the ante and I’m getting emails about a $400 or $600 per day system. Same old thing.

            Yes, he also got three Facebook fans supporting Allen Martin and Youtube by some of his past students claiming Allen helped them making great oincome with DFY and also one-on-one coaching programs.

            You see, its I am coming to 3rd weeks, so contact him at no reply, so I forward my email to his support team email and got a replied came back advising my emails will be answer in next 48 hours…..It was the weekend so I didn’t bother to check my emails or contact him again.

            Now Monday came I sent him and support team another asking for answers, now he has also disabled the email address he initially used with this scam

            Its good to know that you guys are posting this in all RIPOFF site, scammed alerts sites and other posts. Seem like would be hard to stop him, like you mentioned he probably thinking of other scams and by using other names by now.

            However, thanks you for sharing and hope this warn and alert other people too.


  4. I originally signed, and paid in full, for a $200 per day “Done For You” affiliate marketing campaign. Now he’s upped the ante and I’m getting emails about a $400 per day system. Same old thing.

    In the past hour there have been three Facebook fans supporting Allen Martin, including one big rave.

    1. Now he’s disabled the Facebook comments section. And the latest email (the third email today) says:
      Important Note:
      We needed to deactivate the facebook comment
      plugin because of some technical issues.
      Therefore, just leave a positive comment below
      the post to get all 13 products for free.

      1. Fred, do you have the page address where the comments are. I want to refer it to Facebook. Neil has already contacted the Warrior forum and yesterday I contacted JVZoo. However the more of us contact all of these bodies the more pressure we will put on this outright fraudster.

        Thanks, Joe.

        1. It was this page, but it had a Facebook comments plugin attached at the bottom. That was removed because there were some uncomplimentary comments, but here is the Google Cached version so you can see what was there:

          Now the live URL just gives me a blank page on the root domain and all pages that I’m aware of.

    2. Hi Fred

      Do you have the web address of the comments? I did a search and while a number of Allen Martin references came up, I only found one that related to our Allen Martin. I replied to the guys post informing him of the scam and referring him to and so that he could see what was going on. Perhaps you could do the same with the commentors that you saw.

      If the supportive comments were on Allen’s site, they may be moderated or may be removed very quickly. However if you could reply also on the timeline of the person who placed the comments, Allen could do nothing about that.


  5. I’ve been done by him too. I can’t believe it. I feel stupid and sick and angry at being so trusting. $997 down the pan just like that. I too have been online and involved in the MMO niche for around 15 years, so that makes it so hard to take.
    The thing is; I still don’t understand his reasoning for this. I have seen him active in the IM circles for several years now, and even bought a few products off him. I considered him one of the better ones out there. So I can’t understand this Grab the Money and Run tactic. I just don’t understand his thinking. We know who he is. He has blatently ripped people off and he has burned his list, his credibility and any future earnings.

    He will obviously be reported to the fraud squad, the trading standards etc and he has made a noose for himself. Now this bizzarre effort to give away products in exchange for positive reviews. I think he obviously knows that he has burned his list (his biggest asset) and is attempting to build a new/clean list for future use. The annoying thing is that there will be enough brown nosers and freebie seekers there, that will give him glowing reviews in exchange for free products.
    He is still sending out emails, but any attempt to mail him back at that – or any address, just results in a bounce.

    I feel such an idiot. If I were in London right now, I would be rooting him out and showing him the perils of behaving like this.

    Keep us posted Joe.


    1. Sorry to hear that he got you too, Dave, but I suspect it is just the tip of the iceberg. Although in the past he did appear to be a run of the range marketer, there was one other thing that happened to me in the last year that should have concerned me more. I purchased a low cost digital product through Allen’s affiliate link.

      As part of his affiliate bonus Alan promised to provide two 30 minute sessions of one to one coaching on the product. All we had to do was to sign up to a group and Allen would contact us with dates for agreement. However nothing ever happened with it and he ceased making comments in the group and stopped replying to emails about it.

      At the time, I just thought that he was busy and couldn’t get round to it, not that he never intended to do it in the first place. Now I know better.

      I have just had a threatening email from Allen (email and reply to be published in my next comment). He’s obviously rattled. It’s time to heap on more pressure. If you have been in Internet Marketing for any length of time, you will be receiving tons of emails from online marketers, some of which will even have been affiliates of Allen Martin.

      If everyone now contacts the people they receive email from and warn them about the scam and ask them to let their lists know to be wary of it, that would really help to protect people.

      Thanks for your help.


  6. Joe – thank you for creating this site to notify other customers who have been stolen from; and for taking action to notify his webhost, the FTC, JVZoo, etc. Before I purchased in mid-Sept., I searched for scam reports on Allen, and found only the $7 non-refund issue; however late last week, after he was non-communicative, I began searching for any new scam alerts, and initially found the post, then found this site on the weekend. As mentioned above, I also found the same photo listed for Christian Gasper on LinkedIn as for Allen Martin’s email list photo.

    I actually purchased the $1000/day DFY – for $1997 USD just over 2 weeks ago, and with the exchange rate for my currency, it is nearly $3000. He sent me a payment link via Payoneer, in the name of Christian Gasper. When I questioned who that was, he said it is his business partner. He also suggested that I send the payment via wire transfer. This is what he wrote:

    “… just a quick heads up in regards of the payment details to make the wire transfer.
    Account holder: Christian Gasper
    Account Number: 0633404
    IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
    Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany
    Christian Gasper is my business partner, he’s the owner of the account.”

    It is the same story for me as you all have posted here – I was on “Allen’s” list for nearly a year, had bought a less expensive product with no issues, and he presented himself as a “good guy” within the industry. I have no experience doing anything in the IM niche, my line of work is unrelated however I’ve needed to boost my income, and have been looking for some actual coaching which this $1000 DFY was supposedly going to offer, and with what I’ve observed from his emails over the past months, I felt he was sufficiently credible to make good on this offer. While I had sufficient discernment to suspect perhaps it would not live up to the full earnings claim, at no point did I suspect that he was going to simply take the money, cut off all contact, and run away like a mentally unstable sociopath. Maybe he has mafia debts?

    This behavior is so erratic it is not understandable – he has clearly committed fraud and theft against a number of people, and has been on a tirade in the past 48hrs to his list seeking positive comments in exchange for free products as mentioned above, and lying about the plug-in issue, to cover up the fact that those he’s defrauded are pursuing this by all possible means.

    I may have purchase protection available via the CC I used for payment; they can take action as far as a lawsuit. So I’ll be watching this closely, as I’ll have to submit documentation proof to substantiate my claim of fraud.

    Thanks to everyone here who is taking action; I’ll write again if I make any progress. I had a couple of days of wondering how I could have ‘fallen for it’, however, being a completely decent and ethically competent person, it never occurred to me that someone would be this dishonest and intentionally harmful. I can’t imagine that he’s actually going to get away with this – for everyone who can, please stay loud about this. Good luck to everyone.

    1. No problem, Grace. While it is time consuming and it’s annoying that we have to go through all this and that someone like Allen Martin/Christian Gasper should be such a bare-faced liar/thief, I did warn him that if he scammed me I would take every possible action including setting up this site.

      Good work on getting the image of Christian Gasper on LinkedIn. I was pretty sure that they were both the same person as you will see in my next post when I answered two emails I received from Allen today but it’s good to have confirmation. It provides proof positive for the authorities. It is not just a theory any more.

      Falling for the scam was easy since he had built up a reputation as an online marketer. He was as they say in the trade “an approved supplier”. Maybe the mafie will get him before we do!!

      Just a note: I mentioned in reply to Dave’s post, that aside from keeping the authorities in the loop, the best thing that everyone can do to get the word out is to contact all the genuine marketers from whom we receive emails and if your inbox is anything like mine that could be hundreds.

      Let them know that you are on thier list (and buy products through their link, if true) and inform them of this high-ticket scam. Point them to this site and the Ripoff Reports. Inform them that Allen Martin is actually a German scammer whose real name is Christian Gasper. Ask them to let all of their followers to be wary of falling for his DFY scams.

      I think we may have had a success. I noticed that the sites I reported “” and “” are now coming up as blank pages. Either the webhost has listened or Allen is altering the sites to remove evidence against himself. If the latter, it won’t do him any good as the sites are available in the archives.

  7. I had two emails from Allen Martin shortly after noon UK time today October 4th, both from the email address “Ashley Martinez

    First Email from Allen – Subject: Your posts etc.
    “I’ve noticed that you put a lot of effort in trying to hurt me as much as possible.
    However, I am ok with the fact that you are pissed off although that wasn’t my intention, and it’s ok that you complain on your website, but it’s not ok that you make my business partner’s address and phone number public.
    That’s more than unethical.
    Let me know if you’re open for a conversation or not.
    If you are, we can talk, if not I will talk to my attorneys.

    Second Email from Allen – Subject: action for injunction
    “I am pretty sure that you are aware of what an action for injunction actually is and it can cost you a lot of money!
    Your choice!
    The only way for you to stop me is to take your side off AND delete all your rip off reports!
    If you choose not to take them down… you’ll know what my next step will be!”

    My Reply to Allen
    “Hi Allen
    Yes, I have been trying to hurt you… but then you have hurt me and a lot of other people and continue to do so.
    I told you before that I would take every action possible if you scammed me, and you didn’t listen.

    I am willing to talk and I am willing to take down my site if and only if you give me and the others you scammed the service you promised or you give us refunds of whatever money we paid and stop scamming others. I think that’s very fair since I’m not asking for three times our payment as a refund as you promised in your emails.

    With regard to your “partner”, I don’t for one moment think believe that Allen Martin and Christian Gasper are different people. However even if he is a different person, he has partnered in a scam with you since his website is being used to perpetrate the scam and more importantly he is the one who has benefited from the scam. not Allen Martin, since all payments went to him.

    By the way, is Ashley Martinez another one of your false identities and where does Savannah Nelson come in?

    I believe that the first email was an attempt to buy me off and the second one was a threat in case I wouldn’t be bought (carrot and stick). At that time I didn’t have the proof (LinkedIn photograph of Christian Gasper) to be able to definitely say that Allen was Christian Gasper. However these emails just prove that he is a consumate liar as was the case when making the DFY affiliate business offer in the first place.

  8. is another site of Allen and Gasper. That site is down too. Let us continue to get the word out about this crook – Allen Martin and Christian Gasper (if they are different people).

    1. Thanks George. Allen Martin and Christian Gasper are the same person or Christian’s LinkedIn image is the identical twin of Allen Martin.

  9. Hey Joe,
    I got a real kick out of this bit:

    “The only way for you to stop me is to take your side off AND delete all your rip off reports!”

    Ha! Deluded twat that he is; he doesn’t seem to realise that he isn’t the one that’s going to be calling the shots here if he doesn’t refund everyone he scammed, every last penny.

    Apart from sending out warnings all over the IM world, a more direct and proactive plan would be to give him 48 hrs to return the money, and then if he has not done so, contact the Met Police and the Trading Standards Authority. It would likely be easier and quicker to nail him with false advertising/breaking the terms of sale etc, than prove outright fraud – even though that is exactly what it is.

    However, I say we go for both, because when you look again at the email he sent you – and in particular this part: “The only way for you to stop me…..”, is surely an admission that he had no intention from the begining to provide the service he promised.

    Another idea might be to club together and employ the services of a private investigative team and track him down. After that, I would be happy to take over from there and confront him in person, whether it be in the UK or Germany.
    His behaviour and logic is bizarre and strange, in both trashing his IM business and his list (an IM’s biggest asset), not to mention, of course, committing a crime, so it could be that he has found himself in trouble of some sort that has led to this idiotic deceit. However, this is a big boy’s crime that he has committed and it calls for serious action. My son put over £780 into this from his college grant fund and trusted this deadbeat…after I showed him the emails for the DFY “opportunity”. So, there is NO WAY that this is going to end with Mr Martin/Gasper riding off into the sunset having a good time with this money. I will do whatever it takes to get satisfaction of some sort and resolve this as soon as possible.

    1. In some ways I feel sorry for Allen (although I shouldn’t) because he has got himself into a situation that there is no way out of and has trashed his reputation. Having said that he took money from many people who could not afford it and abused their trust, so deserves all that comes to him.

  10. OK. So whilst I haven’t had an email from rip off merchant, I did receive this PM at the Warrior forum yesterday:

    “if you choose to slander or smear my name or post anything negative about me, you can be sure that I’ll file a action for an injunction against you! Which will cost you a lot of money! your choice!”

    Can you seriously believe the cheek of this guy. Anyway, a few hours later one of the Warrior forum moderators sent me a PM as I was in violation of their rules by posting on his wall that I wasn’t happy that he had ripped me off and was a scamming thief.

    I’ve contacted the Warrior admin again pointing out everything that he has been up to, with links to all Rip Odd Reports and this site, reiterating the fact that he is scamming fellow Warriors and he shouldn’t be given the green light to carry on like this. Hopefully they will take notice this time and shut him down. Maybe if they receive more complaints they might take notice.

    Fingers crossed eh?

  11. I forgot to mention in my last post. Do a search at Google for Christian Gasper and choose images and lo and behold… look at the first few pictures. Is that Allen Martin??? He must think we are stupid.

    1. Yes, definitely the same person. Grace pointed out yesterday that Christian Gasper’s LinkedIn image was the same as Allen Martin’s. He naively seems to have taken it for granted that we would believe his story of Christian Gasper being a business partner and forgets that you can hide very little on the Internet.

  12. Hi all.

    I forgot to mention that I had a rebuttal to my post at Rippoff Reports some days ago. Here is what Allen Martin wrote, followed by my answer. I have never seen so many lies in one short piece of text. At the time I didn’t have proof that Allen Martin was really Christian Gasper which was one more lie.

    Rebuttal from Allen Martin
    “First of all, Allen Martin is the owner of the company. Christian Gasper has nothing to do with Allen Martin.

    He’s just a partner of his company, you cannot blame him for anything.

    However, the person who blames Allen Martin for scamming him is just trying to destroy Allen’s

    reputation because of the fact, that he’s not able to keep up the momentum and follow the guidance

    Allen provided him with. It’s really sad to see that specifically people, who Allen helped with the program more than needed, and more than agreed when they enrolled to it, try to destroy his reputation in such a shabby way like this person is intending to do here.

    Our mission is NOT to leave people in the dark NOR do we scam anyone.”

    My Answer
    “Hi Allen

    I can’t believe the cheek of your reply concerning the Allen Martin Scam. It is very clear cut that you are running a scam. Here are the facts in black and white in answer to what you have written above.

    1. You advertised this as a DFY (Done for you) solution so by it’s definition there was nothing for me to do after supplying the my initial accounts information when I signed up on July 26th. This information was sent to you on July 26th (same day). A copy of the email where I sent this information to you same day is included in the pdf document at

    You confirmed that this was all we had to do in one of your emails. You couldn’t have been more specific.

    Question:-What do you need from me to make this offer work?
    Answer:-All we need from you are your Auto responder Log in details and the log in details for your domain and hosting so we can set up and upload all Follow up emails and the funnel to your hosting too.

    Question:-Is this Offer really Hands Free?
    Answer:-Yes. We build the funnel incl. all products for every early bird customer individually PLUS we set up your autoresponder, we upload the entire funnel to your domain PLUS we drive the traffic for 3 months to this funnel.

    2. You mentioned momentum. Since I placed the order I have sent in the region of 20 or more emails to you to find out what is going on. Although you replied to some of these with delaying tactics, you did not initiate any of the communication nor did you do anything whatsoever with my accounts to create the income that you promised.

    Also since the scam here are some of the things I have done:
    a) sent a multitude of emails to you
    b) compiled a report for the FTC
    c) compiled a report for the UK police
    d) compiled a report for this “Ripoff Reports” website
    e) contacted your web host requesting them to suspend your site
    f) contacted your domain registrar requesting them to withdraw your domain.
    g) purchased the domain
    h) created a report on that site concerning your scam
    i) created and uploaded a pdf document containing some of the emails from and to you (still many more to add)
    j) communicated with people who commented on the site.
    k) commenced link building to the site

    I have both a primary degree and a master’s degree, am involved with community development and I manage electronic design projects for a living. Does that sound to you like someone who is not able to keep up with the momentum?

    3. You mentioned that I was trying to destroy your reputation. No, you have done that yourself. My role is just to make people aware of it and to protect others from the scam and to help bring you to justice.

    4. I don’t believe that Christian Gasper is a different person than Allen Martin. Why would you, Allen Martin, allow someone else (Christian Gasper) to be the registered owner of your domains (the life-blood of your business)and even more so why would you have the proceeds of your business go into Christian Gasper’s account?

    You are masquerading as someone with an English name and an English address, yet you previously talked about how English was not your native language so you are not English. It is highly likely that you are not Christian Gaspar with addresses in Germany and a German telephone number showing up on the domain whois documentation.

    I am sure that when the police catch up with Christian Gasper they will see that his image is the same as the image of Allen Martin that appears on your websites. Just in case you considered removing those images, I have already taken a copy which will be available to any authorities who require it.

    Even if you are not Christian Gasper, if he is your partner as you state, then he is equally complicit in the scam.

    5. You stated “It’s really sad to see that specifically people, who Allen helped with the program more than needed, and more than agreed when they enrolled to it, try to destroy his reputation in such a shabby way like this person is intending to do here.”

    You didn’t do anything at all, so how can you have helped more than needed. By your logic, I have helped every person in the world more than needed.

    6. You make out that as if I am the only one who has been scammed. I have only started looking at this and to date I know of about six or seven others who have been scammed. I am sure there are many more. Many of them don’t want to come out and say they have been scammed because they feel foolish and it was their own fault for not being more diligent.

    It is similar to the situation when people are raped. They fear coming forward because they somehow think they may be too blame due walking in a bad area, wearing a short skirt or whatever. However the bottom line is that like the rapist it is the scammer who is at fault.

    People should not have to fear being scammed by you or anyone else. I believe many more will come forward and let their story be heard.

    7. If it was not a fraud you would have returned my money and that of others when they requested it and as stated in your guarantee. Then there would be no need for sites like this.

    You stated in your emails “If you are not happy with the results during the first 3 months, we refund your money back. No shenanigans”. I dread to think what would have happened if there had been shenanigans? You even promised to triple our money back in some emails.

    If you want to help restore your reputation, Christian, refund the money that I gave you in good faith and for which I have received absolutely nothing in return. I will be happy to add that information here and on my own site so that people may know that you honoured the guarantee.

    Don’t wait for the authorities to force you to do this along with a lengthy prison term.”

  13. Hi Joe,
    Good post. I was wondering though. I’ve seen mention of him saying to you that he would talk to his attorneys and we’ve seen other instances when he has tried to play the victim, threatening to use the law to protect him and complaining about slander and smears and threatening action for an injunction. Quite bizzarre really.

    But has he ever once said WHY there has been no delivery on the promises made?
    Has he ever attempted to explain why nobody has made a single penny yet and why (at least in my case anyway) no “team” has been in contact to set things up?

    Surely an explanation to the people who have paid him money on the strengths of his promises, made in the sales emails, would be the first thing that a truly innocent person would provide.

    I know you will be reading this Christian/Allen, so how about it? How about telling us all (because I’m sure there will be lots of others visiting this site who are not posting) what is happening. Don’t you think we deserve that at least?

    You said: “Our mission is NOT to leave people in the dark NOR do we scam anyone”.

    So, prove it by telling us all here, what has happened that has lead to this mess.

    I would like to think that there is a reason, other than it just being a scam. Because if it was an attempt to steal money, then it was surely the lamest and most amateurish scam I have seen online since I was contacted by a worried official who worked for the Central Bank of Nigeria, asking me to help him.

    Did you ever think it through Allen? Did you have an exit strategy, or are you really a victim of circumstances beyond your control. Please…spill the beans. We would love to know.

    1. Hi Dave

      Allen’s definitely reading the comments. I received the following comment earlier today, which I am sure was created by Allen himself.

      Author: Stephen88 (IP:,
      Hey Guys,

      i also bought $200 per day “Done For You” affiliate marketing campaign. I am really happy cuz i made a lot of money with it, more then $60.000! Maybe your niche wasn’t working… cant tell you! But Allen is a good guy! Really!

      I was suspicious because:
      1. I don’t believe that there is anyone who has made $60K from Allen.
      2. Niche not working should not have been a concern because we were to be guided by Allen’s choice of niche and the triple your money back guarantee was unconditional.
      3. The wording was similar to the rebuttal Allen made to my rippoff report on him.
      4. Last but not least, the email was a German email address and we know that Allen/Christian most likely lives in Weisbaden, Germany.

      I therefore replied to and got a Mail Delivery Failure which stated:
      “This user doesn’t have a account (”

      I don’t know how he sent the email with the pretence that it came from that yahoo address. Maybe there is a way or perhaps he deleted the email address after sending the email so that there could be no traceability to him.

      Anyway you know for sure Allen’s reading.

      Allen, it’s time you stopped reading and gave some truthful answers.

  14. Same story with me. I paid for the “Lite” version but still $497. Glad I found your website.I was also going to put up a website for this scammer so you beat me to the punch. Thats ok I like the detail you have here. I have also contacted warrior forum and advised them of his scams.

  15. Hi Bryan. Welcome.
    Yeah Joe, that ‘testimonial’ you got is really cringeworthy. No doubt it’s our bold hero himself. Lame!
    Hey Christian/Allen! I am asking you now, here (because you can’t be reached anywhere else) for a full refund. 3x $997 as per your cast-iron guarantee, that I have here in your email. As soon as you can please! I will wait until end of business on Friday 7th Oct for confirmation from you. If none arrives, then I too will begin the process of bringing you to justice. Get the refund by then and I will settle for just the $997 plus wire transfer expenses.


  16. Tried to contact him again to request a refund but all the emails I have immediately bounce. So obviously he has closed all of his emails. I visited his websites and they all have white pages besides which has an error page. Obvious he is trying to cover his tracks if the websites were offline due to his host I believe they would show a suspended page.
    I did a google search with images as Neil suggested and found the following profiles:

  17. Holy..cow…I actually can’t believe there are so many people tricked by this actor. I’m one of them and in a very bad shape. I joined Allen Martin’s CPA DFY Biz at the end of July which promised a minimum of $100/day. After talking to him face to face on skype before getting into this mess, I let my guard down since he was willing to reveal his identity. I too was pretty experienced when it comes to detecting scammers because I have been trying to make money online for the last 5 years and nothing worked for me.

    He seemed like a good guy considering the good reviews he got on the internet and lack of scam reports on him, except for that $7 ripoff report which I thought it must have been just a technical error in refunding or something like that. I thought he was legit and honest, since he was an authority in the internet marketing business and I bought a product created by him and another well known marketer, product which had a very in depth and well done training and got good reviews.

    So I joined his DFY CPA Biz opportunity being promised a minimum of $100 per day after just three weeks of campaign tweaking and testing. Then, after trying to communicate with him more often, he replied with an offer saying that if I invest in that too, I could easily make 300-500 per day everyday. So I took that bait too. It was another DFY service called DFY AFFILIATE BUSINESS promising $200 per day after three weeks. I can’t believe how guilable and naive I was to think he could possibly make money for me without me doing nothing but wait and enjoy money flowing in. I never felt so stupid in my life…and to put the cherry on the top of the cake, I was going to get married and asked my fiancee to trust me and told her that Allen Martin was an honest man and I told her we will have the money for our wedding. Now I’m single because of this stupid shit….

    I went to USA to make some money for my wedding AND being able to invest in Allen/Christian’s program/s to make an additional nice sum of money to be ready for my wedding.

    I don’t know who’s at fault here. ME? For being so stupid believing a dream or that gentleman called Christian and whatever his last name was for detroying my future and my relationship.

    I should’ve listened to my fiancee when she said to me she didn’t trust this guy and I should not invest in him that much money.

    In total, I lost $2500 rounded after currency conversion rate applied.
    $997 – DFY CPA BIZ $100/DAY

    Now…somehow…I feel a little less guilty and stupid seeing so many of truly honest people here trying to make a living and have a breakthrough working online.

    Did anyone find out if there’s any possibility of getting full refunds and what methods can be used to get to that point?

    Thanks and great job creating this website at a time where no one got any replies from Christian. I noticed he shut down his fb account or something cause my messages don’t go through. His email addresses have also been deleted and everytime I try to write to him, I get back a failure message of sending the email.

    1. By the way…I didn’t make any penny with this guy.

      I hope he’ll refund me my money before getting shot somewhere in a street corner.

    2. Levi, sorry to hear of your losses, especially with regard to your relationship. That is one that can’t be replaced. You are in no way to blame for the scam. Allen had a reasonably good track record so while the offer itself may have been suspect in other circumstances, there was every reason to hope that Allen would deliver since he appeared a bone fide long term marketer. Sometimes we can do a little more to spot fraud, but even if the offer was suspect, it is always the perpetrator who is to blame, not the victim.

      I suggest you go back to your bank, credit card company, PayPal or whichever process was used to make the payment, inform them of the scam and ask for a refund. Some institutions like credit cards have protection built in. PayPal also ostensibly has buyer protection but a previous poster reported that Allen/Christian convinced PayPal that he had supplied something and the refund was not granted. Allen did supply something on that occasion but it was a few useless documents, not the DFY affiliate program. In most cases he has not supplied anything whatsoever and has broken contact. So PayPal will now have to listen.

      I hope Christian Gasper, you are proud of himself. If you have any conscience whatsoever, you have got to realise the impact that you have had on so many other people’s lives. It is not right to try and improve your lot when it destroys other people. The majority of people signing up for your offers were already financially vulnerable and thought you were their saviour rather than the opposite. You took advantage of people who were most in need of your support when you could have done so much to help them.

  18. Hey Levi. So sorry to hear about what happened to you. It’s not your fault though. Gasper isn’t too smart, but his long-term background in IM and relatively blemish free reputation is the only reason he was able to con us all. He will get what he deserves yet though.

    I just spent a wee while last night rooting around online seeing what I could come up with.
    His Linkedin profile is still up in the name of Christian Gasper – same picture, same guy as we knew already. The link to his company website goes to a Leadpages page that is down at the moment, but the url for it is: but again, nothing that we didn’t know already. I just wanted to see for myself.

    However, I found another site he has a profile on: I opened an account with a fake profile (ah, he’s not the only one who can do this). It’s our guy but address given as Mainz which is just 16km from Wiesbaden. I noticed that he has three people on his list of contacts. I wonder if they would like to hear about this and see the links to the Ripoff Report site and other pages that are now popping-up?

  19. Thank you guys for your kind words. My ex fiancee breaking up with me for not delivering what Iiii promised to her was a shot straight to my heart. I didn’t deserve this but neither her. Now it doesn’t matter anymore…

    I have a big favor to ask from you guys. Can anyone write a fraud report sample I could use to write to PayPal? I’m not sure what format it should have. Please. Thank you in advance as I know there are more people looking for this kind of guidence.

    1. Hi Levi

      I don’t know if there is any particular format to use since every situation is different. However you will want to put your case as briefly/clearly as possible while still getting over the main points, both for your sake and PayPal’s sake. I am assuming that your payment was made through PayPal as payments were also taken through debit and credit cards at a later date.

      If the PayPal account was in the name of Allen Martin then it is very clear cut. He signed up to PayPal with a false identity but it is more likely the PayPal account you signed up to was for Christian Gasper as he wanted the money in his own account.

      Assuming the PayPal account was Christian Gasper, then I would ask PayPal for a refund informing them that you were, along with many other people, scammed by Christian Gasper of Weisbaden in Germany masquerading as Allen Martin of London, England. Tell them that in an effort to hide his tracks from customers and law enforcement, Allen Martin has been strenuously denying that he and Christian Gasper are the same person, but we now know that the image on Christian Gasper’s LinkedIn Profile is identical to the image on the websites operated by Allen Martin, proving that they are one and the same person.

      Let them know that you received an offer by email identical or similar to the one in the post at Inform them that there additional details concerning the scam in the comments by an ever-growing number of people who have been scammed by him.

      Inform them that the offer was for a $200/day DFY (Done for you) Affiliate Business with a triple your money back guarantee anytime within the first 3 months if you were not satisfied, and that all you had to do was to provide him with your account details for your hosting, your autoresponder, JVZoo and Warrior Plus. Tell them that you provided this information (assuming you did).

      Inform them that Allen Martin kept putting you off and eventually removed his email addresses so you could not contact him (assuming this happened with you) and that most if not all websites have now been removed and that he has now privatised the Whois data for his domain name to avoid contact.

      Inform them that after paying (whatever amount) that you received exactly nothing from him, let alone the minimum of $100 per day he promised you would receive within two to three weeks and he has not set up any emails in your autoresponder or done anything else with your account details in order to initiate this.

      You should be able to copy the information I have given above and alter it slightly to suit your purpose. You might also include a copy of the email offer you received from Allen Martin as an attachment informing PayPal that you have done so. If there ane any other emails that you feel are particularly relevant in exposing the scam, they you might include them also.


      1. That’s absolutely everything I need to make the repport to PayPal. Thanks a lot man. All the assumptions you made are facts in my case as well. He fooled us all with the same bait.

        He’s either super stupid or incredibly intelligent.

        To build your credibility and authority in the IM industry for so long only to screw over all the marketers and newbies who got into his high ticket programs in just a matter of days demands an iron patience. But his little plan will lead to his distruction. I don’t know how he can sleep at night. What, he doesn’t drink coffee after 6pm? Lol.

        Again, thank you very much for your input, Joe.

        If anyone recovered their money, maybe you can tell us what you had to go through to accomplish that.

        Have a good day everyone. Peace.

    1. Well spotted, Bryan. How did you find it? Was it by typing in allenmartinscam without spaces? I see it there at the bottom of page 1.

      For everyone else, just to save you having to Google-translate (new verb), here is a brief sequence of the discussion from the German legal site at

      Allen Martin/Christian Gasper asks on the site what he can do about defamation from an obviously dissatisfied customer who is saying negative things about him and who is spreading his private data such as telephone number and address. and he states that communication with this customer is absolutely impossible and that he has no option but to look at the legal side.

      Note the obvious lie: As you know Allen has communicated with me and has my email address and I have always replied to him. He is also aware of this website and can contact me through that. He forgot to mention that it is he who refuses to answer emails and has made his support email accounts unavailable.

      He states that he markets as Allen Martin for the English market but that his business is registered in Germany. He also mentioned that I have been providing his telephone number and address from the Whois data for his websites. This an admission that the telephone number and address of Christian Gasper are the details of Allen Martin, since he admits that he markets as Allen Martin. So from the horse’s mouth.. Christian Gasper and Allen Martin are one and the same.

      The legal expert/lawyer on the site replies “You can successfully act against the person concerned, both civil and criminal, because the alleged and widespread fact that it is scam is not true! ”

      Note that he has been informed that he can act only if the fact that it is a scam is not true. Not only that but I think the expert himself already has his doubts about what Allen is saying (see the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence).

      The legal expert goes on to say that he can get a law injunction against the author of the slander, which is directed to forbid the dissemination of these false claims, the cost of the injunction going against the person who is being stopped. It would also be possible for Allen to request me to revoke all untruthful claims (not hard to do as I haven’t made any, this website being totally a statement of fact).

      He also states that I might be charged with criminal or police offenses (Section 194 of the penal code).

      When asked by Allen if this would apply if the person is from England and lives there, the lawyer replies that injunctions can still be made but this would be governed by British (civil law). He states that if Allen informs the German police, they will inform the British Authorities who will investigate.

      Note the British Authorities are already investigating as I have already submitted a report to them.

    1. Basically, keeping it short, this delusional man is asking the lawyer what he can do about defamation of character and how to get all the negative remarks about him removed from this site and the Rip Off Report site. He is moaning that his character ahs been severely damaged… through no fault of your own Mr Martin? The Lawyer has told him about the German penal code and how he can take the people who have allegedly defamed him to court. But, as Mr Martin has admitted that he lives in Germany, the lawyer has said he needs to come to the UK to take any court action. Other wise all he can do is report it to the German police who can then ask the UK police to investigate it and us.

      Personally I hope he does that because that will make the Action Fraud case against him a little easier to investigate. I just can’t believe that he STILL thinks that we are all in the wrong?? Get yourself beamed back down to Planet Earth Mr Martin. Still waiting for the Warrior forum to see him for what he is and get rid of him but I don’t think they will. Will just need to keep our eyes and ears open in the future.

    2. I translated it and it’s him requesting legal advice about “defamation/slander” because of this site. This guy is 100% delusional and he is actually going ahead and trying to play the victim. Between this and the bogus email I just received trying to pass off a couple of pdf’s as the actual service I paid for has got me going nuts over here.

      1. Jay. In the 16 years I have been online I have never seen anyone with the brass neck of this person who still can’t take in that he is a low life scum who has preyed on people and yet goes about crying like a little child stamping his feet because people have actually spoken out about him. Normally I would have let this slip and put it down to another piece of misguided judgement on my behalf. But something about this imbecile has riled my goat and I am DETERMINED see him booted off the airwaves so he can’t do this to anyone else… I REALLY do hope he goes about applying for some sort of injunction because I am revelling in the opportunity to present all the damning evidence this no hoper is up against… evidence of his own doing.

        1. Completely Agree Neil. I’m raging over here wondering how the heck a gown-ass adult could behave in such a way. There is literally mountains of proof. You’d think if you knew you did wrong and had no intentions of owning it, you’d at least recede into the shadows… not attempt to fight back playing the victim card.

      2. He will get what he deserves. We’re now so many who were screwed by him. His word counts for nothing as we are many accusing him in once voice. He can’t take this site down. He’s a psychopath.

  20. I submitted my dispute to PayPal on Friday and received an interesting email this morning from (, yet in the email body it clearly reads: “Allen Martin”.


    Hi Jason

    below you’ll get access to the campaigns we built for you and you paid $997 for.

    If you need anything else, let me know.



    So as you can see he is trying the same shit on me as he pulled on Neil. A pathetic attempt to pass off two bullshit PDF’s for a $200/day emailing affiliate business. I submitted all the ripoff reports, links to this site, and tons of details regarding this grift. I really hope PayPal sees this for what it is and doesn’t side with him again. This can’t keep going on, the guys is doing everything within his sad little existence to avoid giving refunds.

    Surely PayPal can’t keep siding with him when multiple people have come forward?

    1. Hi Jay
      Rather than wait for PayPal to be taken in again by Allen, I would be proactive and go back to PayPal and tell them that you have received two rubbish pdf documents this morning with minimal content posing as what you had purchased when in fact what you were to be supplied was a system where Allen Martin was putting $100 to $200 per day into your PayPal account within two to three weeks without any input on your part. You can ask PayPal to check your account to see if that money is coming in every day for proof that he has fulfilled his committement and inform them that they can see that that is what he promised from your initial submission.

      1. Hi Joe/Jay. When Paypal kicked my claim into touch, I contacted them to try and get them to see sense. I explained that I would send them all emails and exactly what it was I received from him which in now way was what I purchased. Unfortunately, as far as they were concerned, because he had provided them with tracking info, they could do nothing but shut the case down. Hopefully, Jay, you will have better chance if you can tell them up front that you have the evidence to show them. Good luck!

        1. It’s wrong that Paypal should have accepted tracking informaton of rubbish received as proof. Is there any way you can raise a dispute again as “significantly not as described” and did you receive the pdf reports from him before or after you reported him to PayPal.

          1. Hi Joe. I received the reports just before I raised the claim. But Paypal never once asked for any evidence and said they would get back to me if they needed anything from my side. Unfortunately they didn’t get back in touch. I am not able to repoen the dispute and can’t raise another one… I have already tried but it states that the transaction has already been investigated and closed. I’ve even contacted them persoanlly but, as in most cases with computerised systems, just get the usual answer of there are systems in place and they can’t be overriden. Well they could, if someone could be bothered to break protocol every now and then. I’m hoping that Jay makes some headway and if he is successful, I’m going straight back to them to try to get my case re-opened.

          2. Joe. Just realised there is a chance to appeal the decision by Paypal so that is what I have done with guidance you provided to Levi earlier. Let’s hope they see sense this time and we all get our monies back.

          3. I received same lame email and PDF from his after I put a claim in, I changed my claim to “significantly not as described” and paypal still sided with him. I am now sending in more info for appeal.

          4. Paddy, its hard to understand why PayPal is siding with Allen Martin on this. They need to be asked the question why they are not refunding when it is an obvious scam. I have a feeling that PayPal feel it may be difficult to get the money from Allen, so they don’t want to pay as it will be them that will be out of pocket. However that doesn’t put PayPal in a good light and tarnishes their image of being a safe way to pay.

      2. That’s exactly what I’m doing now. there is an option in PayPal to change your claim from “Item Not Received” to “Significantly Not as Described”. I have my response drafted here on my laptop but I’m wondering where to host the full email threads so I can link to them in my dispute reply. I want to show them the original promotion and the long question/answer thread we had going on prior to me buying, which clears up any uncertainties. In my first claim I linked to the ripoff reports and this site but now I feel as though showing the original communications will go a lot further.

        Anyone know a decent site to host and entire email thread full length?

        1. Jay. If you have a string of emails in one email, you should be able to fprward that to the email address of the Paypal representative. That is what I was going to do and that way they have the whole email trail. If they so required, I believe they can also check headers of the email to see where they originated etc to see there is no foul play at work. Hope that helps?

        2. Jay, as Neil suggested it is probably best just to forward an email that has the whole commumication trail, if you have that. If not, I am a web host and can will be happy to put it on this site or another for you. The only concern is that you would be putting personal information on the internet which could potentially be accessed. Putting it into dropbox or similar resource would better protect sensitive information, but Neil’s suggestion is best if it will work for you.

          1. I had to link a google doc because you can’t forward any emails until PayPal actually requests them through the claims process. So I simply saved the pages in text format, copied them to a google doc and shared the links within the body of my claim reply. I mentioned that I can provide the actual emails in the claim response also, hopefully I’ll get the chance to forward the original emails, headers, images ‘n all intact.

            I’m hoping multiple open claims against him will a factor here also. Levi just submitted his, mine is active, Neil’s was closed a few weeks past, and who knows who else has one open.

  21. Does anyone on the site have a good command of German. I have penned a submission for the same site that Allen used requesting help in how best to use the German legal system against him. If possible, I would like what I have translated using Google Translate to be checked against the English original before I submit it.
    Thanks, Joe.

  22. Here’s the copy of the message I sent to PayPal to try and get a refund. Maybe it will help others who wonder what to write to PayPal. This is thanks to Joe.


    On 18th of August 2016, I purchased a Done For You Online Business Service promising a steady $200 per day from a person named “Allen Martin” residing in London, UK. “Allen Martin” was a well known and respected online marketer and he received good reviews in the past but now, after releasing these high ticket programs, I along with many other people, was scammed by Christian Gasper of Weisbaden in Germany masquerading as Allen Martin of London, England. He signed up to PayPal with a false identity and the PayPal account I sent the payment to was for Christian Gasper as he wanted the money in his own account. That is why, he asked me to send him the payment to, which is connected to his real name Christian Gasper, after my card was denied when trying to complete the transaction on the offer webpage, even though my card had no issues before. He said Christian Gasper was his business partner and it’s all safe. Of course, for him it was safe because he was the same person.
    In an effort to hide his tracks from customers and law enforcement, Allen Martin has been strenuously denying that he and Christian Gasper are the same person, but we now know that the image on Christian Gasper’s LinkedIn Profile is identical to the image on the websites operated by Allen Martin, proving that they are one and the same person.

    I received an offer by email similar to the one in the post at There are additional details concerning the scam in the comments by an ever-growing number of people who have been scammed by him.

    The offer was called “$20K Per Month DFY Business” with a triple your money back guarantee anytime within the first 3 months if I was not satisfied, and all I had to do was to provide him with my account details for my hosting, my autoresponder, JVZoo and Warrior Plus. I provided this information being told that everything will be going smoothly.

    After I complained about not receiving my service as promised, he decided to give me a bonus of three more months as an apology even though the extra three months were part of an upgrade of the same program but at an extra cost. Of course, he lied about that as well. All this time he kept communication at a ridiculous minimum though I tried to reach him so many times. After this, Allen Martin kept putting me off and eventually removed his email addresses so I could not contact him and most if not all websites have now been removed and he has now privatised the Whois data for his domain name to avoid contact.

    After paying $1497, I received exactly nothing from him, let alone the minimum of $100 per day he promised I would receive within two to three weeks and he has not set up any emails in my autoresponder or done anything else with my account details in order to initiate this. I waited for something to happen since August 18th, but he deliberately fooled me and many other people. I’m requesting a full refund as I’m covered by the buyer’s protection right. Below you can find the link to the original offer. The transaction using my card was denied on this link so he told me to send the payment through PayPal.

    Transaction ID:
    Please send me a full refund of the $1497 and help stop this person as he did so much harm to so many people in a very short time. Thank you.”

  23. That is a great idea Joe!
    Unbelievable he is trying to play the victim., truly a psychopath!

    Hopefully we can find a way to bring this pathetic scum to justice he desperately deserves!

    Joe is there a way for us to be notified of new post? I check frequently but I just don’t want this to die down until he is either convicted or refunds!

    In response to your previous question:
    Yes that is how I found it by googling allenmartinscam. If you look at the emails he sent you how he says he wall “Talk” to his attorneys… I believe those are the attorneys he is referring to.

    Please Christian do the inevitable and just REFUND everybodys money you scammed from them. At least try and regain any bit of humanity you may have. Does your family and friends know what you did? Think of how they are going to see you after they find out…or did you scam them too?

  24. Bryan’s requested earlier if there was any way to be notified when new comments have been added. Does anyone know a good plugin that will allow registered users to be notified of new comments?

    One plugin I was considering at appears to be relatively simple to use but I got the impression from the FAQs that it will only inform if a comment has not been in moderation, so you would miss out on new comments.

    Any ideas?

  25. Hi all

    I too was scammed by this “PUNK”. I dealt with him in the past from Warrior + and JVZOO with no issues so I trusted him completely. I bought the $600 Funnel in 3 installments (wire transfer) and made my first one of $397 and then it happened……..”POOF” he was gone. Email addresses, everything. I KNOW, I KNOW—NEVER do wire transfers for IM products ect but I trusted I was in good hands…wrong! Allen Martin (fake name) said Christian Gasper was his business partner so that explained why transfer was made out to him…….stupid me!

    What a piece of human waste he is. I hope to meet up with him someday and I will get my money back PLUS interest if you know what I mean.

    Here is Christian Gasper (real name) banking info.
    Account holder: Christian Gasper
    Account Number: 0633404
    IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
    Bank: Deutsche Bank
    Branch: Mainz
    Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany

    Lets get this scamming scumbag!

    1. I forgot to add……….I have ALL emails from him and his guarantee, 3 weeks for me to start receiving payments to my Paypal account ect.

      I also did the Allen Martin scam search and all my due investigations BEFORE I made this purchase and came up with nothing but the already said $7 issue. I am a very scam cautious person so I thought I did everything to prevent it-but here is the outcome.

      The $600 Funnel was supposed to be 6 different funnels each earning minimum $100 a day-thus $600 A Day Funnel, this is what he told me.

      again, lets bring him to justice because I see it is starting to fall all around him and he is running nowhere. Its only a matter of time for MR Christian Gasper is sleeping with the big boys in prison.

      One more thing……..just give me back what I paid is all I ask, not the triple your money back guarantee. But you still can go to prison!

      1. Hi Tony, unfortunately his past reputation and lack of information on any previous scams fooled us all, despite being scam cautious.

        1. Yup………..

          Side note, I also filed a complaint with the UK Action Fraud from link above. Hopefully many others will do the same…….

          1. Great, Tony. The more the better.
            I mentioned previously how Allen had scammed us all. I had even signed up as an affiliate because I felt that it was an offer that could benefit so many people. However I had some slight reservations and decided to hold off promoting it until I saw how it panned out with my own account. Thank God I did. I would hate to have been responsible for other people getting caught by his scam.

    2. Does anyone have hacking skills? We could hack his bank account. We shouldn’t cause it would not be ethical on our part, but he deserves it.

    1. Unfortunately I was away yesterday so didn’t get a chance. Hope to implement the Comment notificaton today.

      I was waiting to see if there were any readers proficient in German before submitting my Google translation to the German site. Since it doesn’t look like there are I will probably go ahead and submit it today.

      I would be very much surprised if Allen wasn’t up to something. He is very sneaky and very crafty.

  26. OK. So I heard back from the Warrior Forum support after I contacted them about this scammer being allowed to operate via their forum and the fact that he has quite blatantly ripped off other Warriors… Here is their reply:


    Please take note that we do not disclose any information regarding the investigation and results.

    Rest assured that we investigated the matter based on the information you provided, and that appropriate actions are applied.

    Thank you.

    Mario P. Support

    “Appropriate actions are applied”… I’m hoping the fact that he is still active on the forum means they haven’t applied any actions yet but I very much doubt it. They’ll probably see him as yet another member who might spend $20 on a WSO making them money.

    He also responded to my appeal for a refund with Paypal and they have said they are now investigating so I’m looking forward to them asking me for all the evidence I have, unlike last time when they just ruled in his favour. Hopefully with all the other claims gone in against him they’ll realise he is a no gooder.

    Came across his twitter the other day as well…



      1. Hi Jay. Yes they did. Just waiting to hear back from them now. I’m reluctant to contact them directly about this because the last time I did that, the representative on the other end of the telephone simply dismissed my claim saying that they didn’t cover digital goods. End of. So I’m going to see if they contact me to supply them with all the emails I have.

        1. That’s great news and I really hope they close it in your favor this time. Hopefully, the fact that there are at least three open disputes in PayPal at the moment will have some impact on the outcome. All our stories align, and we’re all providing the same proof so… Fingers crossed. 🙂

  27. Email notification for comments has just been implemented. You can tick the checkbox when leaving a comment or you can sign up with your email near the top of the right sidebar. You will need to click the link on the confirmation email that you receive to confirm that you want to receive this information.

    1. Hi Paddy, when did you started your dispute at Paypal. Can you tell me the exact date that we can collect more details what we all already tried to get our money back?



      1. My claim was filed Oct 2nd. but denied on Oct 3rd. as he sent them proof that he sent me a PDF claiming that to be the product. After which I sent in additional information that the PDF was not what I paid for . PayPal again requested more info on Friday Oct 7th, which I sent them the RipOff Report I saw online plus detail explanation that the PDF is not what he emailed or what I have conversations about. I again sent more screen shots etc. waiting to hear back.

      1. I gave them a brief summary of what he had done in that he sold me a $200 DFY Affiliate business but delivered something completely different. My big problem was that I didn’t go into enough detail initially as i was told that they would contact me for further information which they didn’t. I know now to include as much info as possible at the very outset without overcomplicating things.

        I initially filed the claim on 21 Sept and they closed it 2 Oct.

  28. I was scammed the same way like you for the exact same DFY $200/day offer.

    Nobody of you should feel guilty or thing you are silly enough to believe in such an offer. I am working full time as marketer since 2004 and as you can see I was ripped off as well but if we work all together we can fight back and help this guy to get a very nice 1 room apartment in jail. Here in Germany the punishment for financial fraud are much higher than if you would have made any non-financial crime.

    I still didn’t receive my money back but since I am living in Germany I hope when
    I report this scammer Christian Gasper to the police and provide all the details you guys
    already found they will be able to arrest this guy.

    Then the only question is which name the police should show up below the image when he was arrested…Allen Martin or Christian Gazer. 😉 For me it is equal..they can use both names to be safe. LOL

    If anybody needs any translation for his own taking action just let me know. Remember “Together we are strong!”

    1. Glad to have you on board, Dirk. I remember you from way back. I have some English I need to translate to German. I was going to use Google Translate but I’m sure that the end result would not be great. I will send it to you and if you don’t mind perhaps you could translate it for me.

      1. Joe no problem. I will be glad to help others and I hope others will help me as well.

        I can do my best to get him punished in Germany and other customers who live in UK can try their best to do the same for him in their country.

        When you send me anything you need translated and you don’t hear back from me within 12 hours just re-send your email since it could happen that your email is filtered by GMail.

    2. Fo you have a Police or Fraud website to report this crime to other than the one above. I already di a claim there but would gladly do another until we ALL get our money back and He is in jail.

      1. Hi Tony. Are you referring to the UK police? The authorities at state that they will follow up with the relevant people whether it is police, trading standards, or whatever and will follow through to other countries. Having said that they also state that they don’t follow all complaints individually so the more ways they are informed the better. You might try informing Trading Standards and possibly your local police.

  29. Thank Heaven for all of you here and making this blog…..I have bought low priced product from Allen before and had seen him being interviewed by other marketers so i thought this guy is good. And later i received the DFY too. Luckily i didnt have the money to purchased it. So i was planning to take a loan from the bank but had to wait for atleast 6 months. Anyway Allen sent me an email asking me to give a positive review of him and in return he will give me all of his product. And i did gave him one positive review. But later i saw some guys commenting about how Allen had scamed them. Right after that Allen send me another mail saying that there was a technical issue with the facebook plugin and had to be removed and he asked me to give another positive review on his blog instead. Thats when i realised that he is upto something not good. After that he message me on facebook asking for another positive review. I declined and later he blocked me. So i knew that he was really scaming people and so i stopped trusting him.I hope that he will be caught…..

    1. Hi Stephen.

      Did you get here as a result of a message I sent a short time ago to people who had been involved with the DFY offer who had commented on the archive page Fred found at ?

      I wasn’t sure if the message would get through since the site was archived. What you have told us explains the positive reviews that have been showing up here and there.

      Of course Allen himself is also providing his own positive reviews. You may have noticed one comment above from Allen himself posing as Stephen88. Four days ago I had another cringe-worthy comment to this site from Allen, this time posing under the name of Xav Johnson. Here is the text from the comment:

      “Guys, it s normal that not every niche is working. I know Allen for couple of years and my experience to all of his webinars and low cost products was awesome! I met him last week in London.

      I don’t understand why you try to blame him? Your appropriate action may have financial and legal consequences for you.

      Xav Johnson

      PS: and i also know stephen88, he is from Frankfurt!”

      As before he talks about the niche and not every niche working, a totally irrelevant comment since Allen was to pick the niche and he had made a guarantee of income within two to three weeks and he hasn’t done a thing to progress this for anyone.

      He then issues a veiled threat about financial and legal consequences, something an independant fan is unlikely to do.

      And lastly he trys to add weight to his previous scam comment by stating that he knows Stephen88 and that Stephen88 is from Frankfurt. Even if he had known this fictitious Stephen, it is highly unlikely that he would know the city he was from.

      I replied to the sender with a number of questions and in particular asked them to reply providing me with the email addresses he uses to get support from Allen. No reply was received.

  30. Hi Joe,

    thanks for sending me the link of the German website where the scammer requested advice from a German attorney what he could do since your blog and all comments would hurt his reputation (btw: which reputation has a scammer?)

    It is really a joke that he tries to show himself as a victim and we here at the blog are the ones who want bad things for him…

    Tomorrow he will see which bad things I will do by driving to the police and make a criminal complaint. Enough is enough. If someone is doing a crime in that big numbers there should be somebody who can stop this guy. Since it seems that I am the only guy from the same country of this “seller” I will do my best that the German legal system will punish him.

    I have more than enough proof that the police can take action.

    If I need any details from all the other guys who were ripped off I will let you know ok?



    1. Thanks Dirk.
      We all appreciate that and everyone here is willing to back you up and to provide whatever evidence is required.
      Meanwhile it would be good if everyone would make sure to inform the relevant policing authorities in their own country if they have not done so already. For the UK that is For the US, probably the FTC is best but I stand to be corrected.

  31. Can someone find out how many victims this assface made since the end of July? Is there a way to find out how many dfy solution sales he made?

    And, if there’s anyone here from Romania, please let me know. Would love to partner up with a Romanian to file a complaint against this guy.

    1. Since the sales were made via email and were made through various payment means, the only one who will have the statistics will be Allen Martin and potentially the bank where all or most of the payments will eventually end up. The authorities would need to be checking his PayPal and Bank statements along with SamCart to identify how many people have been defrauded.

  32. Hi everyone. I was wondering if it might be a good idea if we placed all police, FTC, FBI, (PayPal if they have one), etc. references at the bottom of the post. These references could then be passed on to the authorities when other people are making a complaint so that the various authorities can accumulate their reports into one and more easily cross-reference with other bodies dealing with this. It would also help them to see the extent of the fraud, even though the people on this site are probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    What would probably be useful are the name of the person making the complaint and the reference number they have been given when they submitted their report. If people were concerned about putting their name there, they could put their last name or less usefully their first name.

    What are your thoughts?

  33. Hi guys…

    I was also scammed by this “Allen Martin” guy. Please let me know what I should do in order to help bring this guy down!

    1. Hi Roberto, there is quite a lot of information throughout this post and more especially the comments about what can be done to help bring him down. What country are you resident in?
      Have you tried to get your money back through PayPal, your credit card provider or whichever payment method was used?

      1. Hi Joe…

        I’m from Portugal. I just saw your “Plan of Action” pdf document, so I’ll be going over those steps now.
        Regarding trying to get my money back, I haven’t yet tried asking my credit card provider.

        Thanks Joe for all the effort and info you’re making available to all the victims of this scam.

        1. You’re welcome, Roberto. It’s the combined efforts of all the people who like yourself have left comments on this blog that enlighten and give hope to all.

          Hope you get your money back.

  34. Hi guys,

    I have no idea if my menace to go to the police today helped and he read here at the blog about my plan but Allen contacted me today himself without me doing anything else and he asked for my IBAN etc. that he can send back my money.

    And short time later he even send me my money back per online banking and what do you think where did the money come from…? It came from Christian Gasper and his payment came from a German bank. I bet he was afraid that the German police could arrest him very quickly and he is right in thinking so but since he paid back the money to me I will have to go to the police again and stop them taking action since there is no more a scam on my end. Sorry guys.

    But I won’t stop the Paypal dispute now (he asked for it) or inform the police about his payment until I have my exact same money back from him. His payment back was about 890 € but I paid him 921.13 € on August 30th. This happened cause in the meanwhile the exchange rate from dollar to euro changed but I surely won’t take the disadvantage on my end. If he would have delivered the product he promised and I wouldn’t have been satisfied and I ask for my money back, I would agree and have to accept the negative difference since this is business but not the way it run and I never received anything from him. This 31.13 € missing balance I will wait for from him before I stop the Paypal dispute otherwise I will wait until they finished it and sent me back my money and then I will send Christian the difference between the money from Paypal minus 31.13 €. I am not interested in stopping the dispute and waiting again weeks for the missing balance from him.

    I even won’t contact him about that. I have had enough trouble caused by his negative business treatment and also the 2,5 hours it took today at the police station nobody pays me for, so he can be lucky when he can pay me the small difference and we are again fine. Maybe he will read my comment here again and send me the difference without me notifying him. Who knows?

    I don’t know what you can do who live outside of Germany to achieve the same results like me but I cross my fingers that you’ll find a way to get your money back as well. Keep me updated on this here on this blog.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Dirk, Glad you got sorted out but I was hoping that by your input the German police would have taken action that would have given us all our money back.
      Would you mind following up with the police concerning how the rest of us can possibly contact the German police online or by email with our disputes, since they are identical.

      1. Hi Joe, Tony and Jay,

        I could ask them but I doubt they could take actions for you since they already told me today
        that I am in luck that I am living in the same country like Christian aka Allen and if he would live in the UK they couldn’t do anything for me since the amount of money in this case would be too low to take action outside of Germany. 🙁 This is the sad and hard truth which lets scammers do their bad things left and right.

        Similar things happened to me a few years ago with a seller in the US and there was no real chance for me to take legal actions or get my money back. 🙁

    2. Yes please if you continue through with the police we will all have a much greater chance to be refunded if it’s officially on the books in his locality.

    3. Hi guys,

      I have to revise all my earlier comments about that I received my money back (thanks to a good friend who is an expert in German laws) because…

      on August 30th I made a contract with Allen Martin when paying him $997 for the offer he has shown up on his website (samcart – I made screenshots, saved IP addresses etc.)

      Now a guy called Christian Gasper paid me 890 € (it’s not the same amount I paid to a guy called Allen Martin) and added no comment to the bank transfer so how should I know that there is a connection between MY prior seller and this guy?

      I won’t take any action I prior said like close any dispute at Paypal (my dispute was against Allen Martin) nor closing the complaint at the police (reference number 506000-043673-16/5) UNTIL he contacts me back and accept to write down a document with his signature that Allen Martin IS Christian Gasper and that I paid HIM those $997 and surely he has to add a copy of his passport which proves his identity which can be proved at our post-offices (in Germany it works this way) otherwise I can see the payment as an early Christmas gift from a guy called Christian.

      When I receive this document from that guy I can forward it to all victims that you have more power in your hand to get your money back.

      For me it is equal who tried to scam me but he tried it with the wrong person because my complete life I fight for justice which is my number one goal in my life and such bad things which happened to all of us are completely against my belief and I never would take any hush-money.

      Now I will wait which action this guy takes from his end that I can file my claim for this document.

      BTW you still can do enough things to make your situation public. If I wouldn’t have gone to the police I would have created a big image with the headline graphic “SCAM ALERT” and as sub-headline I would have used “Is Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper the biggest scammer in IM history?” and as call to action button i would have used “Decide Yourself” and then post it to Facebook or any other social media network to make it viral using a link back to this blog comments page. The advantage of writing it as a question is that you don’t say this/these guy/s is/are a scammer. You give away the decision to the visitor who reads all facts in this blog so he never would be able to take legal actions against your posted image and link to this blog.

      I hope I could give you enough new ideas what else you could do to fight for your right?

      I am working full-time in IM since 2004 and people like this guy are the reason why people loose more and more trust in the internet marketing world so we have to get rid of such cons to make the internet better.

      I have so many connections to the big players in the IM scene who could do more bad things to the guy behind this con but for now it is enough I did to get my right but I still will help to fight for YOU as well. I strongly believe in something like karma and I hope when I get into trouble with a guy in the future who lives in the UK, US or wherever in the world, citizens of this country will help me as much as I do right now.

      Good luck,


  35. Hi Dirk, the problem that the German police quoted is that it would cost them too much to pursue an action outside of Germany. However if we make our complaint to the German police they will still be pursuing the action inside Germany. The only concern would be whether they would want to act for citizens of other countries who had been scammed by one of their nationals… but there is a chance.

    1. He’s committing the crime itself on German soil so they should be interested in his actions. I know if I was here in Toronto Screwing people out of thousands the RCMP would be quite interested.

  36. I regret to inform that PayPal has decided in favor of the piece of shit. No details were given except that my purchase did not qualify for buyer protection. I supplied so much information, all he gave was that bullshit PDF. Unbelievable…

    1. It would help if PayPal would only state that the purchase does not qualify in the first place instead of requesting all the additional information. If PayPal will not return your money, then perhaps the next step is to contact your bank (if PayPal took the money to make the payment from your bank account).

      I would also go back to PayPal and ask them if it is acceptable that someone can promise to provide something for $997 and takes the payment through PayPal and then provides nothing whatsoever (or a couple of pages worth $5 that in no way resembled what was purchased, if he supplied that).

      I would also ask them are they going to allow Christian Gasper to continue to scam people though his PayPal account or will his account be closed… or is it a case of if PayPal themselves are not financially harmed by it, then they don’t concern themselves about it?

  37. Allen/Christian knows how to manipulate paypal. I was victim of a low ticket item of Allen’s. When I told him I was going to paypal dispute, he blatantly told me I was going to lose. When I supplied the information to paypal showing Allen was at fault they said they would contact me if they need anymore info. Well a few days later I received a somewhat rude email from paypal saying they don’t cover buyers remorse… I can just imagine what kind of phony details he presented.

    1. I’m still waiting to hear back from Paypal regarding my appeal but as of yet I haven’t been asked for shred of evidence from my side. If they do dismiss my appeal I will be taking them to the Financial Ombudsman Services here in the UK as they would NOT have carried out a fair and impartial review of my appeal without any evidence from me. They get away with too much does Paypal. They tout the buyer protection plan but seem to consistently side with the seller regardless.

      1. I’m quite certain Neil that PayPal didn’t even read anything within the body of my claim. I used the entire 2000 characters and specifically linked to emails that clearly showed a difference in what I paid for and what I actually received. I was hoping it would spark enough curiousity in the claim representative to request the original emails from me. Unfortunately I was never solicited for any additional information.

        Bottom line is PayPal is lazy and doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone.

        This dude must go down. I messaged him on the WF letting him know I’ll be there for every product, launch, promotion he’s involved with – to let everyone know what a lowlife he really is.

      2. I agree with your synopsis of PayPal, Neil. PayPal does not appear to offer any buyer protection against scams like this. Taking them to the Financial Ombudsman may help.

        Also as I mentioned earlier to Jay, if PayPal will not follow Allen for your money, then you might try having your bank follow PayPal, provided the money to pay Allen was taken by PayPal from your bank account.

        You have given PayPal money and you have received nothing in return. PayPal have not used due diligence in looking after your side of the transaction.

  38. hi All

    I too have been scammed by this character. Promising a Done for You service etc etc. All I have received back so far is the same PDFs as have been received above and a comment that “This is what I paid for”. It is certainly not what I paid for.

    I did pay via Paypal originally. About 1 minute later I received an email from ‘Allen’ immediately refunding half the money and saying he had a problem with Paypal and to pay into Christian’s bank account. Thankfully I did not do that.

    I have lodged a complaint with Paypal and am awaiting resolution. Not looking positive based on the other comments above but will let you know what happens.

    I think there would have to be a clear claim here so if Paypal do not agree we need to think about our options. What is the point in having an advertised Buyer Protection policy if it doesn’t apply to buyers who have been scammed in this way.


    1. Hi Iain, it’s odd that Allen refunded half your money. You would think that if he has a problem with PayPal it would have been all the money. What was the date of your transaction? I am wondering if this was when Allen stopped using PayPal, possibly because PayPal were getting complaints.

      1. It was on 14 September. I agree it was very strange at the time. This was his reply to me:

        “Unfortunately we have some issues with PayPal, therefore I will refund a portion back to u and I need you to send it via wire transfer. The other portion of your payments gets refunded a bit later so u can send that via wire transfer too

        Your spot is secure though and we’ll start too”

        No sign of the other refund from paypal to I think he may have been trying to get 150% of the fee (by keeping 50% of the paypal fee and asking me to transfer another 100%).

        He also said in a subsequent email that he was trying to get a payment service via Infusion Soft but I guess nothing came of that.

        Will keep you updated re Paypal as I changed my claim this morning to “service not as delivered” given his comment in the email overnight about the PDF being the service I paid for.

  39. You know I remember getting a email from Allen saying he was going to quit IM all together about 2-3 weeks before he disappeared. Did anyone else get that email? I don’t have mine anymore.

    So he knew all along what he was going to do.

    Plus he must be watching this blog/forum cuz why would he pay back Dirk without him knowing about Dirk going to cops????????

    1. I messaged him on the WF and mentioned that exact fact. I called him out on it and basically said refunding Dirk was an admission of wrongdoing, along with a few other remarks I’ll leave to the imagination.

      And yes I recall that email and a few other doozies that I should post if it’s cool with Joe. there are some laughable prose and he even talks about moving to a “wealthy” city so he can be in an enviroinament that supports his “goals and dreams”.

    2. I have no doubt that Allen is monitoring the forum as he had attempted to get me to close it down and was considering legal action in Germany to get the site closed down. Therefore, if I am doing anything behind the scenes to bring about his downfall that I don’t want him to know, I don’t mention it on the forum.

      But for the most part, it doesn’t do any harm for him to know that all will not be well for him eventually. Hopefully what he reads here will cause him some sleepless nights. Like Jay I will be on his back for as long as it takes… and someday, if this doesn’t get resolved we will meet.

  40. Hi Jay, I don’t mind if they contribute to bringing him down and getting recompense for the people on the site. However if they don’t add to the case it might be better not to dilute what we have here. I’ll leave it to you to decide what should be posted.

    1. Probably best if I leave those out as they were mailed out some months prior to this incident.

      After skimming through a few of them it’s almost as if he was writing about all this personal stuff (moving, visiting his father, etc) to establish some level of trust with his list.

  41. Dirk, you might want to post your recent reply as a new comment, since the comment you are replying to is well up the page and anyone looking for recent comments may not see it.

    Is there any way that the rest of us can add our complaints to the German police also, either by adding to your case or by opening up new cases?

  42. Hi guys,

    I have to revise all my earlier comments about that I received my money back (thanks to a good friend who is an expert in German laws) because…

    on August 30th I made a contract with Allen Martin when paying him $997 for the offer he has shown up on his website (samcart – I made screenshots, saved IP addresses etc.)

    Now a guy called Christian Gasper paid me 890 € (it’s not the same amount I paid to a guy called Allen Martin) and added no comment to the bank transfer so how should I know that there is a connection between MY prior seller and this guy?

    I won’t take any action I prior said like close any dispute at Paypal (my dispute was against Allen Martin) nor closing the complaint at the police (reference number 506000-043673-16/5) UNTIL he contacts me back and accept to write down a document with his signature that Allen Martin IS Christian Gasper and that I paid HIM those $997 and surely he has to add a copy of his passport which proves his identity which can be proved at our post-offices (in Germany it works this way) otherwise I can see the payment as an early Christmas gift from a guy called Christian.

    When I receive this document from that guy I can forward it to all victims that you have more power in your hand to get your money back.

    For me it is equal who tried to scam me but he tried it with the wrong person because my complete life I fight for justice which is my number one goal in my life and such bad things which happened to all of us are completely against my belief and I never would take any hush-money.

    Now I will wait which action this guy takes from his end that I can file my claim for this document.

    BTW you still can do enough things to make your situation public. If I wouldn’t have gone to the police I would have created a big image with the headline graphic “SCAM ALERT” and as sub-headline I would have used “Is Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper the biggest scammer in IM history?” and as call to action button i would have used “Decide Yourself” and then post it to Facebook or any other social media network to make it viral using a link back to this blog comments page. The advantage of writing it as a question is that you don’t say this/these guy/s is/are a scammer. You give away the decision to the visitor who reads all facts in this blog so he never would be able to take legal actions against your posted image and link to this blog.

    I hope I could give you enough new ideas what else you could do to fight for your right?

    I am working full-time in IM since 2004 and people like this guy are the reason why people loose more and more trust in the internet marketing world so we have to get rid of such cons to make the internet better.

    I have so many connections to the big players in the IM scene who could do more bad things to the guy behind this con but for now it is enough I did to get my right but I still will help to fight for YOU as well. I strongly believe in something like karma and I hope when I get into trouble with a guy in the future who lives in the UK, US or wherever in the world, citizens of this country will help me as much as I do right now.

    Good luck,


  43. Thanks for filling us in, Eduardo. Hope everything goes well as it will benefit all of us.

    I replied to the post in the Warrior Forum. Are there other such posts that you are aware of?

    To everyone: As Eduardo mentioned, there may be things that you want to discuss but don’t want to bring out on the forum in front of Allen’s gaze. If so, just state in a post that you want me to get in touch and I will email you. I can also put you in email communication with other members on the forum, provided that they are acceptable.

    1. Thank YOU Joe for creating this website, I´m sure it will be very helpful for all the affected people.

      The Warrior Forum post came out from just a quick search. I will dig deeper and definitely let you guys know if I find other similar ones.

      I wish all of us will get our hard earned money back as soon as possible.

  44. I had signed up to receive fraud reports from the FTC and have just received a report of a rip-off that was being perpetrated.
    There was a link on the page to general precautions that people should take to avoid being scammed.
    Mind you if you followed up on all that was listed you would be too late to take advantage of the opportunity… so I suppose it works.

    Near the end they make an interesting comment”But be wary: No complaints doesn’t necessarily mean the company is legitimate. And scammers have been known to post phony testimonials online.” Sound familiar?

    At the bottom of the report it also lists actions you can take if you have been scammed if you reside in the US.

  45. For those who didn’t notice Kuunal’s reply to Jay on an earlier post, PayPal replied to him that this purchase is not protected through their purchase protection, so they couldn’t do anything. So he has now filed a chargeback request in his bank.

    I suggest that everyone not obtaining satisfaction directly with PayPal does this.

  46. FIRST MODERATION MISTAKE (and hopefully last)
    Hi Steve, My appologies. I started to reply to your comment before approving it and it disappeared completely. I will post your message below. Don’t worry, I won’t do the same with your next comment.

    Steve’s Comment:
    “I tied to get a refund off Pay pal but they told me the he had supplied exactly what i paid for .. he sent me a bunch of keywords which he sent to paypal as well and they sided with him .. that was early days .. not sure if they now realise their mistake .. you would think after many complaints they would .. any one successful with a refund through Paypal ?”

    1. Steve, did you go back to PayPal and ask them how they worked out that what he had sent was what was offered? I would ask them also if they even read and understood his offer.

      The difference between what was supplied and what was offered is like chalk and cheese. There is no comparison. Its like buying a Ferrari and being supplied only the door handle or the hub cap.

      I think that PayPal probably do now realise that there is a difference and that is why they are stating more recently that the product is not covered by their buyer protection.

      1. I did , I said if I purchased and paid for a real car and got a picture of a Bicycle are you saying that’s the same the same thing?

        PayPal denied by claim. no explanation either. I sent in a lot of information. off to the bank I go now.

      2. I rang pay pal and did a full explanation , sent all documentations went through all details .. and comparisons of what I brought a what I received .. it seemed it all fell on deaf ears ..

        1. Just keep with it, Steve. One of the other blog members is having a little bit more positive feedback. Hopefully PayPal will soon begin to realise what this character has been doing.

  47. Hi Dirk

    Is it possible to get a copy of the screenshots you saved? I didn’t keep screenshots unfortunately and, while I have the emails from the link above, I would prefer to have the screenshots as well?



  48. Hi guys. Well this page of comments has certainly grown since my last post here.
    I have waited more than enough time now to see if this idiot scammer is going to do the right thing and refund the money that my son and I paid into this thief’s account.
    It was my son’s money actually and I am beyond angry about it; especially as I recommended it to my son, who has had nothing to do with IM or MMO before. I vouched for this witless criminal and we thought it would be a good way to fund my son through his University years. It was paid for from his college grant and this scammer knew that.
    How low of a scum-bag is he?
    So, on Monday I am going to file a complaint with the police using the same link Joe posted above and also reporting it to our bank. Then I will go on an online crusade to make sure every blog, video and website that has his name or products on it, is informed of what he is.

    Christian, if you are reading this, there will be no place safe for you son. I will use every option open within the legal system to get my son’s money back (including transfer fees) and, if I am forced to, I will get a flight over there and find you. I may even wait until the dust has settled and you think you are safe. That will make it even easier. Only then will you fully comprehend what a stupid thing you have done.
    I reckon that if I get a room at either The Novum, The City Hotel or the Business Hostel, then it shouldn’t take too long before we bump into each other.
    For me, this is not just about the money. It’s way beyond that now.
    You were never going to get away with this, but now it’s just a case of how hard you choose to make it for yourself.

    Joe, I forgot to mention in my previous posts; when time was dragging on after the wire transfer had cleared, I started to get suspicious. I wasn’t getting replies to the emails I was sending him, so I used another email address I have and used a false name, asking if the offer was still open (long after it had closed) as “me” and my fictitious flat mate fancied taking him up on the $600 DFY offer. Well, surprise, surprise. I got a reply within two mins. Yet the scamming maggot wouldn’t return my genuine emails.
    Needless to say the offer would be opened for two more spaces and my two fictitious dudes were to wire the money to Christian Gasper’s bank account in Germany.
    When “I” asked if he was in Germany because it looked like he was in the UK, he replied “I live in both the UK and Germany”.

    That’s when I knew it was a sting.

    Tick-tock Gasper!

    1. Thanks for the update, Dave. Yes, if everyone would let every one they can know of this situation, then there will be no room for him to scam others. Talk to the people whose lists you are on and ask them to spread the word. Talk ot your affiliates and ask them to do likewise. This thing is bad for internet marketing and it is to everyone’s advantage if scum are taken out of the arena.

      The other things that people should do is to request a refund from PayPal, their credit card or whatever payment means they used. If PayPal won’t play ball and the payment came from your bank account to fund the PayPal payment, then claim through your bank from PayPal.

      One of the places Allen still appears active is the Warrior Forum. Here is one product he is selling there: Warrior Forum have obviously not yet put a stop to his activities despite complaints being made so it would be useful if as many as possible contact the warrior forum.

      Warrior Forum even appear to have removed a reply that I had made to the post of a disgruntled $200/day DFY Affiliate Business customer at Someone else had replied to my reply and understandably used a four-letter word. It may have been for this reason that both comments were removed. Someone else has since commented and I have also asked them some questions concerning their issues. It will be interesting to see if those comments stay or not. Tommorrow I will add my previous damming comment again.

      I have been attempting to get JVZoo to disown Allen also. He still has one or two products advertised there. I assume that noone paid through JVZoo for their DFY businesses. Without proof of wrongdoing through their platform it is difficult to get anything done. The same probably applies to Warrior Forum.

  49. Hey.

    I’m just shaking my head here and don’t quite know what to say… I’m a victim it seems too of the $997 / $1300 Canadian DFY Affiliate deal purchased on August 19th. I clued in today when I received another bounced email – this time from his account when trying to get an update.

    I’ve received nothing to do with the offer from him, not even the two PDF’s mentioned above. I hounded him to receive the free bonus training and got that after a few weeks. I was told the funnel was complete and just needed a few final tweaks just after the promised delivery 3 week mark.

    I’m in Toronto as well if we can help each other somehow. I will take the actions mentioned above and do what I can but I should get to work right now and make up for this loss.

    Thanks for creating awareness with this site. And to those with the persistence to see it through. It’s reassuring that I’m not in it alone.



    1. Hi Ryan, it helps us all to know there are others and the more people that start taking every action to hurt Allen and his activities the better and hopefully people taking up his offers in the future will find this site and think twice. There are a lot of very knowledgable people on this site and our combined knowledge is many times better than the knowledge of the individual.

  50. Hello everyone,

    My name is Ali, I’m from Bahrain (a country in the Middle East) and I’ve been scammed as well!

    I’ve sent him Emails but with no success as all his Emails are unreachable unfortunately. I wanted to think that he is good but couldn’t finish the work in the specified time; however after reading all your comments I realized that he’s trying to work out an exit for himself with our money!

    I have a question: Is there a way to force him to send the refund to all buyers from all countries at once or do I need to get an attorney in my country?

    If there’s anything I can do to help capture this guy and get our money back?

    I thank the owner of this website for enlightening us with the truth and can see the updates on this matter.

  51. Hello Allen/Christian

    I know your watching so just wanted you to know I am vacationing Germany in your town/city soon so I will be making a kindly visit to your front door for a refund………plus guarantee! I already have your address so I’ll you soon.

    Have a good day!

  52. I wonder is Christian “scumbag” Gasper aka “Allen “scumbag” Martin is a front man for Russian scammers? One of the support email I sent to his email was opened from Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Russian Federation…hmm.

    Usually I am careful to not get caught out by animals like Christian Gasper but one of the things I ignored early on was a so called video testimonial on his order page of him pretending to be some woman who claimed to be making a good living for his scam done for you program. He didn’t disguise his voice he just said, “Hi, “woman’s name” here when clearly it was his voice.

    1. Bob, is that more proof that they are one and the same person… same middle name (scumbag)? You may have something there about the Russian connection but it is possible that he had employed support personnel who happened to live in the Russian zone. I’m afraid that we all ignored the odd warning sign, such that it was too good to be true. The problem was that there were other signs that indicated that he may not be a scammer,, such as his long-term history on the Internet and lack of previous violations.

  53. To all: New Address List & Plan of Action [IMPORTANT]

    I have just uploaded an update to Allen Martin/Christian Gasper’s addresses with a more recent address than I had previously listed.

    I will keep this document updated as more information becomes available.

    I have also uploaded a “Plan of Action”. This is the series of steps that I would recommend that we take as individuals to have most impact on the situation both from the point of view of bringing Allen Martin to justice and getting our money back. Even if you have already taken some steps I would appreciate it if you could read through the plan and carry out as many of the steps presented as you can.

    If there is anything you think I should add or changes I should make, please let me know.

    I have included an email address that you can use to let me know of any reference numbers of reports you have made to the authorities. I will send all the reference numbers to the UK police and possibly to other authorities so that they have a more complete picture of the scale of the scam.

    If there is anything you need to ask or communicate in private that you don’t want to put on the forum in front of “you know who’s eyes”, then you can use that email to contact me. Note I may only be picking up at that email address about once per day but I will get back to you.

  54. Hi all

    FYI, just had an email from Paypal and they have decided the claim in my favour and are paying out on a refund. No explanation given just that “We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favour.”

    Hopefully a sign that they are changing their approach to this particular lowlife.



    1. Hey,
      Please give details what you said to them. Coz, my dispute is already completed and was decided against me. How do I reopen it, I even had appealed and still they refused for refund.
      Thank you,

    2. That’s great news, Iain, both for you and for all of the other people who have been scammed by Allen Martin. This is the second bit of information I have received in the last two days that has led me to hope that PayPal will now decide against Allen Martin, based on the weight of evidence against him.

      The surest way forward for others who purchased through PayPal is for them to reference your case when making submissions, or to add this information to a submission already in progress, or to one that had failed previously and is being appealed.
      I’m not sure if PayPal provide any dispute reference number for but probably the best reference is the PayPal transaction number of your purchase from Allen.


      1. This is nuts. PayPay siding with some and then siding against others? I supplied ALL the correct, detailed information and I was shut down. I even waited until others had open cases and still got shut down. Once it’s closed your SOL, there is no way to appeal or re-open a decided case. Sucks, $1300 Cdn down the shitter. :/

        1. go to resolution centre
          then search for closed claims
          there is an appeal process there
          I am going to do an appeal today hope it works

          1. I can’t find it. I’ve looked up and down. I’ve searched the Internet and others say they can’t find it either. If you find an “appeal” button please take a screenshot of some kind. Thanks.

  55. Here’s how:
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Resolution Center.
    Select Closed Cases from the list and find the transaction.
    Click the View button in the Action column.
    Click Appeal this claim and follow the prompts.

    1. There is no “appeal” link. This is what I am saying. I’ve done what you described. Perhaps it’s my account, it’s verified and been online since 2007.

      1. I would call PayPal directly and advise them how some claims are getting denied and some claims are getting approved for exactly the same service. Especially if you can get a transaction number or ID number that you can refer to from a claim that was refunded.

      2. Hi Jay, ask PayPal where the appeal link is. And don’t worry, I believe all will come good in the end. The problem is that different people are probably reviewing different disputes for PayPal. They will have to be fair and refund all who apply eventually.

    2. I had already appealed but they still sided with him. And now I have sent them a support request asking why they are granting refund to some and rejecting others in same situation. Let’s see what they reply. Anyways I have asked my bank to chargeback

  56. If anyone had success in getting their money back from their bank, could please let us know what did you write to request a chargeback? Thanks.

    Otherwise, I will lose my $2500 for ever.

  57. The saga may not be over. Allen Martin has appealed the decision which beggars belief. Will see what paypal have to say about the appeal. Once I know the for sure, I will update and share details.

    1. Unbelievable, Iain. He seems to think he is immune to everything. All the more reason for everyone to sign up with the UK Action Fraud as per the details in the PDF document that I provided yesterday. Even if you get your money back, you still need to make a scam complaint, because that is what it is regardless if he is forced to give you your money back or not, and he is going to continue scamming people unless we present a forceful presence to the authorities to stop him.

      Allen knows that if he loses one case the whole thing is going to come tumbling down around him. That’s probably why he is fighting this one. I wonder what lies he will use this time.

  58. Just a note if you are having trouble with PayPal. PayPal had previously been denying refunds due to Allen Martin stating that he had supplied two pdf reports and PayPal accepted that he had fulfilled his side of the bargain, despite the fact that the pdfs were worthless and were in no way what was ordered.

    If PayPal comes back in Allen’s favour, go back and state that while you disagree, since what he supplied was in no way even closely related to what was promised, it is irrelevant anyway since Allen stated in his guarantee that he would provide a (no shenanigans) refund within three months if you were not happy for any reason, so now you are just asking for that refund that was promised.

      1. I suppose they didn’t explain why they rejected the refund request when the product was unconditionally guaranteed for up to three months.

        1. Nope
          I wrote that guarantee in my initial correspondence to them and the follow ups to that as well
          Kept saying to them I didn’t get what I paid for and regardless to that there was a 3 month no condition guarantee.

          Their reply is basically not in my favour and finally I cannot appeal a closed file decision . I even wrote back and copied a message from them on how I could appeal this case but still they refused.

          1. Very odd. PayPal are not doing their reputation any good. Maybe it’s time we put up a site about PayPal as well so that people are more aware that buyer protection is not buyer protection! In some ways they are not much better than Allen Martin, since they promised buyer protection and have not delivered it.

    1. What do you guys write in your request mail to your bank or what do you say to get a full refund? If I am to do that, I want to get it right. I know it depends on various factors, but just mainly I am curious to find out. Thanks for this blog!

      1. Levi, in the pdf document plan-of-action, I have laid out the steps that you should ideally take. It would be best if you can take as many of these steps as you can, not just for your own benefit, but also to help others who are in a similar situation and to help put an end to the scamming by Allen Martin.

        With regard to the bank, inform them that you were not delivered what was promised. It is likely that they will send you a letter asking you for certain details. However in an initial submission, I recommend you:

        • Provide the details of what Allen promised when you ordered, what you actually received, his triple your money back guarantee, the guarantee of a refund within three months and your attempts to contact Allen for a refund.
        • Inform them of this website and the countless others who have reported in the comments that they has also been scammed.
        • Provide them with the reference numbers of any policing or other authorities you have reported the scam to.
        • Inform them that in many cases of dispute that Allen, in order to continue the fraud, sent the victims two worthless pdf documents where were nothing to do with what was ordered.
        • Inform them that Allen Martin did this with the expectation that the merchant providers would be gullible enough to accept this as proof of delivery or too lazy to compare what was provided to what the customer informed them they had ordered.
    2. Hi guys,
      I, too, have been taken in by this sociopath, and it saddens me to see the depth to which this bandit sank, from a “seemingly” good and honest guy to a low-life crook… I will be posting my entire testimony shortly, in clear and concise details, but in the meantime re: PayPal, I am not surprised by their decision, as they probably have looked into this embezzler’s account, and finding nothing remotely green $$ (he probably transferred back all his PP money, then emptied and closed both his bank account + credit cards), they denied any claim concerning him because it would be too costly for them to go further… Just a suggestion, but the old saying “follow the money” is also good in reverse: don’t bother if there is no money! See you soon! Clyde

      1. Hi everyone!
        (This is a long one, so take a comfortable seat, and enjoy!)
        Thanks for all of your testimonies, and to Joe for all your fine work! All of us have one thing in common: we have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual who is the most miserly, deplorable soul you’ll ever find, so don’t hit yourselves over the head with condemnation, as you are the victims, not the perpetrator! HE IS THE ONE who did this to us, never forget that! Sadly, this sleazy operator has mistaken the golden rule for the cretin mule (him) and revised it to say: “do unto others before they do unto you”…
        Still, if my Lord is the Lord of Lords (and He is), I can assure you that no one, not Christian Gasper , will mock Him. In the Old Testament, he has broken the Tenth Commandment. I pray he will not sleep a wink until he has reimbursed 2x (yes, two times) what he has stolen from ALL of us, as I shall pray that he be harassed 24/7 until he comes clean, for according to my set of references, “It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!” – Hebrews 10:31. On reading Exodus 22:7, you find that God takes theft VERY seriously: “If a man gives his neighbor money or goods to keep for him and it is stolen from the man’s house, if the thief is caught, he shall pay double.”) – And it gets even worse if he can’t pay: he is to be sold onto slavery (Exodus 22:3 – “Anyone who steals must certainly make restitution, but if they have nothing, they must be sold to pay for their theft”).
        I understand I’m coming from a place of faith and belief in a judge who deals with our offenses, in this life or the next… Speaking of which, it still gets worse: the apostle Paul says in no uncertain terms that he will not enter heaven if he dies in this sin, without being forgiven through repentance and new (spiritual) birth (Gospel of John, chapter 3, verses 3-7). See for yourselves in 1 Corinthians 6:10 “…nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” So Christian, if you’re reading this as I suspect you are, do a 180 degrees, it is still time to make things right… Can you be sure God’s judgment will not come swiftly “like a thief in the night” (nice pun there)? Are you not afraid for your immortal soul, not that I may be right, but that the Word of God may be? If, just if, you still have an ounce of decency, you will retrace your steps and give back the money you stole! Take this seriously, Christian, because if you are found penniless when the Lord will deal with you, you may be in for a big surprise, much worse than your worst nightmares! Take this deep at heart, Christian, because when the apostle Paul says “no heaven”, he means what he says: you’re going to hell forever and ever, man, justly sentenced for not having dealt with this sin issue while there was still time! You don’t believe in hell? Makes no difference, (the Bible does not lie like you), hell believes in you!
        To me, the criminal actions you took against us are not without severe consequences, but I am called to forgive you for the wrong you did to me (I can only speak for myself, of course)… Just put yourself in someone else’s shoes for two seconds if you can: would you like this to be done to a loved one? A girlfriend? A child of yours, if you ever get around to being so selfless one day? Is this the teaching and example you wish to pass down to him/her? My individual forgiveness doesn’t mean society should not seek collective justice! I believe in a JUST God who blesses those who work hard with the fruit of their labor, and allows free reign to demons to go after those who are lazy and steal instead of work. You do not have to share my faith and beliefs, and I’ll respect that.
        What do we know about our burglar? We know where he USED to live, but is he still there? Do we have ways of locating his whereabouts? Joe proposed ways to communicate with the associations (LinkedIn) and websites (Clickbank, JVZoo, etc.) where he is still doing business, plus a bunch of other suggestions from other people here; can we come up with other ideas? I’ve tried the phone number to his address, and there is no answer, but I was able to talk two times with him at the same number (I used the auto-redial, so no mistake there)… His real name is Christian Gasper, as it is the name I used to send him money in Germany, so I doubt very much that he forged his name, too… This dumb**s was not bright enough to hide his Whois ID or to change his phone number early in the game… You should have heard his surprise when I reached him for the first time… He appeared so surprised, with his strong accent: “…but this is my private phone line”… NO way José, if you choose to stick it to us, you’re fair game honey! I apologized, as I was sure he was going to deliver the merchandise at this time, like most of you, assuring him I would not use his landline, to which he invited me to use Skype, but there was a 2-week waiting line up for that… I thought to myself: “ok, no problem, as I’ll be rolling in $600/day cash at that point”, also, I was going to see the gradual build up of my JVZoo and Clickbank accounts, so it would be a matter of time before I would know if he was legit or not… Well, time was not on my side, as I could not reach him through emails, Skype, or anything, and I started to read about other victims of this fraudster, so I decided to call him up for a second (and last) time. You should have seen the trick he tried to pull on me, the jackass! The phone rang and rang and rang, and I had to try a second time before someone answered. “Hi, could I speak to Christian please?” “Who?” the faintly disguised voice said in a higher pitch… I repeated: “Allen, Allen Martin?” Again, but in a higher pitch: “I donno any Allen”… What, I thought; this guy is taking me for a fool. I chose not to engage him at that time, other than to say: “what? I spoke to him a few days ago on this same line!”. “Sorry, I donno anyone of that name”, the bad actor responded. I hung up, swearing under my breath that I would call this guy at all hours of the night, just to unnerve him, but the line was disconnected before I could revel in that sweet revenge, which is not like me to even think such things, so I was glad I did not have to play those silly games… In conclusion, I remain confident that the authorities (the banks, the police, etc.) will be interested to block his accounts and keep such crooks off the streets, both physical and virtual, so let’s redouble our efforts and bombard the powers that be with all the facts so diligently collected by Joe. We know he will strike again on poor, unfortunate souls like us (remember the octopus queen’s song in the Little Mermaid?), so let’s search all over the web for his modus operandi… Maybe together we’ll be able to unmask this predator and prevent any more misery. Let me know when my forceful prayers will have their desired effect and outcome, and when you’ll see 2x the money refunded to you with his most sincere apologies (stay positive, now, you hear – that’s me with my Samuel Jackson eyes looking at you now… ;-D) God bless us all! Clyde

  59. Looks like Paypal ended up siding with Gasper: “After careful consideration, we’re unable to decide this claim in your favour at this time.”.

    Over the weekend I’ll lodge a complaint with the UK fraud squad and hopefully that leads to some action.

    1. I don’t understand it, Iain. How can they side with someone who is clearly scamming. The only thing I can think of is that they have no way to get the money from Christian Gasper, unless he volunteers it (and as you can see he won’t do that) so they are protecting themselves. This makes them almost just as bad as he is.

      If you don’t mind, let me have the dispute number when you lodge your complaint with the UK fraud squad.

      I assume you will be contacting your bank now to claim the money back from PayPal.

    1. Hi Levi, in answer to your question if anyone has got their money back yet from their bank, it is probably too early to tell. My bank informed me it could take a considerable time.

  60. I too have been scammed by Allen Martin (Christian Gasper) although I am embarrassed to admit but I will anyways I have bought 2 done for you packages from him each costing me $997 each. I also got scammed with the $1000/day package costing me $1997 USD. I will tomorrow request a charge back immediately. The last package I was tricked into sending money by wire transfer, to help others I will release his bank information that he requested and so nobody will get scammed like I have here it is:
    Account holder: Christian Gasper
    Account Number: 0633404
    IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
    Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany
    I hope this information can help bring him down and I hope others can spread the word to stop this scammer from stealing money again from others.

    1. Hi Joe – thanks for all of your good work!

      I too have been scammed by this joker (Martin Allen). Presently, I am preparing documents for chargeback denial on my credit card which is Synchrony Bank through PayPal.

      I am quite certain that he is still active on warrior plus and slideshare for your info see links below :

      Everything matches up.

      I have filed fraud complaints against Mr Martin with the FBI, FTC, UK Fraud and Cybercrime Center, and will also do so with PayPal, JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and other appropriate agencies.



      1. Good work, Harold, on all the complaints you have made against Allen Martin. The more people complain the more the authorities have got to sit up and take notice. I don’t think you will have any trouble getting refunded through your credit card.

        I will have a look at those links you mentioned and when I get a minute will contact both warriorplus and slideshare. However, once again, the more people that contact them the more likely they are to take note.


  61. Hey everyone. I just wanted to add a new post here as there hasn’t been anything for almost 2 weeks now…so rather than have that low-life, halfwit, thief Gasper, think that the dust is settling and we’re moving on, I just wanted to make sure that he understands (because we know you are keeping an eye on this page you ball-bag), that it will never be over until each and every one of us here, and anyone else you have stolen money from, has every single penny back and you are in front of the judge.

    Things may be quiet just now, but that’s only because the wheels are in motion.

  62. Thanks for the post, Dave. I would echo those sentiments entirely.

    It is unfortunate that the wheels of justice move so slowly, but they are still moving none the less.

  63. My Chargeback was denied even though I gave all the information. And they say that I received the product I paid for. He just sent me the darn pdf after I opened the dispute in paypal so paypal rejected my dispute and now my chargeback is also cancelled. I am again refuting the claim. and give more information. Joe do you have the screenshot of the offer website as they are not agreeing with the email conversation. I don’t know what exactly I am going to do now, but I will again refute the chargeback decision.

        1. Yes, thank you very much Joe. I just accessed it and reopened the chargeback, hope this time with the order summary screenshot they will rule it in my favour. I think Allen Martin has pulled a fast one to them also and ran with the money so they don’t have anything to pay for the chargeback so they are hiding behind paypal decision that I received a PDF which was by the not even close to anything that I paid for.

          1. I think you are right about why they have continuously sided with Allen Martin . It’s time PayPal involved the authorities also.

  64. Hi Joe,
    First of all thanks for putting up this website and really appreciate your consistent efforts in helping us! Needless to say I too have been scammed by this guy and I am ashamed to say that I bought both the $200 per day and $600 per day campaigns with borrowed money.Who would have thought a guy who had built quite a reputation on the warrior forum would turn rogue one day-I had even bought a couple of his products and was impressed with the support he provided me. I raised a dispute with paypal and went through the same farce that all other people here have gone through, with this guy sending that useless PDF and paypal “unfortunately” decided in favour of that crook.I wonder how on earth can someone take a PDF as delivery of a done for you service. Now I have taken it up with my credit card company but the problem is that it is very difficult to convince them with email exchanges with Allen Martin. They are saying they need the screenshot of the offer which mentions that the service would be delivered within 3 weeks and I don’t have that. I would be grateful if you could email me the screenshot of both the 200 per day and 600 per day offers. Eagerly waiting for your revert. Thankyou!

    1. Now he claims to live in Sydney Australia.Look at his modus operandi-‘tried and tested’- I may add, Give free stuff, interact one on one , gain trust, turn that trust to cash and then disappear.

  65. Levi, you were asking previously whether anyone had managed to get their money back through their bank. My bank refunded the money paid a few days ago. My transaction was performed using my Mastercard debit card, so I was protected by the Mastercard scheme. Visa would have similar protection.

  66. Hi guys,
    Thanks Neil for the Twitter link, can you believe the balls on this guy? Scam a few dozen people, then restart under the same fake name no less, then scam a few couple more, rinse then repeat! I had to pick my jaw up from the floor, as I still am stunned! Does anyone have any ideas about how to approach Twitter to warn their community that this user is a highway robber? You may contact me directly if you wish: clebaron at gmx dot com. We should definitely combine our efforts against this sociopath!

  67. OK……..I got this today and was wondering if anyone else did as it is strange and from a different email address I don’t recognize?

    Is he still around scamming or is this a old email from him?

    What’s up here?
    Allan Martin

    Today at 1:34 AM

    Hey, it’s Allan and I need another Dr. Pepper. This morning started off rough, but I kept a smile on my face and pulled through. Of course, the 2-liter of Dr. Pepper helped.

    Anyway, someone sent me a link to an article with 63 free ways for marketing your business:

    Pretty cool resource, huh?

    I bookmarked it for future reference because there were even a few in there that I hadn’t heard of before.

    Just thought you would enjoy checking it out too 🙂


    Allan Martin

    1. Forgot this…It was at bottom of email under disclaimer….

      An NY address……….

      Allan Martin
      PO Box 2253
      New Port Richey 34656
      United States

      1. And this one……….
        Hey, it’s Allan, and if you don’t mind I’d like to get a little serious and a little deep with you today.

        What’s in your future?

        Meaning – if you stay on your current path, what does your next 10 years look like?

        Look at where you were 3 years ago.

        Where did you think you were going to be by now, 3 years later?

        Are you there?


        Here’s the thing: we tend as humans to overestimate the future.

        That’s why you probably haven’t accomplished what you thought you would in the last 3 years.

        And frankly, whatever your dreams are for the next 3 years, the next 10 years, and so on, unless something changes – you won’t hit it.

        Sorry, I know that hurts.

        But I don’t sugar coat things. I’ll always be direct with you.


        So . . . what do you need to CHANGE to ACTUALLY get where you want to go in 3 – 10 years, instead of just DREAMING about it?

        What 3 things need to change?

        What 3 things do you need to take action on?

        Are you going to take action on them, or are you going to let the next 3 years look like the last 3 years?

        Think about it. If you feel like it, please share those 3 things, I would enjoy reading about them.

        Take Care,

        Allan Martin

        1. OK…..I just went through my emails and I had 23 different emails from him all at the same addy above so I’m guessing its a scammer?

          any thoughts………

  68. Ok 2 more emails of the products he is promoting
    Okay, I was a little frank and direct yesterday.

    I had just watched the movie Full Metal Jacket so maybe that was the inner drill sergeant in me coming out.

    Anyway, I had some people email me and thank me for the ‘wake up call’ so I’ll put my drill sergeant hat back on and continue with along the same lines today.

    So let me ask you this…

    What have you accomplished in the last 6 months?

    Have you achieved the goals set for yourself?

    Why or why not?

    What have you lost out on as a result of not hitting your goals?

    For example, if your goal was to get to $5k a month online, and you aren’t there yet, what could you do with . . . $5k a month right now?

    How would your life be different?

    How does it feel, knowing that you probably could have done it?

    The thing is – you could have.

    But you didn’t.

    Why not?

    What has to change so that you can actually achieve your goals and dreams for the rest of the year?

    It’s not too late to make the changes necessary to pull this year out.

    You can do it! You CAN achieve your dreams!

    But you will have to take action to make it happen – What are you going to change?

    Maybe this is the change you need?

    Just do it!

    Take Care,

    Allan Martin

    1. Okay, so by now you probably realize that you NEED a sales funnel (with multiple products) if you really want to build a real, solid business online.

      To build a real business –

      Traffic isn’t the first step.

      List building isn’t the first step.

      Conversion isn’t the first step.

      Your sales funnel is the first step!

      Here is your sales funnel (done for you).

      This is a HUGE shortcut for you because I’m just giving you:

      · A Squeeze Page (For Your Giveaway Product)

      · A Giveaway Product (A Report About Creating Products Quickly)

      · A Front End Product (A Full Course On Product Creation)

      · Upsell and Downsell Pages (Selling Your Backend Products)

      · 2 Backend Products (9+ Hour Continuity Course and a 5+ Hour Targeted Traffic Course)

      · Sales Pages For Everything (Front End And Backend Products)

      · Download Pages For Everything (Free Report, Front End & Backend)

      · A New Kitchen Sink (Just Kidding On That One)

      These are HIGH QUALITY products you’ll be proud of too!

      Seriously, if I had access to something like this when I was getting started, it would have shaved YEARS off of the time I struggling before starting to see success.

      Grab this funnel now while I still have it available.

      I hope this is able to change your business.

      Take Care,
      Allan Martin

  69. Hi Everyone,

    I was also scammed by Allen Martin. Thanks to Joe for setting up this website.

    I think the best way to stop him would be to report to the german police with all his address and phone number as stated here:

    Registrant Street: bgm-heinrich-dreibus-str 2
    Registrant City: mainz
    Registrant State/Province:
    Registrant Postal Code: 55129
    Registrant Country: DE
    Registrant Phone: +49.17630681991

    If there is anyone who stayed in Germany or is going to visit Germany, especially Mainz (place scammer Allen Martin is staying), please go to the local German police station to file a police report.

    If not, please go to this german police website to file a police report. It would be better if you file the report in German

    Website in English using google translate:

    Choose the area “Rhineland-Palatinate”. Mainz is the capital and largest city of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

    FB Page –

    The German Police would be catching him soon, haha.

    We can also spent just $5 on fiverr to spread his scam via facebook groups, twitter and other social media.

    Anyone doing youtube to expose his scam? We need to expose his face to the world!

    1. Hi Guys,

      Remember when filing the police report in Germany, tell the police his real name is Christian Gasper. Allen Martin is just a faked name. Show them his pictures, email messages and information from this website.

  70. Bank information:
    Account holder: Christian Gasper
    Account Number: 0633404
    IBAN: DE58550700240063340400
    Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany

  71. In answer to Tony, I am pretty sure that the only scammer involved with your emails is Allen Martin/Christian Gasper. There is certain wording in the emails that smacks of him, even though the email address is new, the country is new (US rather than UK) and the first name is spelt slightly differently “Allan” instead of “Allen”. With regard to country it appears he is also using an Australian address. Gets around a bit. However as discussed before, his home is Germany.

    I have been in communication with JVZoo for some time now and after some lengthy communication they have taken down one of his sites that was still up. It’s good to see cooperation from some of the parties that can do something about this miscreant, even if PayPal is still supporting his scams.

    Allen had previously attempted to put a lot of pressure on me to take this site down with direct threats of legal action, etc. but even though I have now been refunded, the site stays until Allen Martin/Christian Gasper stops trying to scam people and refunds everyone who has been scammed.

    Recently I received two emails concerning this site from email addresses at a site called I was told that was being used for spamming and that it would be closed within 24 hours if I did not click on a link and follow their suggested actions. They also indicated that I would be subject to legal action if I didn’t do so. Since the site is not an official site of any sort, I have a feeling that Allen Martin is behind the emails and I certainly didn’t click on the link in the email which could have had all sorts of unfortunate consequences.

    The following day I received an email from a guy at a site called stating that I had an overdue invoice and that the site would be suspended if I did not click on the link in the email. Maybe Allen Martin wasn’t behind these emails but once a scammer, always a scammer.

    1. Yeah he is a piece of SHIT!….I still have not got my money back but hopefully someday soon……..

      Here are the 2 link/opportunities he is promoting now. Click at your own discretion but I had no bad problems going to look at his latest.

      Yeah I know Allen/Allan are different so make your own conclusions here as he only shows his ‘family’ and not his face in the “About Me” page.


      And his “About Me” new page…

      1. I have just realised why the name has changed to Allan. It is probably so anyone checking up “Allan Martin scam” would not find a result since this site and any others discussing him would be keyworded for “Allen Martin scam”. I will now change that.

      2. Hi Tony. I had a look at the link you posted: I did a search on ICANN WHOIS and I found that domain was created back in 2009 and updated most recently in 2016-05-22.
        Full contact details are there too. Looks legit to me. Maybe not our guy.

        Just my opinion though.

        1. Glad you checked that, Dave. We don’t want to start a crusade or do anything to impede a legitimate marketer. There is a picture (assuming it is genuine) of Allan Martin at This appears to be a different man than Allen Martin.

          I attempted to contact him using his support desk in order to obtain information that would eliminate him from enquiries. However the captcha image is minute and can’t be read so I was unable to create a support ticket. Instead I put a comment on his blog letting him know about the captcha issue and the fact that I needed to contact him privately. Hopefully he will respond and we can confirm one way or the other.

          1. Hi Tom, yeah, I think that’s a good move. Best be sure.
            However, I did a search on that image that you are talking about.

            I copied and uploaded that image to to see if it was a stock image or used elsewhere by someone else. However, it has been linked with Allan Martin in the USA since early 2014. I also searched the pic of the family. It found no other results.

            Have a look and see what you think:

            If that link doesn’t work, try uploading the image to

            My own opinion is that this is a different guy. However, I suppose our favourite idiot marketer, turned criminal, could have used it and capitalised on the almost identical name. I do notice that the IMTrustWorthy verified link goes to a 404.

            What do you guys think?

        2. Ok good work Dave. My question though is how did this Allan Martin get my email to send me all those 23 emails???????

          Puzzled for sure………..

          Side note…Got a email from the UK Action Fraud and they said my investigation is closed cuz of no evidence??????? or something like that. I will get that email and post it here as I don’t remember exactly what it said.

          1. Hi Tony

            I had forgotten about all of those emails that you had received from Allan Martin and my comments at the time. There are a lot of words in those emails and the tone of those emails that smacks of Allen Martin/Christian Gasper. It is possible that he placed someone else’s picture on the Allan Martin site. He may have purchased this site some time ago, spelling the name Allan by mistake or he may have planned for the eventuality that he would need to disguise himself in some way. Anyway lets see what happens with my followup to the blog comment at The post is still awaiting moderation so doesn’t show.

          2. Yeah Joe…All those emails from him sent you to a DFY Funnel like the scammer Christian marketed……? Not the same $200-$1000 A Day but none the less a DFY Funnel

            Again my suspicions are up.

          3. Tony/Dave, I am possibly just over 50% on this Allan Martin being our Allen Martin. Too much of a coincidence Tony getting all those emails out of nowhere, too much similarity in his approach to IM and to some of his wording.

            Also he has not posted my comment at his website or fixed the problem with the webform captcha that prevented me from contacting him through his support, although it could take him a few days to do these. I sent an email to his website registration email address but that was bounced as an invalid mail box. However it is possible that he does not realise that he has his domain registered to an email address that is no longer in use.

  72. Hi Bryan. You are right although I only added it a few hours ago, immediately after making my last post. Don’t always let the grass grow under my feet!!

    I think the reason why he is now using US and Australian addresses is that it will also throw people off as they will think this must be a different Allen Martin than the one mentioned on this site. Yet he can still leverage all his old material and references, etc.

    Is there a means to contact Videofruit to have him thrown off the site?

  73. My bank came through for me so I must say thanks to them … a big relief … hope all you guys get your money also , just keep being persistent … And the wheels of justice will turn in our favor and put this low life away and get that smile wiped from his very ugly face ….

  74. Hi,

    Bought this on July 25th 2016 with paypal. Within next 2 days, I got a message saying, he has stopped accepting paypal and only credit cards are allowed. That is when I realized it is a a scam.

    I gave him aweber account and hosting account details and nothing is happening after 3-4 weeks. After a month I got another email saying, whoever has bought in installments, needs to pay the installment now.

    My skype conversation

    Hi, 1) I asked for what is update for people who bought a month ago. You told an update (a message asked to pay who have opted for partial payment), which is not an UPDATE.
    2) People who bought a month ago, business should be running within 2-3 weeks?
    So what is happening?

    I told you that you should check your mails please.

    However we faced some major issues with Facebook and we needed to start the campaign from scratch again, but it’ll be ready in7-10 days max

    We will give all customers 2 more months of traffic on top for free because of the delay

    Me: Hello, I am checking mails regularly. Do not point to emails, when you have not updated anything.. Second, you have not even setup the sales funnel itself. Where are you going to drive traffic?

    Alan: Woooowww…easy…if I say we’ve sent that email out, we did it. And regarding your second point, it’s like I’ve mentioned in all emails, we drive the traffic to a funnel which we’re going to test first and then, once it’s optimized, we’re going to transfer that over to our customers account if this makes sense to you!

    Oh.. (2nd point)That means you will drive to your own domian and email list and not my my domain and aweber account? Is that right?


    Once the squeeze page converts, we transfer it over to your account and start testing the rest of the funnel from your account

    After that I waited patiently till 100 days and sent multiple emails to him.. All started bouncing..

    That is when I raised a issue with paypal. And within 9 or 10 days, I got a confirmation from paypal saying, my money will be refunded. And today, I have got the money of USD 997 refunded from paypal..


  75. Thanks for letting us know, Janna. Glad to hear you got your money back, especially since you had paid through PayPal. That should give hope to all those who have had problems with PayPal to date. Anyone who has come up against a blank wall should try again with PayPal.

  76. Hi Joe,

    Like many people here, I lost my claim against the scammer. Paypal said the seller had delivered the product. I paid using my paypal balance and could not ask my bank to do a chargeback.
    I called Paypal up and raise appeals but lost all of them. After that, I called again and the customer service officer said there was nothing they could do as the escalation officer had made a final decision and the case is closed.

    I was absolutely shocked! Like many people here, I only received a few page word document with some keywords.

    I did not give up and PM paypal on facebook. To my surprise, paypal actually responded and this is their reply why I lost my case:

    “PayPal requested the seller to provide confirmation that the item had been successfully delivered to you upon checkout. The seller provided us with valid information concerning your purchase.

    Because this information confirmed that your item was successfully delivered to your specified shipping address, your claim was closed in the seller’s favor and no refund was provided.”

    Which means that Allen Martin actually scammed Paypal by providing fake evidence of physical goods sent to our address! It is no wonder that most of us lost our dispute and claim!

    (Joe, do you think you would like to add this to part of your article here as it finally explains how the scammer works? Thanks.)

    I PMed paypal again saying I did not receive anything at all, with a link to this website and ripoff website for evidence that many people were scammed. Paypal now said they would be looking at my cases again! At least now I have some hope of getting my refund back!

    However, Paypal can be quite slow to response on FB – 3 to 4 days. To make them response faster, just post a comment on one of their recent post with a link to this website, saying you are scammed and need paypal’s attention. Something like “I was scammed by Allen Martin and need your immediate attention. Many innocent people were scammed too. Please go to for more info and PM me asap”. Paypal will PM you back much faster, usually within a day.

    If Paypal said the case is closed, just continue to PM and harassed them. I tried and it work to some extent.

    Guys, you can try my method. I believe that if many of us here post the same link and PMed paypal the same case, there is a good chance that we can all get our money back.

    Another information that I found out is that in one of the emails we received in mid July, Allen Martin sent to a person called Ashley Gough with the rest of our names under BCC. Her email is I looked up for “Ashley Gough” on facebook and found “Ashley Gough solo ads” I found some post in 2014 where several people were scammed by this women from UK called Ashley Gough. A search on google with “Ashley Gough Solo Ads” also showed several people being scammed. Her website is A visit to the website shows the domain being parked.

    Most probably, Ashley is still scamming people under the radar and persuaded and taught Allen Martin the method. So this scam could be a business collaboration between the 2 scammers and explains why Allen decided to ditch his reputation to scam people as that is easy money.

    Guys, I know it is hard to stop the scammer. After scamming, they would just buy another set up of email subscribers with a fake profile, set up another paypal account by faking another company to deceive Paypal (when I looked up “Allen Martin Consulting”, supposedly to be Allen Martin’s UK registered company under the UK registered company website, no such company is found), we should still try as hard as possible.

    We can do more by doing videos on youtube, making more posts at social media sites like reddit, tumblr, twitter and posting to make money online groups on FB and forums with a link back to this website or ripoff. You can always go to fiverr and spent a meagre $5 to expose the scammer
    Lastly, thank you so much for setting up this website, Joe! You united the people who got scammed together!

    I think you can maybe improve your website a bit better by posting a few pictures of the scammer’s face and screenshot of his emails. You can also add some backlinks of your site to popular social media sites to spread the word out so less people will get scammed. Just my few cents.

    Let’s stop the scammer together!

    Best Regards,

  77. Thanks for all that information, Smith. It helps to account for PayPal’s response and your suggestions should help others.

    I like your suggestions “We can do more by doing videos on youtube, making more posts at social media sites like reddit, tumblr, twitter and posting to make money online groups on FB and forums with a link back to this website or ripoff. You can always go to fiverr and spent a meagre $5 to expose the scammer”. However doing all of that would take time but if everyone did a bit the effects would be cumulative. The other thing I suggest doing is letting your subscribers know if you have a list and also letting people know whose lists you are on so they can alert their subscribers.

    I assume that you meant CC rather than BCC since you would not have been able to see the email addresses if they had been BCC. Out of interest why did you single out the name Ashley Gough from the rest to check? If you have a list of people that Allan has been in contact with, it would be a good idea to email them all to let them know of the scam.

    I have added your comment concerning the physical delivery to the start of the post and will later include your info concerning PMing PayPal in the pdf action document.

    Yes, the site could do with some work although it is something that has always been on the long finger due to time. It’s amazing how much time I have already expended on this clown. However if there is anyone who wishes to spend a little time improving the site, I am happy to give them access.

    Although I think we may well be number one on page one for “Allen Martin Scam” and other related terms, more back links to the site would do no harm. If anyone has the chance, it would be appreciated if they could perhaps add a post to a blog or forum with a back link to the site. Keyword terms would include “Allen Martin Scam”, “Allan Martin Scam”, “$200/Day DFY Scam”, etc.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your quick reply.

      I do agree with you wholeheartedly that “if everyone did a bit the effects would be cumulative” to expose the scammer.

      Regarding the email, I just checked again. Allen emailed to Ashley Gough and BCC the rest of the recipients so we cannot see each other’s email address. Using CC would revealed all his scammed client’s emails to each other. Scammers would never do that.

      I will try to improve your site SEO by posting useful backlinks on authority sites.

      Can you sent me an email so I have your email address?


  78. Hi Smith

    Thanks for the clarification. Pity he hadn’t mistakenly cc’d everyone.

    With regard to backlinks, the best results will be gained where the posts themselves might actually alert and protect people from the scam i.e. in Internet Marketing forums and blogs.

    Thanks for the offer of posting some backlinks.

    Email sent to you. Joe

  79. Janna – your post gave me hope that I might still receive a refund from this scam artist. Could you please share your Paypal transaction/case number or any information that references your successful refund, please? I would like to make the precedence known.

    Joe – may I ask for the screenshots of the original offer, IP’s, or anything that I can show to Paypal?

    I’ve been denied a refund from Paypal but will persist. I’m going to utilize Facebook, phone calls, and their support email.

    Is there any other way to appeal my refund denial in Paypal? I don’t see an appeal link in my account.

    I appreciate your time and communication.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Arnfinson

    1. Hi Ryan, I will send you an original offer screenshot. Do you still have the email trail of all the offers and discussions you have had with Allen? If not, just tell them that you received an offer for a DFY business that was guaranteed to make $200 per day after three months and $100 per day after 3 weeks, and then tell them what you got, if anything, referring them to this site for more information on the general scale of the scam.

      I would suggest you PM PayPal on Facebook as Smith did below. Also if you log into your PayPal account and click on “Help” there are numerous ways of contacting PayPal including emailing customer services, phoning them, and making a formal complaint. You could raise a formal complaint against PayPal for the way that they have dealt with your case and site the precedence of other similar cases that they did resolve and refer them once again to this site.

      Hopefully it won’t come to it, but if you still don’t get a resolution from PayPal, then your only recourse will be legal action, or possibly a combined lawsuit with others who are having difficulty also. But I’m very hopeful that PayPal will get their act together soon and that this will not be necessary.


      1. Hi Joe

        Just raised a formal complaint with Paypal after their handling of my dispute/claim. I have asked them to clarify how they feel they have carried out a fair and impartial review of my claim when at least 10 different buyers have had differing outcomes to their refund requests after buying the EXACT SAME thing. Be interesting to see what they come back with. Says it can take 4-8 weeks to look into.

        1. One other thing that could be raised with PayPal is the fact that they automatically take the seller’s word when he replies and don’t give you a chance to refute and prove the seller wrong. By contrast here is what I received from my bank for this identical situation:
          “The Bank has requested a chargeback via MasterCard Scheme on your behalf for the return of the funds using the information you provided. Scheme has accepted your case therefore we have credited your account pending the outcome of your dispute. Please note the merchant will have a 4 month period to refute the claim. If so, the Bank will provide a copy of any documentation for your response. In the event the merchant provides information to show the payment was correctly applied, your account may be re-debited.”
          If Allen comes back to the bank I will have the opportunity to prove that he is lying, not so with PayPal. Anyone who wishes may use the above in their complaint to PayPal, asking them why they don’t give you a chance to refute what the seller says, in the same way that Mastercard or the banks do.

    2. Hi, Joe.

      Thanks very much for the screenshot. And your time and effort to help put an end to this scam artist. It’s sincerely appreciated!


  80. 5 December 2016


    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been a victim of crime. Thank you for taking the time to report to Action Fraud.
    All Action Fraud reports are passed to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and we review every crime to
    identify investigative leads and opportunities to disrupt criminal activity. We have reviewed your report and I
    regret to inform you that we have not identified any leads that would result in a successful criminal
    investigation therefore your report has not been sent to a local police force or other enforcement organisation
    to commence an investigation at this time.

    1. Well, this guy can’t be immune. He must have a few weak points that we can tackle down. He’s going to rest in pieces in a comfy jail cell. Light will prevail. His lies are have short legs. He can’t run for too long.

  81. I had approached my credit card company with a chargeback claim. Although initially they reversed the payment made, they have now taken Allen Martin’s word and have gone the paypal way. I took a lot of pain in trying to explain what a digital product is, what a DFY service is and how a PDF with some useless links in no way a substitute for DFY service and despite that they are now asking a copy of my cancellation of the order like in physical goods. I spent so many hours on the phone with the credit card exceutuves trying to hammer some sense into them. At one point of time I felt that they were thinking that I am deliberately raising a dispute to claim refund. I am so exhausted and disappointed. Is there any way out?

    1. Hi Deepak

      What type of credit card were you using?

      One other thing you didn’t mention above was his absolute “no shenagins” guarantee and that you would get your money back if you requested it. Did you mention this to the bank. Even if you had received the product and decided that you were not happy with it you were due a refund.

      Did you point them to this site where they could see that you were only one of many who had been scammed?

      At the end of the day, if you still don’t have any success, then you might consider a solicitor’s (legal) letter to them outlining the case and demanding refund. You will have to weigh up your legal costs against how much you have paid Allen but an initial letter may not be too costly, especially if you do all the background writing for the submission. You could probably include your legal costs as part of your claim. Your legal expert can advise you on this.

      Note: I am not a legal expert and any comments I make on this site are purely my opinion and not to be considered legal or financial advice for any of the various jurisdictions involved.


      1. Thanks Joe for your reply. In fact pointing to your site was the first thing I did while claiming chargeback and yes I did mention the triple money back guarantee and also the fact that no products were created, no traffic was ever driven for 6 months, no training given- I even explained this to them over phone but all this has turned futile. Right now Allen must be laughing but let’s hope we will have the last laugh. Now I may have to consider sending a legal letter. Thanks again for your tireless efforts- we really appreciate that!

  82. Hi Guys,

    I have lost my appeal at Paypal again (my 3rd appeal) and called them up for the umpteenth time. The officer I spoken to informed me that Allen’s seller account is now limited as there are too many disputes and the paypal investigation team is conducting an investigation into the case right now. He would be speaking to the escalation officer on my behalf as he saw many websites with people complaining about Allen when a google search on “Allen Martin Scam” is done. His last advice to me is to keep calling and appealing until I finally get back my money. Guys, do not give up. we would get back our money eventually! And Allen would be behind the bars soon!

    1. Hi Guys,

      An update. I lost my appeal again (yes again! but I will not give up). I called up Paypal …. again. The officer said investigation for the Allen Martin scam cases are still ongoing. As such, a final decision on all the disputes, claims and appeals would not be made until a thorough investigation has been fully conducted. She would get an escalation officer to speak to me within 24-48 hours. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Guys, don’t give up! Keep on appealing! Be Insistent and Positive. We would eventually get all our money back!

  83. Has anyone had any luck with a chargeback from a credit card company – when no PayPal transaction was involved at all? I did not use Paypal.

    1. Hi Fred,

      You need to show your credit card company the emails that Allen sent you and explain to them you did not receive anything as promised. Joe has arranged the emails here – •

      Also ask the credit company to visit this website or go to ripoff website for real live evidence that many people were scammed.

      Beware that Allen will sent fake evidence proofing you had received his physical item. Read this part written at the top of this page “PayPal requested the seller to provide confirmation that the item had been successfully delivered to you upon checkout. The seller provided us with valid information concerning your purchase. Because this information confirmed that your item was successfully delivered to your specified shipping address, your claim was closed in the seller’s favor and no refund was provided.”

      Tell your credit card company before the Allen can make any rebuttal and emphasize that you did not receive any item at all. Furthermore, the service you paid for should all be conducted online.

      I hope this helps.

    2. Hi Fred, I did a chargeback through my bank against my Mastercard debit card which has no more protection than the Mastercard credit card. I sent the bank all the information about what had happened, the fact that I had received nothing and my unsuccessful attempts to get a refund from Allen, along with a mention of the many other people that have scammed by him and a reference to this site.

      The bank processed a refund based on my submission.

      With regard to the emails document that Smith mentioned, I hope to update that with much more content in the next week or so. I have it done already but it just needs me to be able to get the time to edit it.

  84. The bank asked me for a lot of proof , like they wanted an independent business specialist to verify that what i got was not what i paid for ,, a copy of the sales letter , a break down of what i got .. the list went on for ever .. I told them I could not supply most of what they asked , so supplied them with his emails and a link to here and Ripoff site .. and thanks to them and their commonsense accepted that i was on the up and up and he was a lowlife …

  85. Hi Guys,

    I have received full refund from Paypal! My presistence and hardwork finally paid off!

    Due to my repeated appeals, Paypal actually assigned me a specific customer service officer for me.

    I work closely with him and gave him all the information he needed, especially my email exchanges with Allen. The officer then presented my appeals to paypal’s protection team.

    A few days later, the officer called me. He explained the protection team would prefer a website that disclosed the full terms and conditions instead of a slipshod terms and conditions written in the email. He advised me not to purchase similar services without a proper website in the future.

    His next point is that since this is an intangible service which cannot be seen, unlike physical items, it is hard for Paypal to judge whether the buyer or seller is telling the truth.

    However, based on the numerous disputes and claims against Allen and secondly, as a gesture of goodwill from Paypal, I will get back my refund within a week.

    Paypal is actually using their own money to pay off all the refunds. Allen has withdrawn all his paypal balances. Well, do your think they would not go after Allen to get back their money?
    Currently, their investigation team is still looking into Allen’s massive scam.

    Guys, I hope your will also get back your money. It is not easy. You need to be positive and determined and ultimately, justice will prevail.

    Good Luck and a Happy 2017!

    1. Congratulations. Can you please provide something from your case to reference so they see there is a precedent.

      Thank you very much,
      Ryan Arnfinson

      1. Hi Ryan,

        Paypal works on each case individually so I would suggest you to forward your email exchanges (the ones with the FAQ) with Allen to paypal. From my understanding, that is the most important piece of evidence. Also ask them to note that Allen’s account is full of complains.

        Before me, a few others had already got back their refunds as seen from the comments here.

        I think I made about 30 to 40 calls to paypal and appealed about 15 to 20 times before I got back my refund.

        And I was lucky enough to get a good service officer that went out of his way to help me in the end. He actually called me up a few times.

        Do not give and justice will prevail!

        1. I appreciate it. All the best to you as well.

          Take care,
          Ryan Arnfinson

          P.S. could you perhaps share which Paypal email to direct my email correspondence with the criminal too? I’ve asked this in my latest appeal and am waiting but just thought to ask now. Thanks

          1. Hi Ryan,

            Sorry for the late reply.

            The emails with the Q&A are the most important. Joe has arranged the emails here – . Look for Email 2 on 25th of July. I forwarded this exact email to the officer in charge of my case with my and Allen’s email addresses. You can also take screenshots to proof that Allen ignored your emails, skype or FB messages.

            Do not forget to tell paypal that Allen forged faked evidence of delivering a physical item with tracking info to your house address as I have found out from Paypal directly. The evidence looked so authentic that even Paypal and banks were tricked! We received absolutely nothing at all!

            Or some of us received a few pdf documents that was supposed to be a smokescreen. We would be misled into believing that Paypal and our banks approved Allen’s thousand dollar service by just delivering some rubbish pdf file!

            Also remind them to look into Allen’s seller account with lots of disputes and claims due to his massive scams. It cannot be that so many people complaint about him if he did deliver his service.

            Last but not least, refer Paypal to this site and the ripoffreport website. These are “3rd party” websites according to Paypal but I believe they do add weight to your push for the claims.

            In the worse case scenario, even if you fail in your appeals, you still have a good chance of getting back the money should Paypal investigation team come to the verdict that Allen had conducted a massive scam. They are still investigating Allen’s case as of now. Such investigation can drag on for some time.

            I wish you the best of luck!


  86. I came across a vendor called “Allan Martin” at jvzoo. I think it is Christian Gasper.

    As mentioned by Joe, the domain was registered in 2009 so Christian may have been in disguise as “Allan” before changing to “Allen”. Now he is back to “Allan” again.

    1. I just contacted jvzoo about this and let them in on the entire debacle.

      We know you check this site EVERYDAY Christian. You’re scared, the day will come when can no longer stomach looking over your shoulder because of the shit you’ve caused. There are way too many people involved with this now. It’s grown into its own entity and you will be brought to justice.

      Changing from Allen to Allan? Seriously? Your lack of creativity doesn’t surprise us. Anyone dense enough to continue their two-bit scam under the same name with one character swapped is either looking to get caught, or is simply suffering in the intelligence department (my vote is for the later.)

      You’re s shitty digital marketer Christian. You never hit the ranks of those you aspired to be like and any product you’ve released has been nothing but re-hashed nonsense, that any first or second year IM’er could make up.

      Not only will financial restitution been awarded, but you will charged with crime(s).

      Threatening litigation by requesting legal advice on a free legal site?

      You have no grounds of any kind for any type of litigation and we all know you won’t pursue it because if you did, you’re done.

  87. Hello again everyone.

    Smith: I appreciate your follow up response.

    I have been appealing or following up an appeal to Paypal daily and will continue to do so. I will be calling them directly as well. I would like to suggest that the victim`s of this scam who have not received a refund to do so also.

    Take 10-15 minutes to help put pressure on Paypal to do the right thing. There is a precedent of two victims of the scam receiving refunds December 5th and December 31st in these comments which is sound reason and motivation for us to follow through.

    I would be happy to share my correspondence with Paypal to anyone privately so you can rewrite it to fit your scenario specifically and help speed up the process.

    I also look forward to following up with additional authorities moving forward to help get this criminal punished accordingly.


    1. Hi Ryan and all.

      I have been communicating with another guy, John, who has just recently received a refund from PayPal so I am sure there are numerous instances where PayPal have now made refunds, so keep trying if you have not got your refund yet.

      John had made 4 payments for the 3 month subscription DFY CPA business and coaching, a total of $1300.

      The initial information received from John was “As of now, I had been refunded 3 payments by paypal only after I called them up numerous times and made appeals after appeals. I had submitted a few reports with his email, FB and skype communications as evidence. I noticed that Paypal paid the refunds with their own money and not the money I paid Allen. With endless disputes and chargeback cases in his account, Paypal is sure to go after Allen even if he had withdrawn all the scammed money.”

      In a later reply, John informed me “I have gotten back all my refunds. Paypal just sent me an email without giving any reason. Before this, Paypal said different officers decided on each of my 4 claims, resulting in different outcomes.”

      It sounds like your chances of a refund depend on who looks at your case, so if at first you don’t succeed, keep appealing until you get someone who understands and provides you with a refund.


      1. Hi, Joe.

        I appreciate your message.

        So does this make three Paypal refunds we know about? Or is John one of the two mentioned on December 5, or December 31?

        Anyways, I am waiting for a call back from Paypal right now and will mention there is a precedence of multiple refunds from the company.

        Thank you,

        P.S. I agree with Mike as well that we should have this scammer be better known elsewhere online such as and I will follow through with his advice.

        1. Hi Ryan

          Yes, there are not at least three. John, although he has been in touch with me has not subscribed to the blog. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if there are others who have commented on the blog who have not come back after getting refunded and there are sure to be people also who have not been near this site who have applied for refunds and potentially had refunds granted.

          I also agree with Mike … the more places that people make the scam known the better.

          Best Regards


  88. Hi All,

    I am also a victim of Allen’s scam. Like many here, I am still waiting for my refunds.

    I have not commented here yet till today but I have filed a report against Allen at ripoffreport.

    I have counted around 30 people who have posted more than 300 comments on this site.

    However, if you go to the ripoff site, there are only 5 reports filed against him with regard to the Done For You (DFY) Scam.

    I think we need more people to file individual reports against Allen Martin to pressurise Paypal and the credit card companies for our refunds and to force the UK and German Police to take lawful action against the scammer.

    Think about it, would the Police be more likely to take action against him if they see 30 reports compared to only 5 reports? Would you be more likely to get back your refund if Paypal see 30 reports rather than 5?

    Just register an account and duplicate what you have written here to ripoffreport. Make sure you have “Allen Martin” as part of your headlines. something like “I got scammed $3000 by Allen Martin and many others have too!” so when a search of “Allen Martin” is done at ripoffreport, your reports will show up.

    You can fill in the information below for your reports:
    His phone – +49.17630681991
    Website – or any other sites associated with the scam
    Address: Lahnstrasse 18, 65195 Wiesbaden, Germany
    Category: Choose Internet Fraud/Work at Home Business/Online Business/Home based Business

    Attach pictures of him by using Google images and typing in “Christian Gasper”. His face would show up. That scammer has deleted his Allen Martin photos.

    It would be good to have someone well verse in German to file a German report against Allen Martin as the scammer is from Germany. The headlines can be “Christian Gasper from Wiesbaden, Germany, Done For You Online Business Scam” in German.

    1. Hi Joe and everyone here, I wrote to this blog a few weeks before Christmas, and I’m glad to see you’re still looking for ways to give C.G. a taste of his own medicine. I’ve noticed that there is a “Contact Us” button on the upper right side of the “” site, and decided I would let everyone there know about the sham activities that Mr. Ifindmyself Eversopretty has been involved in. If we all write to them, maybe it will have an impact and block this va-nu-pied (scumbag in French) on any and all websites whenever and wherever he decides to land his dirty feet and his next scam! Let everyone here know of any success you have… I noticed that his “funnel” garbage site cannot be accessed, which is proof positive that together we will be this robber’s worst nightmare, that is, until he repents and reimburses ALL OUR MONEY! May God bless all or you! CL

  89. Hi All,
    I too have been scammed by Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper in the $200 Per Day DFY Affiliate Business. I sent Allen Martin (the name he was originally referred by) almost $3000US for several business positions in this scam. There was plenty of email correspondence between us before I made my payment but no response once payment went through despite many attempts. I originally sent money twice through PayPal to Allen to make any potential refunds easier to claim should I need to, only to have these payment cancelled and returned by Allen in the beginning. Something which was both annoying and hard to keep track of. Should have set off alarm bells for me but I was quite rushed when applying for this opportunity during a very, very busy time in my offline business. Eventually I was asked to do an International Money Transfer, which I was hesitant about but decided to risk paying anyway just to get this happening in my short time available. I have since tried through my bank to get a refund from Christian Gasper’s bank account in Germany, but they would not send the money back, stating from Christian that the items I paid for had already been sent. Which of course is a complete lie as I never received anything for my money, and there were no products to be sent anyway as it was a series of websites that were to be produced for my payment. I have since posted on ScamWatch and also filed a scammer complaint with UK Police at
    Unfortunately I have not heard anything back on this matter and I am not sure what else I can do about this. The worst thing is that money has become tight for me since and so the $3K loss I have made with this is really hurting. I can’t believe this guy could be so ruthless and dishonest in scamming us. What is just as disappointing however is that despite this clearly being a huge case of fraud, where Christian Gasper should be paying us all back and or going to jail, none of the authorities associated with this seem willing to do much about it. This surely just encourages others to try the same thing, making internet business opportunities more and more scammy and making it more difficult for legit business owners to sell their systems and software. In the end everyone loses. If anyone has any luck with getting there money back or response from any of the authorities involved, I would like to be made aware of the details. Good luck to all others that have been caught in this wicked scam.

    1. Hi Hew, sorry to hear that you have lost money also. However you are definitely not alone, if its any consolation, and some people have managed to get their money back, albeit sometimes after considerable hassle. A few people have got their money back from PayPal who were very reluctant to listen, but I think things are changing there now. I personally made a payment through my Mastercard debit card since PayPal payment was no longer an option and did have my money refunded.
      Did you go back to the bank to complain when they said that you had been delivered something. Refer them to this blog and inform them that he has falsified documents to indicate delivery to other people on this blog as well when in actual fact nothing whatsoever had been delivered and delivery would not be a physical delivery in the first place. Be persistent and don’t let them fob you off with whatever lies that Christian Gasper has told them.

  90. Christian Gasper is back on Facebook, most probably onto his next scam. (with his pics)

    Google thefunnelapprent,

    The following results show up: (his next scam) (his registered website on 19th December 2016)

    Using, I found the following info:

    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 106
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS01.ONE.COM
    Name Server: NS02.ONE.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 19-dec-2016
    Creation Date: 19-dec-2016
    Expiration Date: 19-dec-2017

    Registrar is ASCIO TECHNOLOGIES, which is the same one Christian used to register his earlier domains like iamallenmartin dot com. Confirm it is Christian Gasper again!

    Please report him on facebook.

  91. Christian Gasper is back on Facebook, most probably onto his next scam. (with his pics)

    Google thefunnelapprent,

    The following results show up: (his next scam) (his registered website on 19th December 2016)

    Using, I found the following info:

    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 106
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS01.ONE.COM
    Name Server: NS02.ONE.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 19-dec-2016
    Creation Date: 19-dec-2016
    Expiration Date: 19-dec-2017

    Registrar is ASCIO TECHNOLOGIES, which is the same one Christian used to register his earlier domains like iamallenmartin dot com. Confirm it is Christian Gasper again!

    1. Good work, Smith.

      It’s a bit like chasing a ghost. Whenever you close him down somewhere, he pops up again somewhere else or in another guise.

      Did anyone have success with dealing with this with Facebook before?

  92. I have just removed two comments from the site purporting to come from the German police but with a gmail email account along with replies by Dirk and a comment of my own. Dirk followed up with this lead but as suspected it turned out to be a scam (possibly Allen Martin/Christian Gasper). When Dirk pressed for proof of identity by email the conversation disappeared.

  93. Hi Joe,

    There is something wrong with your content above the comments section. Several weird words in blue appear out of nowhere and link out to some weird websites. You may want to correct the mistakes.

  94. Christian Gasper had made a new FB page with his photo:

    Both the previous FB urls are gone:

    Christian Gasper had make a post “5 Step Blueprint To Generating More Enquiries For Your Coaching Business” on 16th March at his newly registered domain as reported previously:

    He pretended to be a person wearing black spectacles at the end of the post.

    Using Google image search, I found the person in the photo to be Marcus Ross.
    His website:


  95. Hi everyone. Guess what dropped into my inbox today? An email from an individual called John Malcolm. Now I’ve never heard from this guy before, but he opens hopefully with what he thinks will be a plausible excuse and….well, I’ll just paste it below:


    My apologize! Here are 2x methods to make 50+/Day – Link inside!

    “We haven’t spoken since a very long time, and I apologize but I had
    some really serious health issues from which I had to recover first.

    But since you’re on my list for a long time, you know that I deliver only
    value stuff to my list, whether if it’s the WSO’s you’ve bought/downloaded
    from the forum or from warriorplus or through methods I shared with you.

    However, I believe you understand.

    Today I wanna provide you with 2 methods I’ve developed, tested over and over
    again that will work for you too.

    These methods will teach you how to use Clickbank in combination with free
    traffic to make real commissions online & the other bonus is all about how to
    build a solid recurring income stream… even if you’re a newbie.

    You can download both methods below:

    Talk tomorrow

    P.S.: In a few days, I’m gonna send you another really cool method that you can apply this week, and finally make your first money online….

    Keep an eye open for my next mail… there are only 10 copies available.”


    So! See the link he put? –

    Thanks to Smith's post, we know who this really is. And we know why he is saying
    "We haven't spoken since a very long time, and I apologize but I had some really serious health issues from which I had to recover first".
    Obviously he's trying to warm the list with this tactic and hoping the recipient will just think he has forgotten the relationship.

    No Gasper! You have NOT had your serious health issues yet. But you will.

    Anyway, if you follow the link, "John" is giving away a couple of freebies. I didn't bother downloading anything but I might do, as it may have a few clues in it. He seems to be warming the list so he can promote products again.

    I don't think so Christian. Not if we can help it.

    Anyway, the email contains a picture of the guy at the bottom. Not of Gasper, but probably some random dude. It looks like an attempt to say…look…it's definitely not me!!
    It's supposed to be this fellow John Malcolm, whose list I was on some time ago, but forgot about.

    Well, it seems it's not John Malcolm..surprise, surprise. I just checked the image on and it's a stock photo that has been used on dozens of websites.
    Can you imaging the stupidity and sheer lazyness of Allen Martin – Christian Gasper, using the same list that he scammed already, to try to make more money from. Possibly just internet marketing…or possibly setting up the same scam again in the near future.

    If anyone else got this email, let us know because I'm sure he didn't get me by chance. Maybe everyone on his victim list got it. Let's get this thieving maggot into court ASAP!

    1. Hi Dave,

      As said from my earlier post, the picture of the guy at the bottom is called Marcus Ross. Christian Gasper just copied and pasted the picture on his the funnelapprentice website. I found the info using Google images.

      Marcus Ross’s website where the picture originated from:

      Marcus’s FB page:

      We can contact Scammer Christian Gasper’s hosting company to report abuse of copyrights. We can also contact Marcus on FB to let him know Christian is using his images for impersonation.

  96. Dave ,, yes I got the same email yesterday .. was just reading through here when i saw someone post about the The Apprenticefunnel web site then realised it was him .then found your post with the same email …will unsubscribe myself .. from John Malcolm ..

  97. Hi Steve. Yup! Looks like he’s decided it’s time to start again. Maybe he’s blown through all the cash he stole from us. I’m tempted to stay on the list just now though and see where it takes me. There may be some interesting info we can find out.

  98. Hi Steve and Dave,

    It is good to stay on his list to know what he is up to next.

    Any address or contact info?

    We can post comments and a link back to this website on his instagram profile to let his followers and friends know of his scammy background. Let his friends know that he is rich by scamming people.

    Keep us updated.


  99. Just a note to say “Good Work, Guys, in finding out his other identities”.

    I will list the new identities as we find them at the start of the post so that anyone concerned about any of the other identities will quickly know they are dealing with a scammer.

  100. Hi guys,
    I too have been receiving emails from John Malcolm (aka Christian Gasper) this past week or so after being originally scammed by him in the $200/day Affiliate Scam. I tried responding to his most recent email promo and to my surprise I actually got a response, albeit a brief one from Christian. Now that I am able to get a reply from him, I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas how to use this to our advantage to perhaps gain more information from him or for any other means to help our cause. If anyone has any ideas, post them here and I will look to make contact with Christian again.

  101. Hi Hew,

    It would be good if you can post his latest email address and the contents of his emails here to help others from being scammed.

    As almost all of us have submitted our scam reports to Actionfraud Police UK, FBI and FTC, now we need to be patient for them to act and wait for investigation into the case before actions can be taken against Christian Gasper. I believe Paypal, Samcart and Infusionsoft, payment processors that Christian Gasper used to scam will also report to the local police on their part.

    I remembered Christian posted a beautiful scenery of him at Frankfurt a few weeks back on his instagram profile before he made it private. Really make my blood boils – that scammer used our hard earned money to enjoy holidays with no repentance at all. Well Christian, your Karma will come soon so be prepared to stay behind the bars! Enjoy yourself while you can…….

    In the meantime, what we can do on our part is continue tracking him and exposing his latest scams to help the police and to help others from getting scammed. You can post a new report to describing Christian Gasper latest scam with info from the email exchanges with him. Headings can be something like “Christan Gasper impersonating as John Malcom to Scam his Email subscribers again! I got Scammed before and received his emails again!” I have uploaded his latest pics here:

    You can upload his latest photo to ripoffreport.

    Other things you can do:

    1. Submit the scam report to BBC and various Germany online newspaper. If the news get picked up, the media pressure will get the police to hasten up their investigation:

    2. Posting on German Forums to shame him by letting his fellow German friends and relatives know how he got rich by scamming: (in German, use google translate into English)

    3. Post on Social Media
    Post on your facebook, twitter or social media profile. You can also create a new page or profile like “Christian Gasper Scam”

    4. Make a short videos and post on youtube using free video screen capture softwares (Just google and you will find many). Say how you got scammed, what happened and described how Christian is still scamming people with his latest affiliateapprentice website.

    If you are lazy, you can go to fiverr and get someone to do the job for you at a measly $5.

    Best Regards,

    1. i have got 4 more emails from john Malcolm-am,cg. even has a pic on email and he is pushing a $100 a day DFY CPA coarse.

    2. Hi Guys,

      Go to this website to see some of his past scam websites even if Christian has deleted them.

      For example, his deleted badbank warrior plus account can still be viewed here:

      His Funnel Apprentice website has been deleted yesterday but past contents can be found here:

      Guys, if your discover any new scams sites or Facebook pages from Christian remember to go to save it.

      Sorry Chris, if you think you can erase all traces of your scams, you are wrong!

      1. I compared his new warrior plus profile and deleted warrior plus profile and realise they are the same. Christian just changed his username from “badbank” to “mfastlane” and name from “Allen Martin” to John Malcom” (new) (old)

        The number of WSO sales and followers for both accounts are almost similar. Clicking on the number “6” just below both profiles pictures reveals the same vendor id as “52385”.

        1. And clicking on the the buy buttons on the salesletters shows aff name of ‘privchrisg’ … Bit too much coincidence for my liking. Will have to make sure I intimidate the hell out of this scumbag 😉

  102. I’ve been getting his emails too. I thought his ‘something big to be revealed in the next email’ was leading up to another DFY scam, and it seems that’s exactly what he’s up to. However, I spoke to Joe about it instead of posting it here. I think it would be best to give him enough rope so-to-speak. As he watches this forum, I decided not to post it and let him go a little further with this new scam, just in case we can get more info on him and evidence against him. If he thinks we are slacking-off, he will have the confidence to do it again (and add to the evidence against him) but if he sees that he’s been rumbled on here, he may just close down and go underground. Just my opinion though.

    1. My thoughts exactly. He does watch this forum so I am saving ALL his NEW emails and I will post at a good time or when Joe says so. I never got my funds back from first scam after several attempts———BUT I am NOT Done Yet!

      Just be AWARE!!!!!!

  103. Christian Gasper is using a new Warrior Forum id (joined on 4th March 2017)

    He is promoting his the funnel apprentice website ( at the warrior forum.

    He has a 2nd warrior plus account with the name John Malcom. Account (setup in 2013):

    He is using this warriorplus account to collect free emails by giving away free CPA make money online products at warrior forum classified ads section.

    “Johnny West” important posts and products:

    1. And he seems to be also using bogus profiles to provide fake positive reviews for his Johnny West WSO. If you look at those bogus profiles, they are new and offer bot-like responses to legitimate posts on other WSOs as a way to boost post count.

      Here are some of the responses from one bogus profile that commented on Johnny West’s WSO and other WSOs:

      “Yeah, this is a great tool! Thank you for your information”.
      So great! I’m interested. Thanks for sharing!
      “Thanks for sharing! It is very useful for a newbie like me.”

      1. If there was money in producing a book of spammy comments like that, I could be rich, considering the number that I have had to filter out from this website.

  104. Another of Christian Gasper’s domain revealed –

    He is offering high end make money online coaching at:

    Photo of the guy in black spectacles used is the same as that of The Funnel Apprentice.

    Format of the website and faked reviews looks exactly the same as his $200/day DFY affiliate Business Scam if your can remember.

    Using to check on the domain,

    Domain Name: ONE-FUNNEL.COM
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 106
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Name Server: NS01.ONE.COM
    Name Server: NS02.ONE.COM
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Updated Date: 10-apr-2017
    Creation Date: 10-apr-2017
    Expiration Date: 10-apr-2018

    Well, Christian just registered the domain 2 days back. Domain registrar company as usual is Ascio and hosting company is

    Too bad your scam is busted very quickly this time round.

          1. I would like to add the contact number 0049683173851 at by Johnny West. Website is down.

      1. He is offering the following coaching (in USD):
        1. $997 – Intensive 1 month coaching to make $20k monthly
        2. $5k and $8k – Done For You (DFY) Business, guaranteed $20k after 1 month. $5k offers 6 months support, $8k offers 12 months support.

        Payment by Payoneer only. It’s the same old DFY scam except he is scamming big time.

        You pay him $5k and after 1 month, you get back $20k. Profit = $15k??? Doesn’t make sense!
        Why don’t he setup the business on his own instead?

        If something is too good to be true, IT IS!

        1. I saw this at ripoffreport

          Thought I should copy and paste it here for everyone to know:

          “One of my friend, who had also been scammed by Christian Gasper previously, pretended to be interested in “Johnny West” Coaching and emailed him in April 2017. Below is part of the important email response my friend shared with me:

          Hi Johnny,

          Thanks for your fast reply! Greatly appreciated.

          Some questions about your coaching, hope you don’t mind:

          1. How do I pay you?

          2. How much is the done-for-you solution?

          3. What is the niche of the business?

          4. How is the training done? Is it by skype?

          5. What is your facebook profile? Would be faster if I can message you on FB directly rather than email.

          6. How much is the additional expenses for the business besides your coaching?

          7. How much time do we need to spend daily for the course? I still have a full time job. I am not sure if I can set aside enough time for the training.

          8. Which country are you from? I am from US. Worried about time zone difference for the training.


          Let me answer your questions below.

          First of all… the coaching program has nothing in common with CPA or Affiliate Marketing.

          It’s an in depth training that teaches you exactly how I went from living on welfare, 15 years of struggles to over 680 sales, over 20k in revenue and a list of over 440 customers within 30 days.

          If you choose to join this program, you can expect some great results too if you do what’s necassary.

          However, here are my answers:

          1. I prefer to be paid through payoneer. If you choose to join, I would send you an invoice.

          2. The done for you solution puts you in a position where we a) set this entire business up for you, everything will be handled by us, and at the end of 30 days you can expect to have a 20k/m online business up and running, and b) we will build you a list of at least 400 customers that are willing to buy whatever you have to offer, and c) we do literally everything for you, it’s 100% hands free (we even do the technical stuff, you don’t have to lift a single finger). This done-for-you solution is $7k including the coaching program + 12 months of 1-on-1 support OR $5k incl. coaching and 6 months 1-on-1 support.

          3. The niche of the DFY business is the MMO (Make money online) niche, but you can apply the principles I will teach you to any other niche you want.

          4. The coaching program and the 1-on-1 support will be delivered by weekly Skype calls.

          5. I prefer to talk to my clients on Skype, I don’t really like Facebook at all 😉

          6. The additional expenses for this DFY business are $0. Like it said, when you join our DFY business, we do all the work for you and we handle the costs for setting everything up for you too. Once this 20k/m business is ready, it a) puts you in the position to scale up without any problems, and b) to make money on demand, literally whenever you need it.

          7. To be honest, I would suggest you to choose the DFY solution because it a) delivers massive results for you specifically if you consider that you do have a 9-5 job, and b) I assume you want to quit your job and make a living online as fast as humanly possible, well, this is exactly what this DFY Solution will do for you all within 30 days.

          8) I am based in the UK. We’ll find a way to get on our calls, I have people from all over the world. The good news is that I work only at night 😀 So that’s in the evening over there 🙂

          Please let me know if you have further questions, I’m here to help.


          Well, from the email content, we know that it is really Christian Gasper behind “Johnny West”.

          For example, in many of his websites as “Allen Martin”, “Allen” has always mentioned about how he struggled 15 years online:

          Secondly, the terms “CPA” and “affiliate marketing” are again mentioned. We know that “Allen Martin” is notorious for his Done For You DFY CPA Business Scams and Done For You DFY Affiliate Business Scams.

          Thirdly, like “Allen Martin”, “Johnny West” is pushing for his Done For You DFY Business which is 100% hands free, similar to previous DFY Business scams. He has up his antics now, preparing to scam $5000 and $7000 instead of $997 to $4997 previously.

          “Johnny” promised to make you $20 000 in only a month? And charge only $5k and $7k? Why don’t “Johnny” setup the business on his own to earn so much instead? It doesn’t make any business sense.

          Lastly, “Johnny” said he doesn’t like facebook and we know why. You scammed people on facebook and you’ve got exposed all over!”

          1. There’s no doubting that Gasper is behind Johnny West. Apart from upping the cost everything is almost word for word identical to his previous scams.

  105. Well, well! I am pretty much Gobsmacked right now. Did anyone else just get an email from Allen Martin admitting that he is Christian Gasper?

    I assume that you have, otr will get the same email. However, just in case…here it is:

    “We haven’t spoken for a very long time, I know, but I needed some time to think about my business, my life etc.

    Here’s the catch…

    I assume the majority of you all know about Eben Pagan and that he’s running several businesses online.

    All of them are very successful as you already know.

    But you also know that he is using pen names for some of his businesses, so he did for his “double your dating” business.

    His pen name was and still is David DeAngelo.

    Same goes with me, Allen Martin.

    My real name isn’t Allen Martin but Christian Gasper.

    Maybe you already know about that or not, but that’s the truth.

    I wanna be as honest as possible with you, that’s why I’m telling you this.

    My pen name for my WSO business was Allen Martin but I’m retiring from it now once and for all. And you can’t expect from me releasing any of these type of products or programs anymore again.

    I am going to make a big shift in my whole business.

    The WSO business is a very simple and yet profitable online business, that’s absolutely true, but to be honest, it doesn’t even fulfill me anymore again.

    The reason I haven’t been in touch with you for so long is because, like I already stated in the first sentence, I had to think about me, my life, my business and what I actually want for my entire life.

    And I found that I don’t wanna keep teaching people about CPA Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing anymore again.

    The reason is very simple… because based on my own experience in this industry, both type of businesses are not really scaleable and they are also very hard to get the food in the door and to actually build a solid income.

    The only way to have a profitable, steady and profitable online business is to:

    a) Build an email list
    b) Build a relationship with them
    c) Sell ’em cool stuff (Your own products/programs/services)

    I know that’s a lot to swallow, but like I said… for me it’s the conclusion I came to after months of thinking about what my life should be all about.

    I don’t wanna talk so much about me, because now, since I leave this get rich quick industry, I leave my ego out of the game… from now on it’s only about the people on my list, and that I wanna serve them in the best way possible.

    Think about it… is it better to have a real, solid online business that takes some time and effort to build up and to profit from it for years to come, OR is it a wiser decision to jump from one to the next get rich method…

    … methods that are either outdated or won’t work at all?

    Whatever you choose, I appreciate your decision, because it’s your life and I have no right to command you to move in the direction I believe should be right for you.

    At this stage I really hope you have some sort of understanding that it took me so long to tell you… I’m not Allen Martin but Christian Gasper. And I won’t show up as Allen Martin anymore again.

    If not, I understand that too.

    But if you decide to give me a 2nd chance, I will prove to you that it will be really worth to stay on my list, because I’m really gonna put in all my heart and energy to impact as many lives as possible, hopefully yours too.

    Follow me on this journey, and I will teach you how to build a profitable, sustainable and serious online business that will last longer than the next best get rich quick.

    If you like to be part of this journey with me, you don’t have to do anything at all, simply stay subscribed.

    And as a special gift to apologize and to give you some sort of impression on what you can expect from me, in terms of quality content, you can download a free cheat sheet I’ve compiled for you.

    This cheat sheet can be downloaded completely for free, and you also don’t have to opt in anywhere else, it’s the direct download link.

    In this cheat sheet I’m gonna provide you with 7 simple, but yet actionabale steps that will help you to get a better understanding where to start, and how to build a very profitable online business from scratch.

    These steps will work for you even if you don’t have a single subscriber, or even if no one knows about you, heck it will work even if you have no skills/experience at all.

    Download it HERE (No opt in required) >>>

    I appreciate you, no matter if you stay on my list or not.

    If you stay on my list, I’d be delighted to guide you to a successful online business.

    Tomorrow I’m gonna provide you with more information about my blog, the topics that I cover, and basically what you can expect from me in total.

    Talk tomorrow


    So, what do you make of that? Personally, I see it as a desperate man who realises the consequences of what he has done are not only following him around, but are also begining to close in around him.

    Too late Christian. A second chance? Pffff! Think again son.

    1. I have received the same email, Dave. It looks like he wants to fudge the issue and make people trust him because he is so honest in telling us that his real name is Christian Gasper, despite having denied it all along, even to the point of threatening me with legal action. He hasn’t explained though why he thought it was ok to scam people out of their money, giving them nothing in return. Perhaps that will be his next email.

  106. Yeah, he had new facebook page with his real name and photo Christian Gasper.

    Hi opt in page:

    Well, if his latest scam was not exposed here, do your think he will reveal his true identity? Most probably he had used up the money he scammed and is in need of money again. A man in desperation now.

    He cheated on us not once, not twice but thrice. Remember first the “Done For You scam”, then the “Allan Martin Scam” and now this “Johnny West aka John Malcolm Scam”. Up till today, most of us had not gotten our refund back. I can only say one thing – you get what you deserved, Christian! I believe this is only the beginning of his bad Karma. You reap what you sow.

    And this exposes one more thing – his make money online methods and products does not work. If his strategies make him lots of money, why does he keep trying to resort to his old methods of to make money- collecting emails and then offering his online done for you coaching (scam)?

    Like most make money products at the warrior forum, his products are most probably a repackage of old money making methods that doesn’t work but can sell as a product, especially to newbies.

    If it is as easy as what he claimed in his emails to make $100/day, $200/day or even $1000/day, he can just use those methods to become rich and stay underground, enjoying his Internet Lifestyle, especially now that his make money online scams are exposed everywhere on the Internet.

  107. Hi guys,
    As anticipated, his “remorse” didn’t last long: my email to “” already bounced! Ahh well… So much for second chances…
    Happy Easter all!

  108. His new blog post with the Facebook Plugin:

    To be fair, the post is actually quite well written except the faked “as seen on CBS News, FOX, NBC, abc” logo on his homepage . Makes him look like some reputable and famous person.

    What I suspect now is that he would just keep quiet about his prevous online money scams and continue with his “genuine” email marketing effort.

    Why would he part with the few hundred thousand dollars that he so easily scammed?

    I estimated more than 100 people should have been scammed and the amount scammed should be at least USD $200 000. A few weeks ago, I came across a big marketeer on facebook. I mentioned about “Allen Martin’s Scam” briefly and he told me several of his students had also been scammed by the same person. That should give you an idea the magnitude of his scams.

    Why would he mentioned about his shady past if he can cover it up by acting like an Email Marketing Guru who provides invaluable make money online methods to people now?

    Basically, he realised he is wrong to scam people for short term benefit rather than providing real value to his subscribers, build good relationships and trust, and make more money in the long term.

    That is why he is forced to abandon his hide and seek game using different aliases but use back his real identity Christian Gasper. He could not get people to buy his products without a real photo, a real video and direct communications with his subscribers. He could not make money. He realises he couldn’t survive long.

    I can only say that making changes only now are too late, too little.

    He did not think about the destructive consequences when he decided to start scamming people online.

    He thought “Hey, this is the easiest Internet Money I’ve Ever Made!”

    He thought he could continue scamming people openly on Warrior Forum and Facebook. He thought he could just lie to paypal and banks by forging faked evidence of sending a physical item to our address. Until his scam was exposed here and ripoffreport.

    Then he thought “I can just delete all evidence – my websites, FB profiles, emails and continue scamming people underground with another name, no problem.”

    But with hundreds of people hunting after him, his email scams get exposed everytime he just started. “Allan Martin”, “Johnny West”, “John Malcolm” all got found out quickly. He started to regret. He started to get scare. He couldn’t make much money now compared to the past. He had to change.

    He has no choice but to come out clean and officially announces “I am Christian Gasper, Allen Martin is my pen name”.

    Even if he refunds everyone of us the money he owes us (He Would Not Of Course), his reputation is already damaged by Internet Scams being reported against him floating about. Google “Allen Martin”, or “Christian Gasper”, all his Done For You Business scams will show up.

    His Internet Marketing Career is basically over.

    1. There is no doubt that Christian has produced a quality web page, but don’t let anyone kid themselves that he is turning over a new leaf. While promoting on his Christian Gasper site he is simultaneously promoting with his other fake aliases and has upped the anti from his previous scam. Scammers are adept at looking like honest marketers. That’s how they fool people and Christian had us all fooled previously. It wouldn’t surprise me if the scam he pulled with us was not his first either.

      If Christian was trying to market honestly now he would not use the faked as seen on CBS News, FOX, NBC, abc” logo on his homepage.

      Hopefully you are right and his internet marketing career is basically over. It would be a shame if other people get scammed by this villain. He is however a slippery customer who has no shame or remorse about what he has done so it will take continued vigilance by all. Thanks for all your hard work.

  109. Hi everyone! The weasel sure reacts quickly… All the links you provided in the past few days are coming back “Hosted by” or “Error 404”, so it means the sociopath is reading our posts everyday, and makes the appropriate corrections accordingly. My best strategy is this: email to all the web masters/support dept. where he’s trying to open shop (Warrior+, Warrior Forum, Clickbank, LinkedIn, PayPal, Facebook etc.) and start his new scams, and explain the situation and refer them to this website. That will be convincing enough. Once they see the global social movement started to stop this highway robber, they’ll reconsider their association with him… Worth a try anyway… Especially if they see a bunch of us writing to them! Keep us posted!

  110. Christian Gasper is trying to promote his website by joining FB groups:

    Just Follow him by joining the group, post a link to this website via commenting on his post and message the group admin about his scam.

    Anyway, his website is already down.

    I think the reason is because someone has reported all his latest scam to ripoffreport and he is forced to react:

  111. Can we stop this burger from getting back into facebook? He scammed people on FB with his English name “Allen Martin”. Now he has the check to get back into FB openly with his Real Identity “Christian Gasper”!

    I found only 1 post on his scam reported on Facebook:

    No wonder the burger keeps coming back and makes new profiles!

    We should expose his scams on Facebook so that he doesn’t ever come back! There are around 30 of us here. If each one makes 1 simple post, there will be 30 posts!

    Expose his scams on make money groups or report scam groups:

    How to write a post on his scam:

    1. Write a simple post about his scam like “Beware of German Scammer Christian Gasper who has been conning people here on facebook with his Done For You (DFY) Business Scams. He has used faked profiles like “Allen Martin”, “Allan Martin”, “John Malcolm” etc to scam your money and run away! I have been scammed XXX amount before! Go to the links below to learn more of his online money scams:

    2. Remember to include his photos in your post for people to recognise the scammer. Get his photos from ripoffreport:

  112. I have been following Chris recently.

    I notice he is very scare of VERY SCARE.

    He deleted his and websites immediately after they were reported at ripoffreport on April 2017 –

    If I am not wrong, this picture attached with the reports
    is taken from his instagram profile He has since hidden or deleted this profile, I am not sure but it is not visible to the public anymore.

    Besides exposing his scams on FB as Smith wrote, I would also suggest reporting to ripoffreport asap the next time his scam is found out again. Let’s keep on the good work, guys!

    1. Hi Guys, I sent a message to a scam report FB group. Group admin had added a post on Chris’s scam with a link to ripoffreport yesterday.
      Today, I checked FB again and Chris had deleted all his FB profiles and also deleted website Looks like he is really scare of ripoffreport as Mike said. We should expose him more so he has to hide forever. Going to post more of his scams on social media. Hehe….

  113. – Allen Martin from Australia?

    I did a search on twitter and guess what, guys, I found a profile “Allan Martin” from US:

    The website is listed under the profile. Quite a number of internet marketing related tweets daily promoting “Allan Martin’s products” and other affiliate products. He has 44.2k tweets.

    I use google image search on the Allan Martin’s profile picture. Guess what? I found a profile of “Allan Martin” at the WarriorForum –
    Checking on his profile, I found out he is promoting the website which redirects to his page.

    Both websites and were reported here earlier on in December 2016 when some of us received emails from “Allan Martin”.

    Wow, I am not sure how many faked profiles Christian Gasper has and how many scams he is exactly involved in. He really is an experienced serial scammer as we uncover more!

  114. Below are the last emails I got from Chris before his website was deleted. He was still lying to his subscriber with a faked address in US – 1011 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101,
    United States. For everyone’s reference:
    1st Email:

    Congrats and thanks for putting your trust in me.

    I wanna keep this mail as short as humanly possible, but I want to give you clear and precise roadmap on what you can expect from me.


    But first real quick… let me introduce myself so you get to know me better.

    My name is Christian Gasper, I’m 37 years old, married to my wonderful wife Noreen, we’re both based in Germany, and I’m in this Internet Industry for close to 4 decades now. And yes, I’m not a native english speaker, and no, my english isn’t probably perfect and I make a ton of mistakes, but who cares as long as you get what I’m saying, everything’s cool, right?

    Yeah… I feel like some sort of a Dinosaur LOL.

    However, in a nutshell you can expect me to send you tons of really cool stuff over the course of the next weeks and months. For sure, the majority of it is free stuff.

    But I wanna be very honest and transparent with you too, because the thing is, I’m running an online business to bring food on the table for my family, and in general to provide them with a good life.

    That’s why I promote cool stuff to you too, but really just from time to time… it happens very rarely.

    I believe you understand.

    One further point before I leave you, please make sure to add me to your contact list, OR simply reply back to this email with a short sentence where you let me know who you are for instance 😉

    Another quick way is to drag and drop my email to the “Primary folder” in your inbox.

    I want you to receive the majority of my content so you can benefit from it too.

    That’s it.

    Here’s your download link again: Click Here To Download The Cheat Sheet

    Thanks for your time, and I speak to you soon again.


    P.S.: If you have 1 minute left, I’d appreciate if you “Like” my Facebook Fanpage. Thanks.

    Christian Gasper
    1011 Market Street
    San Diego
    CA 92101
    United States

    2nd email:

    Next week on Friday I’m gonna release a new blog post with the 25 frequently asked questions about how to build an email list from scratch.
    My question to you is: “What is your #1 question you have on how to build an email list from scratch?”
    Please let me know what are you desperate to know about listbuilding.

    How can you do that?
    Just REPLY BACK to this mail with your question, and then I can address yours too 😉
    That’s exactly what I’m be doing.
    Every week, on Friday I’m gonna publish a new blog post with the 25 frequently asked questions about a specific topic.
    There’s no catch, no strings attached, nothing, just pure content.
    And yes, you will only receive one email a week, execept I have a new promotion which I believe will help you to move forward.

    That’s it.

    Here’s what to do:
    Step #1 – REPLY BACK to this mail with your most important question on the topic “Listbuilding”
    Step #2 – Would be cool if you let me know who you are, where you’re from… 😉

    Cheers and until Friday

  115. Hi Joe, this is spamming for backlinks. Paragraph is copied and pasted from my posting. Please delete it. Thanks.

  116. The psychopath Christian Gasper aka Allen Martin aka Allan Martin is at it again. Just got this:


    Hey, it’s Allan and it’s been quite the busy couple of days, I’ve been busy fixing up my daughter’s room.
    Anyway, today I want to pass along a cool traffic resource I found…
    Once your funnel is in place, traffic is the lifeblood of your business.
    It’s essential.
    But I get emails all the time asking me:
    “How do I get more traffic to my site?”
    Today I wanted to pass along this blog post I found with 65 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.
    The post is a few years old, but most of the traffic methods still work today:
    More traffic means more subscribers, more sales and Mo’ Money!
    Just one word of warning…
    Don’t try to go out there and master ALL of the sources of traffic. Instead just focus on a few methods that jump out at you and became a master of those.
    Take Care,
    Allan Martin

    PO Box 2253
    New Port Richey 34656
    United States

  117. 1st scam – Allen Martin
    2nd scam – Allan Martin
    3rd scam – John Malcolm, Johhny West
    4th scam – Christian Gasper
    5th scam (now) – Allan Martin again!

    After spending sometime browsing through the comments section, I have compiled the info below for “Allan Martin”:

    Domain of allanmartin is registered in 2009. Warrior Forum account allanwm is also registered in 2009.

    Conclusion: Christian has been using the name “Allan” before “Allen”. Scammers always create numerous faked aliases.

    Can someone report at ripoffreport? Christian is scared of ripoffreport. He deleted all domains once they are reported there. Thanks.

  118. I googled and found someone had reported the scam at

    Guess what? I found Christian Gasper’s latest profile at He is learning drawing now. Scamming our hard-earned money to enjoy a good life, what a character!

  119. Christian Gasper is trying to scam people on twitter.

    I found the following tweets from his account.

    On 16th May, Allan Martin made 4 similar tweets. If you click the link, there would be a sign up page

    I enter an email address and was redirected to his scam.

    His Tweets:
    Allan Martin‏ @AllanMartin May 16
    The Anatomy of A Six Figure Sales Funnel

    Allan Martin‏ @AllanMartin May 16
    How To Create Your Own Six Figure Sales Funnel!

    Allan Martin‏ @AllanMartin May 16
    It’s a video, It’s free …

    Allan Martin‏ @AllanMartin May 16
    Got a Sales Funnel?

    He is also promoting other affiliate products from this twitter account.

  120. I think this guy has resurfaced with a different scam. He is calling himself Christian Martin. Another combination of his fake names. His web site looks very familiar. Called Profitfox. He is claiming that he can teach you how to be a consultant or coach and work from home. His first seminar on the web is limited to 100 attendees (ridiculous) and is free. His picture looks fake (he looks about 16). He claims to have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. And he is on the online site as someone who contributes articles as a guest writer (not as someone who has a feature article written about them). It is all very slick but clearly a scam.

    1. I had a look at his website but while he may conceivably be scamming people, his modus operanda appears different than Christian Gaspers and his English is much better. He doesn’t have links to any of the normal Christian Gasper offers. For me, it just doesn’t sound like him. Also a lot of effort has been put into this website to make it very professional. Christian Gasper tends not to put so much effort into the website. However all that being said the job of a scammer is to scam people and he may have moved it up a notch.

      1. Info of from
        Domain Name: PROFITFOX.COM
        Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, LLC
        Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 440
        Whois Server:
        Referral URL:
        Name Server: NS65.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
        Name Server: NS66.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
        Status: clientDeleteProhibited
        Status: clientRenewProhibited
        Status: clientTransferProhibited
        Status: clientUpdateProhibited
        Updated Date: 12-mar-2017
        Creation Date: 15-jun-2006
        Expiration Date: 15-jun-2018

        Registrar and hosting companies are different from Christian’s usual ones, so Christian does not own the domain.

  121. I did a twitter search and found the twitter accounts the scumbag has: (no photo, still promoting his CPA offers) (no photo, inactive) (UK, inactive since allen martin scam was exposed) (Australia, actively tweeting internet marketing stuffs) (US, actively marketing his scam products) (account just deleted after scam was exposed)

    Notice the Chris loves to invert his names like “real allen martin” to “allen martin real”, “gasper christian” and “christian gasper”.

    Another one of his old website using inverted names –

  122. Hi Guys, great news!

    Johnny West’s Warrior Forum account has been banned.

    His CPA info products at Warrior Forum Classified Ads are all banned by clickbank. For instance, go to, scroll down a bit and click on the big fat yellow button “Add to cart” will show product no longer active at clickbank.

    I dread to think about those that got scammed $5k/$8k by Johnny West Done For You Scam. Scammer probably scammed a few newbies this time.

    1. Hey Smith
      I clicked your link for the cpa offer at warriorplus and read through the replies on his thread and found this
      Originally Posted by passiveincomebiz View Post

      Hi Johnny:

      I am interested in CPA very much and thinking I could benefit from your 15 years of expertise in this area. I am wondering if you could set my mind at ease a bit with regards to your offer. I am seeing on the web where you are purported to have a strong connection to Allen Martin aka Christian Gasper aka John Malcolm who offered a CPA product but didn’t deliver on promises – leaving many (some on this forum) – high and dry. Do you have any connection to this nefarious person? I know your offer is less than $5 but I wouldn’t want to support anyone connected to this person. Would love your feedback. Thanks man.
      Johny West response:

      What a stupid question! Instead of looking for others are doing, focus on your stuff!

      1. Yeah I know, Bryan. Thanks for mentioning it anyway.

        Thereafter, passiveincomebiz replied Johnny West:
        Thanks man. I have gotten the answer I needed. Interesting you removed “your” (cough cough) profile picture.

        Johnny West had removed his faked profile pics after being exposed. I have saved and uploaded the pics here –

        passiveincomebiz had made a post at warrior forum last year to expose Allen Martin Done For You Biz scams.

        Unfortunately, most of our post were deleted by moderators as warrior forum do not welcome forum posting on scams.

  123. Hi Guys,

    I signed up for Allan Martin at to follow the scammer.

    I received a total of 15 emails almost daily until last week.

    No more emails? I was surprised.

    I check to see the scumbag trying to clear up his email subscribers. He sure got a ton of spams from us.

    I tried spamming him by entering some random email addresses at his sign up page yesterday. The system banned some of those emails like those with names “Christian” and “Gasper”.

    So now, if you want to follow the scammer, get a new email account and signed up at

    You will go to this page thereafter –

    “Allan” will send you a confirmation email. Go back to your email account to confirm the email and you will be subscribed.

    Let’s continue to follow Christian Gasper and see what he is up to.

  124. “Allan” is marketing his DFY product at ($97, now price is reduced to $47)

    If you purchased, there is an upsell of a more expensive DFY product at ($297)

    About the emails I got from “Allan Martin”:
    The style of writing and method used to promote his Done For You sales funnel (yes, DFY Scam Again! This guy is just addicted to scamming people this way!) are the same old shit as Allen Martin’s.

    Headlines for Emails:
    “Question and Answer about the Done For You Sales Funnel”
    “Final Chance to get Done For You Sales Funnel”

    All reminiscent of Allen Martin Scam!

    I have copied and pasted 2 of emails below:

    Email 1 – Question and Answer about your Done For You Funnel

    If you’ve already picked up your Done For Your Sales Funnel , Congratulations!

    Now, I know that there are some questions, so I thought

    I would try to answer them here –

    Question: What is all included with the Done For You Sales Funnel offer?
    Your funnel will include the following:
    · A Squeeze Page (For Your Giveaway Product)
    · A Giveaway Product (A Report About Creating Products Quickly)
    · A Front End Product (A Full Course On Product Creation)
    · Upsell and Downsell Pages (Selling Your Backend Products)
    · 2 Backend Products (9+ Hour Continuity Course and a 5+ Hour Targeted Traffic Course)
    · Sales Pages For Everything (Front End And Backend Products)
    · Download Pages For Everything (Free Report, Front End & Backend)
    · A New Kitchen Sink (Just Kidding On That One)
    These are HIGH QUALITY products you’ll be proud of too!

    Question: Can I Make Changes To The Funnel Or The Products Within It?
    That’s the idea… These are YOUR products and it’s YOUR funnel so you can edit them anyway you want!

    The only thing you can’t do is pass on the rights to your customers to edit the products, other than that you can do pretty much anything you want (again, these are intended to be YOUR products).

    Question: What if I don’t think the funnel is right for me after I receive it?
    No problem, if you don’t love it, you don’t pay! This is fully guaranteed!

    Question: What if I want to use a WordPress plugin (like Optimize Press) for the funnel? Will that work?
    The short answer… YES!
    You’ll be provided with all the pages (squeeze page, sales pages, download pages) in HTML format and the if you’re using WordPress the easiest thing to do is just copy of paste the content of the page into your new page on WordPress (formatting it with whatever plugin or theme you’re using).
    Would you like to have your own full sales funnel up by this time tomorrow?

    Grab Your Funnel Here –

    Take Care,
    Allan Martin

    PS: I do plan on selling a few more of these funnels at the current price, and then I’ll raise the price, sell a few more at a higher price before shutting this offer down.

    Allan Martin
    PO Box 2253
    New Port Richey 34656
    United States

    Email 2 – Final Chance to get Done For You Sales Funnel Before…

    Final Chance to get the Done For You Sales Funnel that I created for you before the price goes up.

    Grab The Funnel Here –

    Your done for you sales funnel includes:
    · A Squeeze Page (For Your Giveaway Product)
    · A Giveaway Product (A Report About Creating Products Quickly)
    · A Front End Product (A Full Course On Product Creation)
    · Upsell and Downsell Pages (Selling Your Backend Products)
    · 2 Backend Products (9+ Hour Continuity Course and a 5+ Hour Targeted Traffic Course)
    · Sales Pages For Everything (Front End And Backend Products)
    · Download Pages For Everything (Free Report, Front End & Backend)
    · A New Kitchen Sink (Just Kidding On That One)

    These are HIGH QUALITY products you’ll be proud of too!

    I’m way underpriced on this right now (which is why I’m raising the price for the remainder of the funnels I sell), but I thought I’d give you one last shot at the introductory price.

    Grab it for the lower price here

    I hope this is able to change your business,

    Take Care,
    Allan Martin

    Allan Martin
    PO Box 2253
    New Port Richey 34656
    United States

  125. Hmm.. I went to take a look at Christian faked ID Allan Martin’s twitter site

    I saw his many tweets on internet marketing products. I clicked on “buy now” at the salespage and was taken to payment by jvzoo page.

    I then checked his Allan Martin jvzoo seller account Scammer has has listed new products.

    So Christian Gasper is selling his own allan martin products and a few other affiliate products from jvzoo. Need to inform jvzoo.

  126. Hi Guys,

    The Scammer is back again!

    His Blog has FB comments plugin. Spam him-
    Website is copied from his old page

    Opt-in page for DFY scam again. Subscribe to follow his scams-

    New linkedin profile, claimed to have moved to Frankfurt

    From his Linkedin page:

    “Hi everyone, my name is Christian Gasper and I’m the CEO and the Founder of Funnel Consulting.

    How can I help?
    If you are a business owner and you have a product, program or service, and you need more qualified targeted leads, more sales and an automated system that provides you with more revenue and more time freedom, then I can help.”

    More like CEO and Founder of Christian Gasper Scam Academy

    1. I Smith. Thanks for the ehads-up. I went and left my comment as soon as I saw your post a few hours ago. Just had another look and I was surprised (but delighted) to see it’s still there. Let’s not give this thief any chance at all to get the upper hand again. Comon guys, post on his blog. Tell visitors how he really raised $732,042 in the last 12 months.
      Cheers! Dave

  127. Scumbag has a new website for business podcast.

    His instagram profile has a link to his sign up page

    After email opt-in:

    Download page –

    Please look out for him at Warrior Forum. Probably created another new account. He likes to promote CPA ebooks and business.

  128. Hi Guys. Joe, after that last post you made, I went to the Fb page and left a couple of comments. However, something odd happened in the few hours since then. I just got an email in my inbox from somebody (claiming to be) called Mark Newman.

    The subject line is: “Re.: If you don’t know me, open this”.
    Now that’s a pretty idiotic subject line to use….no I don’t know him, and no, I haven’t opened it – yet.

    However, when I hover my mouse over the name Mark Newman, Google Mail tells me it is from:

    Anyone else get this email?

    When I go directly to the website (, I see pretty much the exact same template with the exact same content and the exact same figures (“He grew of 4,110 subscribers and generated $732,042 in the last 12 months”) as I saw on one of the links that Smith gave us for Gasper’s latest attempt at cyber-robbery.

    Anyone else seeing this too? Anyone get the email from this stranger called Mark Newman?
    I think this is knob-end trying to use his list again.

    I just had another look at that site again…It’s Gasper. He’s trying again with the same list, I’m certain of it. It looks like he’s giving away a free product, to get clean sign-ups. The product is called called the “Son Of a Gun Technique”. Perhaps Son of a Bitch Technique” would be more appropriate.
    Take a look and see what you think.

    What do you think?

  129. Oh dear! I just opened the email and skimmed over it. It’s our favourite cyberthief for sure. Remember the heartbreak BS that we got for Gasper and John Malcolm in those last attempts? Well read this rancide pile of donkey crap:

    “Back in June 2016 one of my best buddies, Jason Finley committed to suicide.

    I am not quite sure if you heard about it.

    But most of you guys knew about Jason very well, just because he was a product launch guy on and you all bought at least one or two products in the past.

    Jason and I were really good friends for almost a decade, and the last thing he told me about was that he soon is gonna leave this place.

    At this time, I didn’t understand what he was talking about until the day he died.

    The last thing Jason asked me for, before he died, was to reach out to his list, and to tell them that he left this place, and that I should decide if I wanted to, you know, get in a relationship with you guys to keep providing you with some cool things like he used to do.

    I asked him why I should do that, and he answered that he spent so much time and effort in building this list that it would be a huge waste of all the effort and sweat he has put in over the course of the last, approx. 5 years or so.

    We are speaking about a list with over 10,000 people on it, it’s not a list with a few 100’s of people on it.

    Well, this is the first email I write to his entire list, to you since the day he left this planet. I wasn’t able to reach out earlier because I wasn’t in the right mood, had too many personal things going on, and honestly, I had no idea what I should write in this email.

    Today I firmly decided to write this email to you, and to let you know that it was one of Jason’s last will that I stay in touch with his list, basically, with you.

    I’m in the online marketing world for 3 years now, and I make a living through it.

    But here are a few things I’ve decided to do, and a few things not to do:

    1.) I am not gonna create these WSO’s like Jason used to launch for quite a few years

    2.) Jason told me that he sent almost daily mails to you; I’ve decided not to follow this pattern, in fact I’m just gonna mail you, maybe one or two times a week max., and only if I really have something to share with you that will help you and will get you results if you apply it.

    3.) I am not gonna share any quick rich schemes with you because I believe they are all a big scam in my opinion.

    4.) You will only learn from me things, strategies and tactics that really work, no matter how experienced you are or how many skills you currently have.

    5.) I am not gonna teach you anything related to CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, because I haven’t done this before, and I don’t wanna sell you anything about these topics just for the sake of making a few bucks here and there.

    6.) The strategies I succeeded with are a) List Building, b) Creating and selling own products to the list, and c) Getting your subscribers real results which will lead to even more money for you.

    Hope you don’t mind but I want to be as transparent and upfront as possible.

    I know that there are many “self named gurus” out there who are just looking to make money no matter if they hurt others or not.


    For the sake of helping you succeed online, to make your first money online, to replace your day job with your online business, I’ve created a free Facebook Group which I’d like to invite you to join. It’s a group to provide you with 24/7 support whenever you need help with anything in your business. It’s free to join.

    In this group me and my friend Marian we will personally answer your questions regarding the topics:

    – How to build a successful online business from scratch, even if you have no money down.

    – List Building Strategies (Free and Paid Strategies)

    – Email Marketing Tactics

    – How to make your subscribers like to buy your stuff

    – Product Creation (…. yeah… even if you’re not an expert.)

    – Personal Results And Insights About My 7-Figure Business

    – Strategies and Tactics I am currently using and which you can use as well.

    – and Mindset stuff too.

    Click here to join the group – it’s absolutely free to join ==>

    Feel free to invite your friends to the group who might benefit from it too.

    Bonus If You Join Today & Add At Least 5 Of Your Friends To The Group Too

    In the next 5 days I’m gonna release the exact same strategy I’ve used to go from zero subscribers to 129 within a few days, and best of all, I built them all without investing any money at all.

    But the best is, these 129 subscribers made me over $6k in revenue, they allowed me to quit my day job once and for all.

    Would be a pleasure to help you build and grow your existing online business.

    Thank you.


    Whaaaahhhh! Pass me the hankerchief, I need to dry my eyes and sign-up straight away with this noble and trustworthy man. :o/

  130. I received the same email as you, Dave, further confirming that it is indeed the arch villian. As you recommended, Bryan, we need to check all his activity as Mark Newman.

  131. His main site and all subdomains are down. FB pages all gone. Only instagram page is still live.

    Let’s spam the hell out of him at instagram. Message his followers that this guy is a scammer who is bound to scam them sooner or later.

    Evidence? Google web search and image search “Christian Gasper Scam”, his shenanigans are on the first and second pages. Ask his followers to spread the word about his scams and report him.

    1. He has put his website link on his FB page webpage is online again. Chris used fake CNN foxnews etc logo, similar to his last scam in April.

      Psychopath Chris keeps on gloating how he scammed $732 042 from 4110 subscribers and it is no different here. He must be so proud of being able to scam easy money through people’s misery that he is repeating the same email marketing scam model again and again with his real name and photos even if his scams and pictures are exposed everywhere online. I have not seen a person as shameless as this.

      1. Why change something that is working. As long as the method is making money for him he will continue to use it.
        I left a comment on his facebook page but I dare say it won’t get approved.

  132. Hi Guys,

    The Scumbag is at it again! Beware of the new “Mark Newman Done For You DFY Email Business Scam!” Scammer used the same Email –

    I received this email offer from Christian Gasper claiming to make you $21 000 per month easily. Price? Only $997 for Done For You Email and $397 for coaching. It’s the same bullshit as his Allen Martin Done For You Scams:

    Just in case Scammer deletes the links, I have saved it:

    The Full Email:
    [Closing Soon] There are only 2 spots left + see what Mary did
    Mark Newman via
    16 Aug
    to me

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to close this offer in just a few hours.
    Below you can see the results Mary was able to generate, all within 4 weeks.

    These are the results Mary was able to achieve.
    What do you think makes she different to you?

    The answer is simple:
    She made a decision to enroll into this program below.
    I know it’s a bit expensive but I promise you, it’s worth every penny you invest today.
    Ohhh… I forgot to mention that I do only have 2 spots left.
    If you are sitting on the fence and you don’t know exactly if you should enroll or not, there are only 2 decisions you have to make:
    a) Either you enroll and you’ll turn your life around within 4 weeks OR
    b) Do nothing and let this offer expire and keep living the life you are living right now.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>
    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Here’s an overview what this service will do for you within 4 weeks:
    – I will build you a buyers list of 3,000 email subscribers within 4 weeks.
    – I will design an entire high converting sales funnel (with all up and downsells included) for you that will collect these subscribers, and put them into your autoresponder, whilst making you passive money 24/7 too. I will create, and design all pages for those lucky 5 people too.
    – Then I will also preload your autoresponder with 60 days of high converting written emails to a) build a strong relationship with your customers, b) to gain their trust, and c) to make you money through them, completely on autopilot.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>
    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Let’s recap of what this concept/service will do for you:
    – I will build you a buyers email list of 3,000 email subscribers within 4 weeks (Special Bonus: If you join today, I will add another 1,000 buyer leads to this core offer for you).
    – I will create, and design an entire sales funnel for you, incl. all pages and copy.
    – I will create all funnel offers for you.
    – I will write a 60 days high converting, persuasive email follow up series to build a strong relationship with your customers, to gain their trust, maintain it, and to sell the right offers to them, whilst being cool to them.
    – I will preload your autoresponder with this 60 days follow up series.
    – The sales funnel, and the emails are designed and written in a way that every email will bring you back on average guaranteed $7-$8 per month in profits. In other words, by just sending these emails over the course of 60 days, you will be making a monthly passive income of at least $21,000, up to $24,000.
    – This service is backed by my 200% money back guarantee, so completely risk free for you.
    – You will also get 1 Year of 24/7 Support.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>
    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Below you’ll find a frequently asked questions to answer your questions:

    Question: “When can I expect to make the first profit?”
    Answer: “You will make your first profits within the first 4 weeks lately.”

    Question:”How to do you generate these buyer leads? Are these solos?”
    Answer:”First of all, these are no solos or anything like that. The way I am able to offer something like that to you is only because I’ve teamed up with some of the biggest people in the product launch industry quite a while ago. Some of these people generate 10,000’s of customers per launch. There are new big product launches coming up every single month as you know. So what we do here is, we’ve added a ton of awesome bonuses to these people’s launches. In other words, every customer who buys their product during the launch will get free access to our bonuses we’ve placed in their members area. These are customers who’ve bought before they joined your list. That’s why it’s so much easier to sell something to them, rather than having a list of freebie seekers.”

    Question:”How long does it take until this list is built?”
    Answer:”You will have that list of buyers built within 30 days. Period! You can expect to receive a bit more than 3,000 buyers. It’s not that easy to stop the traffic all at once ;-). If you join today, I will build you a total of 4,000 buyer leads within 4 weeks.”

    Question:”Can I make $21,000-$24,000 per month every single month?”
    Answer:”Yes absolutely! Since all leads are pure customers, you will make an average of $7-$8 per email address in return every single month. The passive money will be generated through the email follow up series I will upload to your autoresponder. If you act today, I will not only preload your autoresponder with 60 high converting emails that will pull in big profits in a passive way into your account, I will also add another 30 emails every single month into your autoresponder, for 1 year in total. In other words, you’ll be making passive money for 1 year in total.”

    Question:”Did I get you right that I don’t have to do anything at all?”
    Answer:”Yes, you are 100% right! All I need from you is access to your autoresponder to preload it with the follow up series, that’s it. You will also need to send me your warriorplus and jvzoo account log in details. If you only have a warriorplus/jvzoo account, no problem, that’s fine too.”

    Question:”What about the offers? Are they affiliate offers or what? And what niche are they in?”
    Answer:”Yes, that’s right. The list I’m going to build for you is based in the “Make Money Online” niche, it’s the best niche and one of the most profitable ones to make a fortune with. I am only going to pick and choose offers from and for you. I will also provide you with a short text you have to send the seller when requesting your affiliate link. If you have problems to getting approved, shoot me a private message on Skype and I’ll handle that for you too, no problem.”

    Question:”How can I get help when I have questions?”
    Answer:”You will have private access to me 24/7 for 1 year in total. In other words, if you have any question, or you need help with anything you struggle with, just send me an email or reach out to me on Facebook. I will help you out asap.”

    Question:”Do you reopen this service maybe in a few weeks or months again?”
    Answer:”No I won’t. The reason is because I am fully booked the next months with the 5 people who join tomorrow.”

    Question:”How does your refund guarantee work?”
    Answer:”It’s simple. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results within 4 weeks, send me a private email to, or reply to this or any of my emails, or reach out to me on Facebook and ask for your refund. I am happy to send every penny back to you.”

    Question:”Are there any other costs I have to pay beside the initial investment of $997?”
    Answer:”No, that’s all!”

    Question:”Do you offer 1-on-1 Coaching as part of this service too?”
    Answer:”What I offer as part of this service is 24/7 support for 1 year in total. If you want me to teach you in private 1-on-1 sessions on Skype to scale your business to 7 figures and beyond, there’s an additional fee for that – it’s $397. It’s limited to these 5 people only too.
    Learn how to make 5-figures per day with this Secret Sauce “Private 1-on-1 coaching” =>

    Question:”Can I really expect to make $-7-$8 in ROI within 4 weeks? The average value per email address is $1-$2… why is yours so high? How you do that?”
    Answer:”That’s a very good question. The reason is very simple. If you build a list of email subscribers by giving away free stuff, the average email address value per month is $1-$2. BUT, if you build a list of pure customers who can only join your list by actually buying something from you, then the average email address value is between $7-$8 per month. It’s because these people have already bought something from you. This is what Dan Kennedy said in regards of buyers:”A buyer is a buyer is a buyer.” Someone who bought once from you, will go on and buy further stuff from you, except the fact you sell good stuff to them.”

    Question:”How does the process itself work? I still didn’t get it. Can you please clarify again?”
    Step 1: I will pick and choose 8 affiliate offers for you (W+ and JVZoo);
    Step 2: I will write a 60 days email series for you to promote these 8 products, one every week;
    Step 3: I will upload these 60 emails into your autoresponder;
    Step 4: Then I will create the entire Sales funnel incl. a low ticket offer (Priced @ $4.95), an OTO 1 (Priced @ $17), and an OTO 2 (Priced @ $97) for you;
    Step 5: I will upload this funnel into your W+ / Jvzoo account and connect the dots so you will attract affiliates and make passive sales from your autoresponder series.
    Step 6: I will build you a list of 3,000 + 1,000 (Bonus if act today) Subscribers within 4 weeks
    Step 7: All subscribers go through your sales funnel + they all receive the 60 days email series too.
    Step 8: You make PASSIVE MONEY 24/7 completely on Autopilot.
    That’s all the steps I will take for you, you don’t have to do anything at all.”

    Question:”Don’t I need a domain or hosting for the sales funnel?”
    Answer:”No. I will host all sales pages and products of the funnel for you. BUT, if you already have a domain and hosting you want to use for the sake of this sales funnel, I can upload everything to your existing hosting account – that’s no problem for me.”

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
    Click this link to secure your spot =>
    NOTE: I am only going to allow 5 people to get access to this service – will you be one of them? If your answer is yes, click the link above to secure your spot now.

    Question:”When will I make the first money if I choose to enroll today?”
    Answer:”The first 1000-2000 email subscribers will be built within 10-14 days, before they join your list, they will walk through your entire sales funnel first. To answer your question, you will be making your first 1000’s of dollars within 10-14 days. Then they will also receive the emails from your email series too. So that’s an extra cash that’s rolling into your account. 10-14 days is the number you will need to wait, max. before you’ll be making your investment back and you’ll be making some really big profits too.”

    Question:”I don’t have the money at the time to join, but I would love to be part of this offer too. Do you offer any split payment plans?”
    Answer:”Sorry, I do not. This is an offer which needs me to put in a lot of work for every new student that enrolls. If I would offer split payments, I would definitely disvalue my own time and work energy. Hopefully you understand that.”

    That’s it for this mail – again, I will only have 5 spots available for this very offer.
    Don’t wait too long because once the timer is over, this special offer will be down and you’ve missed out.

    Follow this invitation and sign up now for a tiny one time payment of $997 below:
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    Talk later,
    – Mark –
    If you do no longer want to receive these emails click here to UNSUBSCRIBE. If you would like to report spam click here to report abuse
    4823 Pretty View Lane,San Francisco,94103,CA.

  133. He is releasing a WSO under “Mark Newman”!

    Email: [Free Course] Get your spot now

    Mark Newman via
    18 Aug

    to me

    I have some good news for you… and it’s probably the opposite what I told you a few weeks ago.

    In just a few days, actually on august 29th @ 10am EDT I’m going to release my first product to the marketplace.

    I know I told you not to launch anything like Jason and so many others still do and did before.

    But the day I announced the previous offer to my entire list, I literally had a lot of people reaching out to me who were asking if I’m gonna be launching a product soon, a product that teaches some fundamentals of the concept.

    That’s why I’ve put together a 6 Step-by-Step Video Course incl. Bonuses for you to learn more about this concept for as little as $4.95.

    That’ll be the early bird price for those who join on this page.

    In fact, if you join my early bird list, and you follow the instructions on the page you’ll be taken after registering, you will get the main product, the OTO1 and the OTO2 completely free.

    If you choose not to join, np, but in this case, if you’d like to get the main product, the OTO1 and 2, you will need to pay in total $128.95 to get these 3 products.

    OTO1 are 10 Done For You Campaigns you can plug in and profit right away, OTO2 are the license rights to sell my main product incl. all upsells as your own product.

    You can join the early bird list here =>

    Just enter your best email address, mark your calendar for august 29th @ 10am EDT and follow the instructions on the next page you’ll be taken to after registering for the early bird special.

    Sign up here and get all three products free =>

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I am only having 15 early bird spots available, all others have already been taken.

    Secure your spot here, but only if you truly commit to follow the steps on the next page.

    Talk later

    1. More Bullshit after opting in.

      Mark ask you to buy his product and One Time Offer 1 and One Time Offer 2 for a few hundred bucks, then he refund every single penny to you. Well, we all know that he will take the money and disappear. Remember his 3 X money back, no shenanigans guarantee for Allen Martin Scam?

      Here’s how to get early bird access to my new product “12 Minute Commission” while all others have to pay for it.

      STEP 1: On the launch day, August 28th @ 10am EST I’m going to send you an email with the subject line “LIVE -12 Minute Commission – Get it now!“.

      STEP 2: Open this email immediately, then go ahead, click on the link and buy the main product PLUS the OTO1 and OTO2 too. Total Cost will be $138.95 – but no panic 😉

      STEP 3: Send me your receipts for all three purchases to

      STEP 4: I will refund every penny back to you.

      STEP 5: Keep the main product, the OTO1 and OTO2 😉

      How cool is that?

  134. Hi Guys,

    I got this email from Christian about 2 weeks ago after opting in to his page. All the christian-gasper related sites are gone now.

    Thought I would post the email anyway:

    “Headlines: Welcome, you made it. Here’s your download link
    Christian Gasper

    Howdy… 😉 You’re all set! Awesome to have you.
    Below you’ll find the download link for the “Son of a Gun Technique” I promised to send over.

    Please take a second and let me introduce myself to you real quick:

    My name is Christian Gasper, I’m 37 to date, married to my wonderful wife Jenny and I am in this Internet Marketing Industry for almost 2 decades.

    It took me 15 years until I made my first penny online, been through 8 years of living on welfare, 4 years of depressions, jumped from one product/method to the next, and always felt that kind of information overload, being overwhelmed without actually any clear direction to take massive action on.

    Maybe you can relate at some point.

    Fast forward… I love Video Games, I love educating myself about new things (Mindset, Marketing, Fitness) and I love enjoying the Freedom this business allowed me to have…

    … and if you allow me to help you, I would love to teach you everything I know about how to become successful as an online marketer and in life in general.

    Enough about me…

    Here’s your download link (deleted)

    NOTE: I will only email you when I truly have something cool to share with you, and from time to time I might run a small promotion. Because this is my business and I make a living through it… sounds fair? Cool 🙂

    Talk soon again

    P.S.: Join my Free Facebook Group where you have access to me 24/7. Click here to join it free.

    Lahnstrasse 18
    Wiesbaden Hessen 65195
    Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options”

    Christian actually posted his real Wisebaden address at the end of his email? I suspected he might have moved as he never ever reveal his true address.

    I clicked on the link and see the group has 2 members – Marian Goss and Mark Newman

    Haha, I’ve uncovered the scumbag’s 2 faked profiles. Notice that Chris absolutely loves to use “one” in his web url. Yeah, oneandonlyonecg, onerealcg, and now onemarknewman, etc. Chris, you are indeed the one-and-only-one-unique-email-scammer!

    Obviously, “One Mark Newman” is trying to scam people on his page. The graphic picture on his post dated August 10th showing him making tons of money daily is the same as the one in the email where he is marketing his Done For You Email Online Biz scam I have no doubt he would PM the same purchase link to interested people.

  135. I did a bit of research into “One Mark Newman” 12 minute Commissions

    Mark announced the launch of his product on 29th August at:

    He has created 2 accounts at Warriorplus under “Mark Newman” to launch the 12 Minute Commission. Mark is using the first account themrmn more recently:

    You can promote his product by becoming an affiliate of Warriorplus and go to:

    His joint venture page looking for affiliates to promote his product:

    The salespage of 12 minute commission:

    He has multiple upsells and downsells after you purchase the front end product: (Front End Product) (Upsell 1) (Downsell 1) (Upsell 2) (Downsell 2) (Upsell 3) (Downsell 3)

    Product details and prices at a glance from
    Front End ($7, then $4.95)
    OTO1 (Upsell $27, then downsell $17 ) contains 10 completely Done-for-you campaigns for instant results.
    OTO2 (US$97, DS$47) contains the License rights to 12 Minute Commission.
    OTO3 (US$1997, DS$997) is my personal 1-on-1 Coaching with them. Actually I’ve stopped offering personal coaching for quite a while.

    His contacts:

    Early Bird Access:

    The purchase for 12 minute Commission links:

    His partners for the launch are:
    Sandy Nayak –
    Ram Rawat –

    His partners seems quite well known in the internet Marketing arena. I doubt they would co-operate with Mark to ruin their established reputation if the product is a 100% scam, like his Done For You Business Scams.

    Christian Gasper is perhaps doing both scams and non-scam businesses at the same time.

    1. This is a Mark Newman Scam and 12 Minute Commission Scam! OTO1 Done For You Campaign and OTO3 1-1 Coaching. Doesn’t that sounds familiar with all of Gasper’s previous scams? He will steal your money and run away!

      Joe, would appreciate if you can add “Mark Newman Scam” to the list of the Gasper’s aliases. “12 Minute Commission Potential Scam” may be added somewhere. Thank you.

  136. This is Sandy nayak initially we didn’t have a clue that he is Allen martin. After we discovered it last week we cut all ties with him and no longer are partners on the launch. If he is still using our names it’s not our fault.

  137. Hi Guys,

    I spend a bit of time to check on Christian’s 12 min commission scam today.

    On the salespage, “Mark Newman” claims you can make $200 daily with his 12 super easy minute setup. More fake claims in the Q and A part, “If you apply everything inside the product, you will make your first $200 per day in 24 hours, period!” BS! Fake reviews by fake people. Google image search the photos if you are using chrome browser.

    Totally identical to his Allen Martin Scam salespage.

    But Good News!

    It seems that Christian’s plan to go on a big scam for 12 minute commission has been scuppered! One would get scammed over $2000 bucks if he/she buys the front end product and all the 3 One Time Offer in the sales funnel. Info available at

    OTO 1 – $27
    OTO 2 – $97
    OTO 3 – $1997
    Total – $2128!!!!

    The Front End (FE) Product is just a bait at $7 to get you into his sales funnel and email list. Chris would then pyscho you to buy his OTO1-3 with his daily emails sent to your inbox even if you did not purchase the first time round. We all know how his email marketing scam works.

    OTO1 is Done For You Campaign again. Haha
    OTO2 is Resale rights to the product. Who would want to buy a scam product?
    OTO3 is his high end 1-1 coaching. Again!

    As George pointed out, OTO1 and OTO3 are his trademark scams!

    Christian Gasper has deleted all the affiliate links and buy links to the product since his “Mark Newman” identity was exposed. On his salespage, the buy now button is disabled.

    There are youtube review videos and websites if you google search “12 minute commission”. Most are affiliates promoting his products with fake reviews, saying how good the product is with unbelievable high ratings. Those affiliates are just looking for quick bucks without doing research on the product. Chris is paying 50% affiliate commission for OTO1-3, so affiliates could potentially earn up over $1000 bucks.

    Someone has commented that 12 minute commission is a scam on most of the youtube review videos. There is also a website pointing out it is most probably a get rich scheme and gave it an honest 1/5 rating.

    And guess what? I found 4 videos of 12 minute commission on youtube! “Mark Newman” channel:

    I had a good laugh when I heard Christian’s voice saying “Hi, this is Mark Newman”. Yeah right, we all know who you are! Allen Martin, Allan Martin, Johnny West, John Malcolm, Christian Gasper, Mark Newman……

    I can give a suggestion for your next scam alias – Christian Newman. Hahaha!

    1. I almost forget to comment on this. I reported him to warriorplus the last time. They ban 12 minute commission. That’s why you see all the links are not available. Their reply to me:


      Thank you for the heads up and for all the detailed info! We really appreciate it and we take this type of thing very seriously.

      We’ve opened an investigation, and in the meantime, you’ll notice if you click on “view sales page” on the Affiliate Signup Page, it produces an “invalid link” error…

      We will not be allowing that product (12 minute…) to be on the public marketplace, but we are still conducting an investigation into the allegations.

      Thanks again and please let me know if there’s anything else we can do…

      Shane N.
      Operations Manager

  138. I found this facebook page that has a video that exposes Mark Newman’s identity:

    Share the video post to FB scam groups to expose the scumbag.

    We can ask for permission to upload the video onto youtube and other social media sites to expose Christian’s scams to more people. Use different keywords to the video headings like:

    “Facebook scammer Christian Gasper”
    “Warrior Forum Scammer Christian Gasper”
    “Email Scammer Christian Gasper”
    “Internet Fraudster Christian Gasper”

    Joe, you may want to embed the FB video into your wordpress site but I am not sure if that is possible.

    Other recent posts that expose the scammer on Facebook: (Sandy Nayak’s post)

    Chris is gradually but surely getting the Karma he thoroughly deserved – a Filthy & Notorious Status as a Serial Email Marketing Scammer Confirmed.

    Chris, remember, the more scams you conduct, the more evidence we have, the more you will be exposed!

    I bet you are regretful for all your wrongdoings now Chris but there is no way back. You should have known this when you started your Allen Martin Scam! However, you were unrepentant and continued your email scams until it is starting to blow up on facebook now.

    Good Luck to your Future Scam Endeavours!

  139. Hi Guys,
    I was on warrior forum and saw this new member called simply the nice guy at Just Joined on 24th August.
    I am not sure if it is Chris again. Smith said a few comment post earlier that Chris had a warriorplus account with the same username. I found it – The account was also created at around the same time. Cannot be so much coincidence.

    I found his posts and read through but he doesn’t sound like Chris. He has a WSO on offer
    What do your think?

  140. WSO Written format is same as his emails. Q&A at the end. The numbers sounds familiar too with the ‘9’ and ‘7’ – $297, $497, $997:
    Product Creation Madness [Value $297]
    Bonus #1: 24/7/365 Unlimited Support [Value $497]
    Bonus #2: Private 20 Minutes 1-on-1 Call[Value $997]
    WSO – $7.

    “This product is not a quick rich thing. If you are looking for something like, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.” Seems like he learned a lesson or two from his scams.

    1. I checked. Confirm it is Christian Gasper. As George pointed out, the salespage format is the same as his Allen Martin’s WSOs. (simplytheniceguy) (Allen Martin)

      Simply the nice guy – “After 2 Years Full Of Struggles I Finally Cracked The Code To Make Money Online”
      Allen Martin – “[HOT] How I’m making 5-figures/m after 15 years of struggling (Proven Formula) [VERY LIMITED]”
      Notice that he is just paraphrasing the content and sentences albeit in a more subdue way after all the bashing he gets on facebook for his 12 min commission scam.
      Oh, and I see he has not used that simplytheniceguy account after George exposed him.

          1. “SimplytheNiceGuy” has now been added to the list of aliases in the post. A better alias for Christian would have been “SimplyTheNastyScammer”.

          2. Hi Joe. Well, you got to admire the perserverence of this muppet. I just got another email from our favourite Thief. No attempt to hide his name and sending out the same scam to the same list he scammed before. Is he really that thick or just desperate?

            The email came from “AM” and he signs it Allen.

            Anyway, here’s the latest scam for those who haven’t been lucky enough to get this in their inbox yet.

            “AM via

            Everyone’s telling ya… take action, and then,
            eventually you’ll become successful with your
            online business.

            Can you relate to that?

            Honestly, in most cases people who tell you
            to take massive action are completely right.

            If you don’t like to take massive action – click here.

            Without putting in effort and time, it becomes
            really hard to build an online business that
            serves you and your family with the life you
            are truly looking for.

            BUT… what IF…

            …what if there would be a method that requires
            you to be very lazy?

            Find out how to be lazy and be successful – click here.

            I hear you thinking… what? Lazy? How does that

            Good question.

            I’ve created a product that teaches you exactly how
            to be extremely lazy AND make a good amount of bucks.


            Then click here – get it for the early bird price of $4.95 =>

            This product is not for you if you want to hustle all day

            It’s only for you if you want to invest a maximum of
            10 minutes, max 30 mins. per day in your business.

            Grab your early bird copy here before the price goes up >

            Talk later

            P.S.: The price goes up to $7 once the timer hits zero. You can get it for an early bird price of $4.95. Get it here =>”

            WOW! What a fantastic opportunity. Where’s my wallet? HAHA!


          3. Hi Dave. I believe he keeps doing it because it works. By human nature people want to believe that the magic will happen. Chances are there are a considerable number of people on his list that did not take up his offer before so are not aware of what he is. Also even those who have been scammed, especially if they are desperate, want to believe that everything will be ok this time and so can be taken in again.

            Desperation often leads people to over-ride their mental warning systems.

  141. WTF……….Ok I just got this from Warrior + & badbank…aka Scammer Christian

    A new product was posted by a vendor you are following:

    $300/Day Money Machine
    Posted by: badbank

    Anyone else get this????

    1. sorry. tried to post all info they sent. here it is
      A new product was posted by a vendor you are following:

      $300/Day Money Machine………link to where it goes

      Posted by: badbank

      This course will teach your customers how to build a $300/Day income stream while being completely lazy all day long.

  142. I also received similar scam emails AM (

    Spammy Links in email goes to
    Purchase link on that salespage –

    Price is 5 bucks but you and I know somewhere along the funnel, he will showcase his DONE FOR YOU BS again.

    He has product listed here –
    He is showing his face and goes back in full circle to his Allen Martin scam alias.

    Page shows he has already make 10+ sales, so obviously his email scam tactics are working. His targets are the new subscribers as mentioned by Joe.

    I checked back the comment sections and came to the conclusion that:
    1-He was using to scam us for his Allen Martin DFY affiliate business.
    2-After being found out, he changed the user name of the same account to
    3-Now he switches back the user name to

    Both accounts point to the same vendor
    so we know they are the same account with altered user name.

    That Scumbag Christian Gasper must have made a tidy sum of money with his last Mark Newman Scam if your can remember to continue this next in the pipeline Online Fraud.


    Releasing the $300/Day Money Machine & earn up to $1,005.50/Customer
    Grab your link below
    Join my JV List

    Vendor: Allen Martin
    Product: $300/Day Money Machine
    Launch Date: 2017-Sep-13
    Launch Time: 17:00 EDT
    Front-End Price: $7
    Commission: 100%
    JV Page:

    Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
    Niche: SEO & Traffic


    How Much Can You Earn If You Promote My Products?
    You can earn up to $1,005.50 per customer by promoting my products. The $1997 offer is a 6-week 1-on-1 coaching where I teach your customers how to make $10,000+ within 6 weeks or less.

    NOTE: I’m launching one WSO every day 😉

    Front End Product – $4.95 – $7
    OTO1 (1-1 coaching)- UpSell $1997, Downsell $997

    He is using too good to be true claims – $10 000 within 6 weeks for His high-ticket coaching scam again!

  144. Another fake US address used at end of email – 1803 Jim Rosa Lane,San Francisco,94108,CA.
    Scammer Allen Martin goes from UK to US now! Scamming people all around the globe.

  145. I just found some new resources from Allen. He added a new product on Warrior+ starting at $4.95 and I bet the funnel goes to a high ticket offer to scam people again.

    His warrior+ profile shows his old image

    I was shocked when I saw his stats with more than 11k sales and 2800 followers. It takes some time until you can reach this. His profile only shows 2 products but I am sure he deactivated many others he used before.

    His profile seems to be very active bevcause it shows he was logged in about 45 minutes ago

  146. Was away for a few days, when I come back, WOW, so many new comments. Scumbag is onto more new scams! He is getting bolder and tougher, just like an insect that develops resistance against pesticides. No deletion of websites from last 12 min commission scam, they are still around! Only FB marknewman and christian gasper page were deleted. But I guess FB deleted them, not scumbag himself.
    Neither afraid nor scare that the person is one google search away from knowing all his scams. Reminds me of North Korea conducting its own missile tests and launches, totally ignoring the strong opposition and sanctions from international communities. Since nothing concrete is done and nothing can be done to stop him, he continues to scam people whenever his bank account goes low. Karma will catch up with this Christian Scumbag one day! Just you wait!

  147. I think this is his FB closed group. Not too sure. 6 people joined. Did they pay the $1997 coaching fees?

    I also found his older FB closed group.

    Also found tons of his previous fake FB Allen Martin/Allan Martin/Allen Martinez profiles with pics all deleted. Chris loves to put his location in New York, similar to his warriorplus account location.

    I can confirm Allen Martinez is another one of his fake alias. If we look back at, Joe received 2 threatening emails from “Ashley Martinez” last year, who is apparently Christian Gasper.

    His fake FB profiles: (Allen Martin, NY) (Allan Martin, NY) (Martin Allen, NY) (Martin Allen, NY) (Allen Martinez, NY) (Allen Martinez, NY) (Allan Martin, NY)

    His old Christian Gasper FB accounts: (old account with his scam face) (old account with scam face)

    Also found tons of Christian Gasper/Gasper Christian FB account without photos and I can bet most of them is his.

  148. Got another mailing from Gasper today. Link goes to his Warrior Plus product. The sales page has a huge picture of this smary scammer.

    Anyway, I filed a complaint at Warrior Plus.

    I just got a reply and here’s how it went. (if anyone wants to chip-in and make their own complaint it would be handy)
    “Hi David,

    Thank you for contacting the WarriorPlus support desk.

    Could you detail out for me a bit more on what type of scam he is running, and how you know that this is the same person? (I only ask so I can have all of the details.)


    Customer Support

    “Hi John.
    Well the first thing to do is to Google “Allen Martin Scam”. There you will find multiple complaints against him.

    But most tellingly, visit this site that was set-up by victims of his scams.

    There are many, many posts there. However, although the bulk of the posts are about how he scammed people, if you go down to the last couple of dozen posts, you will read about how he has been found to have had different accounts at Warrior Plus under different names until he is found out, then he starts agin. The aliases he has used so-far include Alan Martin, Allen Martin, Jonny West, John Malcolm, Christian Allen, Allan Gasper and a few accounts he has had at Warrior Plus are apparently “badbank” to “mfastlane”.

    He even has started brazenly using his own picture again on the W+ sales page.

    This is the same guy! I have never know any evidence before to be so overwhelming, conclusive and undeniable.

    Have a look and let me know what you think.

    Also, I did hear that most of the online marketing members are already aware that Christian Gasper/Allen Martin is a rogue marketer turned con-man and thief.


    So, no doubt Warrior Plus support will come here for a look. The evidence is overwhelming indeed, but like I say, if anyone else wants to add to this, now is the time to do it and have your say.

    Personally, I’m surprised he’s even able to sell on W+ again, so let’s make sure he gets no new victims and isn’t able to get a foothold on reputable selling platforms anywhere. Gasper thinks he is untouchable, so let’s prove him wrong.

  149. After thinking for a while, I can understand why Scammer Chris is so desperate to use back his Allen Martin account

    He is probably down to his last dollars and needed ways to generate income. His best bet would be launching WSOs and email marketing again!

    Chris got totally exposed for his 12 min commission scammed and did not sell a single copy.

    He is not making much sales from his latest simplytheniceguy WSO – A new vendor with little post count does not install buying confidence. No one besides him posted at his WSO thread.

    His supposedly ingenious CPA methods taught in his previous CPA products are just outdated and rehash stuffs used to sell his money products. (For your information, most money making products are just rehash stuffs like Chris’s, which are aimed at newbies seeking income opportunities).

    If the CPA methods are working, why don’t Chris use them to generate income instead of email market us again and again, even when his face and Done For You scams are exposed everywhere?

    tonetls posted here

    “A new product was posted by a vendor you are following:
    $300/Day Money Machine………link to where it goes
    Posted by: badbank”

    His account shows Chris having 2807 follower. Every time he launches a new product, his followers would be notified via email by warriorplus. Which means to say 2807 people like tonetls would be email marketed his products for FREE by warriorplus.

    The current statistics shows Chris has already made 35 sales for his 2 new products, which is better than little to no sale for his simplytheniceguy WSO. He probably manage to scam a few more people from his email list.

    35 sales is a pale comparison compared to his phenomenal average sales volume of 1000+ per product launch before his Allen Martin Scam. Examples: (786 copies sold) (1286 copies sold)

    Launching money making products is a great way to generate income if you know how. Do some research on warrior forum to look for problems people have, then Google for solutions to the problems, create your videos or write a short pdf guide as the front end product and boom, you can start making money.

    Then add upsells to the front end product. Provide people with Done-For-You Service and Coaching services, which are 2 popular and easy ways to make money in the make money online niche.

    When people buy your products, they are automatically added to your email list, so you grow your list of potential customers at the same time and can market to them again and again.

    This method of making money is probably Chris’s easy bread and button so he would never abandon it. That could well explain why he is back to launch his money products and email market us again and again, even if they are all scams.

    Chris would never want to go back to his “15 years of struggle before he made money online” again he had said so many times.

  150. I’ve gotten 7 emails from Scammer Allen Martin these past few days. The first one is the same as Dave has posted.

    Now he is emailing his list to buy a new Newbie Traffic Jacker Scam. The short email is filled with more than 10 exact same scam links inserted throughout the text. Link –
    Email address has changed from to

    Scammer Allen says he is releasing another CPA WSO scam on Monday. We shall wait for that.

    The email for Newbie Traffic Jacker Scam:

    [Need a side income of 3k-5k/month?] … then this is for you
    Allen M.
    Sep 16
    To me

    What would you say if you actually just need a free
    Facebook account to make $100-$200 a day completely
    on autopilot?

    I bet you’ve heard some things like that several times

    …maybe you tried some of these methods without
    any success.

    This will change today!

    I’ve developed a method that will teach you
    step-by-step how to generate your first $100-$200 per
    day, while putting only 10-20 mins on work in it.

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  151. 2 more emails. 1st one promoting an affiliate offer. 2nd one is his CPA scam product

    1st Email:
    [Free Traffic Case Study…] about how he makes $156/day
    Allen Martin
    Sep 17

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up
    about a course a friend of mine released
    just a few hours ago.
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    2nd Email
    [$150/Day CPA Formula] First commission within 24 hours
    Allen Martin
    Sep 18

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    when they want to get their head into CPA Marketing:
    – Tight on budget
    – No bucks left for traffic
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  152. Hey everybody,

    Just got a reply from Warrior Plus regarding my complaint to them a couple of days back.
    Seems like a result. It also seems that Mr ‘IamTheScammingGuy’ is slowly painting himself into a corner and will soon be resorting to selling his products on BuySellMethods. 😛

    Here’s what W+ said in their reply to me:

    Date: 2017-09-19 4:23pm
    Name: Shane N


    “Hi David,

    Thank you very much for the info and link…
    We are conducting a major internal investigation on this user.
    One of his accounts has been deactivated and more will likely follow, pending our investigation.

    Thanks again for all the information and feel free to send anything else you have.”

    So, there you go. Karma is coming to his door. He is lucky it isn’t me though.
    If you have anything to add, get in touch with Warrior Plus guys. The more the merrier.
    I am going to get the story out to Alex Becker too, as I see Gasper uses Alex’s email marketing platform. And that ain’t cheap.

    So let’s get the boot in as much as possible.

    By-the-way, I just noticed Smith’s post about the video exposing him on Facebook. I will send the link to Warrior Plus in my reply.

    Cheers everyone.

    Oh!…and Gasper…if you’re reading this: Get it right up ye!

    1. Dave, thank you for your effort.
      I just got email from Warrior+ promoting Allen new product using – ID – “badbank”

      A new product was posted by a vendor you are following:
      Free Traffic Genius
      Posted by: badbank

      Guys do whatever it takes to eliminate him from the IM community.

      1. Hi there,
        I just got that too. However, when I click through to see this wonderful product, I got “Server Not Found”. It is the same for all his links. This isn’t going to be a very profitable campaign for Allen/Christian. lol.

        1. Hi Dave,
          The link is still active. He made 2 sales from this product so far. He had 4 products in total. Sold about 10+ units each. So pathetic…. lol

          1. I received the scam email today!

            Allen Martin via
            [You’ll miss out!] Have 15 mins/Day = $342 in your pocket

            Yesterday a guy from my list sent me a mail
            where he asks how to generate traffic to his

            I told him to get my new Free Traffic Genius =>

            The price is currently still at $4.95, because
            I wanted to provided as many people as possible
            the opportunity to get in.

            Reason is because it’s a very good course that
            gives you actionable, working steps to generate
            massive traffic to any offer you want.

            Here are some stats that might interest you:
            – Invest 15 mins/day = You’ll make $342/Day
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            If you get your copy today, I’m going to give you a
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            (Only 10 copies left…)

            Talk later

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  153. I also contacted warriorplus to shut down all his accounts (using fake name mark newman)

    I received a similar reply as Dave:
    Date: 2017-09-19
    Name: Shane N

    Thanks for all the info!

    We are conducting a major internal investigation on this user.

    One of his accounts has been deactivated and more will likely follow, pending our investigation.

    Thanks again for all the information and feel free to send anything else you have.

  154. Hi Dave, Yes, I saw the small word “markethero” at the bottom of every Gasper’s email. So he is using Becker’s markethero software to send us the emails.
    I found Alex Becker’s contact page
    Going to contact him now to report Gasper’s Scam.
    Also found Markethero FB community page at Guys, join the group to post his scams.
    Gasper Christian or whatsoever, you are coming down!!!

  155. Another email today.
    #1 Scumbag Allen Martin announced he is creating 1 WSO daily!
    #2 Scumbag will upload a video daily to youtube!
    #3 Offer Free Coaching for 3 people to make 5 figures in 6 weeks!
    What BS! He is making pathetic sales, only 45 sold for 4 products You got problem making 4 figures yourself, wanna coach people to make 5 figures!!!!!!

    Email content below-
    Allen Martin
    [NEWS I-N-S-I-D-E] Don’t wanna miss out

    I am very confident that these news will arise your interest.
    Simply because there are new things that you will benefit
    from… here they are:

    News #1:
    – I will create a new WSO every single day, starting on Monday.
    (On Monday I’m going to explain how you can 2 of them per week
    completely free)

    News #2:
    – I am going to start recording one video per day and I will
    put it on my youtube channel because I don’t just wanna
    provide you with paid wso’s but with free content as well,
    starting on Monday.

    (If you want learn from me, make sure to open my mail on
    Monday where I provide you with the youtube channel URL.

    News #3:
    – Next week I will send out an email to you where I’m gonna
    let you know about something I haven’t done yet. I am going to
    take 3 serious people under my wings and I will force them to
    a 5-figure earner within 6 weeks – completely free, no strings attached.
    (If you want to take me on this massive opportunity, make sure
    to continue opening my further mails).

    That’s it for now…Hope you are as much excited as I am.
    Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend with your friends and

    Talk soon

    1. Just got Gasper’s latest email. He’s changed his mind and is just doing a WSO each month now as he doesn’t want to “spam Warrior Plaus” Hahaha!

      Anyway, it seems that he is trying to get others to promoted his product/long-game-scam for him by offering affiliate payments. Perhaps he can’t get sales from his list anymore.

      Awwwh! – What a shame.

      So hopefully he won’t get affiliates promoting this either. However, just to help a little, I contacted Warrior Plus again complaining about the lack of action from them, allowing this grubby wee thief to keep-up his criminal ways. Hopefully, they will take action soon.
      Has anyone else contacted W+ to complain? If not, go do it now. Let’s sink his barge asap.


      …if you click his link, it takes you to his sales page and he has a link to his Facebook page. And the good news is, he wants to “Connect” with us!!

      I’d like to connect with his fekin jaw!


      1. We should do what he has done to us – Set up a fake FB profile each. Join his FB group. PM others in the group about his scams without he knowing. What do your think?

  156. His WSO is only $4.95. Thinking of buying one to know his facebook coaching page. Then post this website on the page.

  157. He is launching his first WSO “Commission Manifest” on October 4th.
    Getting ready to spam his WSO thread.

    He got youtube video but disabled comment at

    Scammer’s email
    Allen Martin
    September 24
    [New Product Launch On October 4th] …want if free?
    Can you remember the last mail I sent you over where I mentioned that I’m going to create one new wso every single day, starting next week
    Well…I’ve decided it’s better to start launching just one product a month.
    Too many wso’s in that short time frame isn’t a good thing.
    I don’t wanna spam warriorplus.
    That’s why I decided to launch my next product, called
    “Commission Manifest” on October 4th @ 9am EST.
    If you want to promote it and make up to $135.45 per funnel sale,
    request your link here or below.

    That’s it for now, in the next days I’m going to let you know more about the product, what it does, and how you can get it for free, so make sure to continue open my emails 😉

    Talk soon

  158. Allen Martin’s 2017 WSO Commission Manifest Scam.
    Taken from Scammer’s website

    Front End Product: This video course teaches your customers about a concept that’s been proven to work for a long time. It’s an ethical strategy your customers can use to make fast and steady commissions in literally any niche and with any offer you can imagine. They even don’t need to build a list, they don’t need a website, no autoresponder… that’s very cool.

    OTO1: With the OTO1 your customers get 10 Done For You campaigns that will accelerate their success to make their first $100-$300 in 24 hours or less.

    OTO2: Your customers can buy the Private Label Rights to this course, sell it as their own and keep 100% of the money.

    OTO3: That’s a 4 week 1-on-1 Coaching where I’m going to jump once a week on a 30 minute call with your customers to guide them one on one through this course for even faster results.

    Done for You Campaign and 1-1 Coaching again. With fake claims of results and fast money.
    This Scammer just never stopping doing it! He is truly a 1 trick pony! And a very good one indeed!

  159. I’ll probably upload a simple video during the week that Commission Manifest is a scam or any other product he releases is a scam so that when people search for the name of the product they see my video hopefully. Boy would I love to be in a room alone with this snaggle toothed *****

  160. His unlisted video got less than 10 views. How pathetic!
    Youtube channel –
    Scumbag Allen Martin hides his full English name. Call himself “Mr A.”

    Internet Marketing Entrepreneur for more than 5 years. Built a 7-figure online business within 14 months after struggling for 15 years. The purpose of this channel is to share his expertise and knowledge to help people, who wanna start building an online business from scratch as well.

    Yeah. Share your scam expertise to scam people!

  161. Hi Guys, I purposely put a long username Mike – Alert: Allen Martin’s Latest Scam Email is!!!
    I noted Google rank this site #1 when I search “”!!!


  162. Ok Guys – just placed a simple Youtube Video on the Scumbag Sociopath Christian Gasper aka Allen Martin aka Mark Newman (and many other scam names) latest Scam – Commission Manifest. Yes, Commission Manifest Is A Scam. View the video here:
    By the way, that SOB looks like he’s aging faster than ever in his latest Commission Manifest Scam Video. Guess all the money he stole can’t buy a new face.

  163. Hi folks,
    I got another response from Warrior Plus this morning. I bent their ear last week about Gasper using W+ to promote his ‘products’ which will no-doubt lead to suckering in new victims for his DFY scam.

    They told me last week that he was under investigation but I wouldn’t (and won’t) let it go, so I kept on at them about it. It took about a week but this is what they said today:

    Date: 2017-09-30 8:53am
    Name: Shane


    “Hi David,

    Thank you. We take this type of thing very seriously.
    The majority of this vendor’s accounts have been suspended.
    Anything that remains open is still a part of our ongoing investigation.

    I appreciate all the info you’ve provided.
    Feel free to update this thread with any additional info.

    Thanks again for your info and time.

    – WarriorPlus”

    So, pretty much the same story but it seems that they are closing his accounts as fast as he can open new ones. Let’s keep this pressure on him and W+ and make him regret that he picked on the MMO/IM community.

    I see his latest email was promoting on JVZoo though. Has anyone complained to them about him? I think I remember that they were told about him. Anyway, the product is apparently from about a year ago and wasn’t very good from what I see.

    A handy wee tool to see where spammers/scammers links go, without opening them can be found at:

    It shows the full path – refreshes too.

    Great idea with the videos too Rock. I think I will join you in that.

    Cheers guys.

    1. Dave, I had previously reported him to JVZoo although at that time most of his links there had already been deactivated. If you provide me with the JVZoo link in his recent email I will get back to them.

      1. Hi Joe. Sorry, I just saw your message.

        Here is the email that Gasper sent me, including the links.
        Below that, I will paste the path from the links in his email all the way to JVZoo.
        Hope this helps.

        [No BS Method to make 500 in 30 days – Real working strategy]
        M via

        Sep 29 (3 days ago)

        to me

        How would you like to make $500 in the next 30 days?

        I’m not talking about tens of thousands, just $500 in
        30 days, without a list, without a website or experience.

        If that sounds interesting to you – Click Here =>

        The guy who’s teaching you this concept has made
        well over 1 million over the last 12 months, and the
        funny thing is, he started out with this exact strategy.

        Get started today – skip the BS and make real 500 bucks in 30 days =>

        The next 10 people who get this course for $9.95 will get
        Michaels hidden strategy to drive loads of buyers traffic
        in 30 days, without spending a dime.

        Get your copy now before he will increase the price – Click Here =>

        Talk soon


        Results of Trace

        307 Redirect
        302 Redirect
        302 Redirect
        301 Redirect

        Trace Complete


        1. Dave, While it may irk to see Christian making money when he has scammed so many out of their savings, he is not actually scamming anyone when he makes an affiliate sale. Those people to whom he makes the sale are already on his list and in many cases are getting value for money when they buy the product he promotes as an affiliate.

          However I will mention it to jvzoo anyway and see what they think.

        2. I had a reply from JVZoo. They have stated that there is no recent affiliate activity on his account but will continue to monitor.

  164. Perpetual Scammer Allen Martin aka German Christian Gasper have been sending daily emails to us. He changes his name somewhat in each mail to reduce chances of being found out as a scammer, but the email addresses are all the same.
    Allen Martin
    Allen is marketing as an affiliate for other people’s product in the past week. In all the emails, he’s trying to rush you into a quick impulsive purchase with the same get rich scam like make 500 bucks in 48 hours, make easy $50 daily! etc.
    Followed by empty promises – P.S.: Like always, this is no BS! This guy has been proven multiple times that everything he puts out there is the real deal! Stop being a skeptical Sally and check out his page
    A leopard never changes its spots!

    He’s trying to sell and (Campervan Commissions Review)